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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Some Tips on How to Trigger Jews

Some Tips on How to Trigger Jews

It has been eight years since I decided to start writing about jews as a hobby and I guess that makes me one of the 'old men' of anti-Semitic thought these days. So to celebrate the fact that I am currently feeling much older than I actually am; I thought I'd write up some tips on how emotionally trigger the so-called chosen people.

The thing to bear in mind when talking to jews is that they almost invariably view themselves as a cut above every other type of being on the planet (often including other jews) and as such have extremely over-inflated egos. This in turn often causes them to be intrinsically very insecure, which also leads, via the constant hyping of their own victim hood, to 'feel' rather than 'think' their history (hence their extreme emotional outbursts when you dare to contradict them).

As such this means that in spite of the almost habitual bravado and chest-thumping; jews are by nature insecure cowards and thrive/engage only as long as they perceive it not to be a fair fight or they see an opportunity present. The moment it becomes a fair fight, they started losing and/or the opportunity for them is perceived to diminish, or disappear, then then a jew will retreat with a bunch of self-important huff and puff about how it 'has more important things to do'.

You see anything to do with jews is less about their being right and more about their ego and their perception of what is happening. As such then there are a couple of easy things you can do to drive jews absolutely mad and get them gibbering incoherently about how jews have contributed 'so much' and how non-jews are 'irrational and hateful'.

These are as follows:

1) Never capitalize 'jews' unless you are a starting a sentence. This is a small thing, but jews pick it up and get offended by it like you wouldn't believe. You often then get said jewish interlocutor warbling about 'how they deserve' that 'their name' be capitalized like anyone else's.

You can then ask them why they don't capitalize 'White' and watch it as they melt down into (obviously dumb) hair-splitting about why 'White' doesn't deserve to be capitalized, while 'jew' does.

2) Never refer to a jew by its first name. Instead refer to it as a thing or an object. This deprives of jews of any kind of implied legitimacy given by the courtesy of using their given name, but instead forces them to work to 'humanize' themselves and become insistent that they 'bleed red too'. You'd be surprised about how upset this makes jews as they immediately get shades of the 'Holocaust' on the inside of their eyelids.

3) If you wish push it a step further then deny it a human gender prefix altogether and refer to it not as 'him'/'her', but rather as 'it'/'its'. This allows you to refuse to grant them any legitimacy in a debate/discussion and reduces them to the status of a thing/outsider, which again brings on the jewish tears and hissy fits (which disrupts their whole argument and brings out all the craziness).

4) If a jew demands that you use their given name and you wish to make it have a public meltdown: offer it a unique processing number. It is an individual identifier much like a name.

This often causes jews to develop their own odd version of PTSD in which they scream hysterically about the 'Holocaust' and generally make arses out of themselves, while accusing all and sundry about them of 'anti-Semitism' including their friends and allies.

5) If you don't want to use these techniques considering substituting their name for an adjective with special meaning for jews.

Examples of this are:

Mamzer (lit. 'Bastard'): This calls into doubt the legitimacy of the very jewishness of which they are inordinately proud according to jewish religious law (halakhah). It is pretty much like saying they are non-jews pretending to be jews: watch the emotional fireworks go off when you use this.

Goy (lit. 'Evil Non-Jew'): Similar to the above this is a bit of reverse psychology where the jew gets continually called an evil gentile and they desperately begin trying to prove their jewishness to you. Then get really angry and start ranting about 'anti-Semitism' etc.

Shmuck (lit. 'Idiot who does evil things', but derives from the Yiddish for 'Penis'): This is difficult to sense translate in terms of what jews feel, but I'd say it is roughly equivalent to being told that you are a 'cunt' in British English. Not nice and jews really get uncomfortable being called it in place of their given name.

Hur or Zona (lit. 'Whore'): This is only really useful when talking to female jews and directly questions their sexual behaviour (implying they sleep with non-jews and are otherwise regarded as 'loose' by other jews), while oft causes the female jew concerned to start ranting about 'gentile rape culture' and 'anti-Semitism' really, really fast.

6) Ask them to tell you the story of a relative or someone they know who either 'died in the Holocaust' or is/was a 'Holocaust Survivor'. Then ask them awkward questions about how Uncle Shlomo survived three gassings in two different 'death camps' and then state that the inevitable contradictions to the official story makes them a 'Holocaust Denier'.

This is just a case of winding them up and watching them go till they ultimately make such fools out of themselves (with you accusing them of 'Holocaust Denial' at every turn) that they run away in tears screeching 'Never Again!'

Have fun guys and girls!


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Dale VanderMeer
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Dale VanderMeer
Thumbs up

Great article, brother!

karl radl


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