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Post #fakenews CNN Uses Game Footage from Fallout 4 in Hacking Story

The importance of professional standards is highlighted by this error by news giant CNN, which used a brief clip from video game Fallout 4 instead of actual hacking footage, according to gaming sources. Obviously news broadcasters are under time pressure, but this does not excuse this lapse from professional standards.

Visual media libraries represented on the StockFootageOnline and StockIndexOnline platforms adhere to high professional standards, in footage and stills identification, metadata and captioning, and so are not likely to supply mistaken footage to end-user clients. It is good practice to only use material from properly accredited sources in productions as it means that potential problems like the wrongful use of footage are obviated.

Website: CNN Uses Footage from Fallout 4 in a Report on Hacking

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CNN Uses Fallout 4 Footage in a Report on Russian Hacking
Hey, maybe that's what the real deal does look like.
by Chris Pereira on January 3, 2017
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During a recent report regarding alleged Russian hacking of the US presidential election, CNN briefly showed footage from Fallout 4.

As noticed by Reddit user Poofylicious (via PC Gamer), the video--which can be seen here at around the 1:02 mark--shows an angled shot of a computer screen displaying random strings of text. The cliche-ridden shot is, in fact, a common sight in Bethesda's Fallout games, as demonstrated in the graphic below from the Reddit post.
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Anthony Perroti
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Fallout 4 was ok. Cnn now has got my vote.


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