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James Hawthorne
Thumbs down Itz a Mickey D Problem

I just listened to the archive show - Great Show !

The woman in the UK for the most part, until Macdonald's arrival, were thin. Now since MacDonald's arrival you notice lots more fat and indeed obese ladies. I recently saw a report that since MacDonald's arrival in Japan, they now have started to encounter a obesity problem - in freaking Japan!!

In this Jew pre-packaged fast paced world, healthy food has taken a back seat. Pre-packaged food is now the New Order of the day. In a society that dictates both partners must work, just to survive, that is a bad society. Our race is under attack, as if it was a soldier with an M16 rifle shooting at it.

We must strive and fight for a healthy society free from the laws and rules of the Jew and his underlings. As we are assualted with this 'fast food' it is up to us with the knowledge to mount the resistance for White racial health and White racial survival.
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