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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Make White Babies

Make White Babies

Don't fall for THEIR tricks: p0rn, gaming, Hollywood, feminism, MGTOW, kids are expensive, etc.

Don't waste your best years behind a screen feeling EMPTY.

Find the right partner and create a beautiful FAMILY.
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By all means get to know the person you will marry. I still think children need to grow up in a married household but I know many of you don't agree with marriage as you think you will lose everything.

I still think getting a good prenup done and getting married go together.

Don't look for the best looking gal in the room. Find someone who has attractive features, a pleasant personality, and nice parents. In laws are important as they give you insight into the past and future. Get to know them too.

Stop waiting for that runway model who has no interest in any of you, and who probably isn't wife and mother material either. How many of you look like Tom Brady?

Talk about the important things before you get married: how you handle money, debt, saving money, spending money, children and how you will raise them. Money and how children are raised are the biggest reasons husbands and wives argue. Put it in a prenup.

But yeah...stop being lonely and alone if you're young and find someone!
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
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Hugh Akston
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Hugh Akston

Originally Posted by Susan View Post
Don't look for the best looking gal in the room. Stop waiting for that runway model...
Trump waited:

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James Radov
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James Radov

I agree with the idea, but would rather say make Better white babies..

our race has declines in quality and as creepy as the word Eugenics may sound,
its better for all of us in the long run

although MGTOW is a valid option for many.. just saying..

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Originally Posted by Hugh Akston View Post
Trump waited:

No. He fucked around wifey number one's back with the whore who became wifey number two.

Third one, I can't blame her. Marry a billionaire who's old enough to be your father. She will outlive him and have a nice nest egg. Must be vomiting whenever she has to fuck him.
Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.


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