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Originally Posted by Wodjanoj
Ya RobMac....I listened to it today...great topic...a real eye opener....and I find the first Renee Zellweger is much more attractive than the shadow of her former self.

Another thing that is popular with these image obsessed young women and girls is smoking and doing drugs....which is to help curb their normal appetites. I said, your show was an eye opener because VULNERABLE people with a self image problem are the first to be the victims. They end up in this vicious circle that feeds them bad quality food and then the weight control methods mentioned which at worst becomes a life time sentence.

I'm really angry about the whole thing and will make sure I step in to help my nieces and nephews (who are young enought) as they get older.
It's not just the vulnerable. All White young women are bombarded with this stuff on a daily basis. The best thing to do is to kill the television in your home, and homeschool if possible. Most important is for us men to stay involved in our daughter's lives as much as possible. Daughters care a lot more about what their fathers think, than what "the boys" think.

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