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C. Marcus Ideus
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Default JEFF WAHL on The IMPERIAN MANDATE w/ Caius Marcus Ideus

A Conversation with League of European Americans Founder Jeff Wahl.

Tonight's guest is Jeff Wahl, the founder of the League of European Americans (LEA) -- the premier social networking site for proud, racially aware White folks. Tonight's topics include Jeff's:

-- Origins growing up as a proud European-American youth in Oakland, California -- a city known to host virtually every kind of movement under the sun except White Nationalism;

-- Job related experiences which served to strengthen his already acute sense of White Identity, first as a U.S. Marine stationed in a number of Third World countries, and then as a California ironworker who was eventually sold out by greedy union bosses (in cahoots with the NAFTA-peddling Clinton administration) to make way for as many cheap Mexican laborers as possible;

-- Arrival in the American Heartland, and Jeff's discovery of a kind of White demographic utopia in Iowa;

-- Future plans to expand the LEA website and the potential founding of an official organization;

Jeff's personal views on pro-White activism, those who have influenced him and the need for attracting families and women to the Movement will also be touched on in this remarkable 1-hour conversation.

c marcus ideus, imperian mandate, jeff wahl, lea


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