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Question Confused

I'm confused. Peter Shank is supposed to be on 5 nights a week, right? So how come there are only 21 episodes available for download at ?

I'm not set up for live streaming, so if it's not available for download, I don't get to hear it.
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Stan Sikorski
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Stan Sikorski

As we have been building Peter's independent broadcasting system, we have run up against times where we just can't archive due to equipment failures. Some days I am not available to archive as well. I am trying to make the system as automatic as possible so that nothing is missed but it is a trial and error process.

I suggest that anyone with the capability to do so record the live file when possible and send it to me at and include the date of the show in the file name - ex: psww030506

I have a backlog of last week's shows that I hope to get up in the next day or two.


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