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Default Universalist Psychopathology

Universalist Psychopathology in 2 parts:
1) The psychopathology of Judeo-Christinsanity
2) The psychopathology of Libtardism


The psychopathology of Judeo-Christinsanity: a treatise on its causes and effects :
The notion that something is ‘good in and of itself, namely a moral absolute, rather than simply being good for something, relative to the being who qualifies it as a good is inherent in Christianity, the religion of moral absolutes where all things are structured by its hegemonic influence as either ‘good’, that which is approved of by the abstract anthropomorphic god or ‘evil’, that which receives the censor of this same fictional deity. This deity of course is represented by the self- appointed priestly caste those who have a ‘direct pipeline’ to the deity by virtue of their mystical qualities of ‘moral superiority’ and brain pollution from birth regarding the Sophistical intricacies of their textual closed system called the ‘bible’, the last word on all things human and divine according to its compilers the priestly caste. Thus the hard ‘either-or’ of Christianity qualifies it as ‘Christ-insanity’ as either one’s actions, and in sum his character, is ‘good’ and meets with the acceptable level of approbation of the masses or is ‘evil’ and meets with their condemnation. Failure to see the larger horizon of life beyond this false dichotomy is adequate to qualify the blind adherent as ‘insane’ by virtue of his/her extreme level of cognitive dissonance and failure to recognize the limitations which have been imposed upon the mind by those priestly caste self-appointed elect. ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’ as judged by those who are the totalitarian deity’s representatives. An inability to recognize reality as mediated through a distorted mental filter placed upon the mind by repetition of dogma and classical conditioning in the indoctrination center called public schools and churches is another symptom of this psychopathology. Only information that supports the dogma, and is not only consistent therewith, but is a one-to-one correlation therewith and allows no room for Otherness is permitted. Thus the mind is rigidly molded through these processes to operate according to its programming by the priestly caste and its minions in the hierarchy. Willful ignorance is the recipe and recourse of these sheep-like followers of external authority, the sheeple in colloquy, who maintain their identity as dutiful followers, as ‘good’ parishioners of their overlords. This they subconsciously understand to be the conditio sine qua non of their permission to feed from the public trough and upon a vague recognition of any thought or idea which is not a replication of the party line they immediately enter into this state bracketing off any potential threat which is to say anything not bearing the kosher seal of approval. This ‘bracketing off’ process, the process by which cognitive dissonance is achieved so that the perceiver constructs a mental map of the world which bears no relation to the objective territory is initiated through various facial and physical gestures from pupillary dilation to sniffing or coughing or a fluttering of the eyes as a means to confirm in the ignorant’s mind that he is a ‘good believer’ who has no properties or attributes of the Other who introduces or attempts to introduce information into the closed system that is the religious zealot’s mind. This false consciousness, a refusal to recognize what is really before one and yet simultaneously and absurdly positing it as an existential threat necessitating the zealot to enter into this process of ‘bracketing off’ as a mechanism of maintaining adherence to the dogma they identify as the source of their continuance in this world, their ‘life’s blood’ as it were. A further psychological extrapolation of this state of cognitive dissonance and the hypocrisy it manifests itself in is the claim made by the proponent of Christ-insanity to be ‘beyond judgment’, save by their authoritarian deity who monopolizes this function. This itself, this false humility, is judgment as it establishes itself through the judgment as faculty of reason as a subject and a predicate, a modality of thought of a thinker who is structured thereby as a judge who yet supersedes judgment through this false consciousness and cognitive dissonance. To refrain from judgment, or to suppress one’s natural innate tendency to judge, which is to say to posit something as something, to qualify and make a thing an object of thought. In short to think of something as an object of one’s consciousness and to impose one’s conscious awareness on the world of phenomena. This is considered in Christinsanity immoral, prohibited as ‘judgment is mine sayeth the lord’. Thus at all times one is prohibited from rational thought or reasoning and thus must live in a state of cognitive dissonance wherein nothing but permissible contents of consciousness exist, namely those inculcated into the mind by priestly caste manipulators who refuse to permit their flock from straying from the narrow walkway to and from pen and trough. Another instance of the psychopathology of Christ-insanity is the concept of the moral obligation of giving to those who are materially less advantaged than oneself. This, however, contradicts the above mandate of refraining from judgment as it implies a recognition of the distinction between socio- economic types and the necessity of equalizing the unequal through a communistic redistribution of wealth. The act of one’s giving and the other’s taking implies an inequality not only of material goods but of power – the ability to give given the superior position on a material basis and the necessity of taking what is given based on the relative disadvantage and need. This dichotomy of master and slave implies judgment as a condition of the giving of the gift as well as a self-reflexive judgment of oneself as master and a positing through this means of the same thing. This egotistic gesture of magnanimity wrapped up as it is in the neurosis of self-abasement which is the cardinal sign of Christ-insanity, namely a suicidal consciousness based on sin expiation purports to be a benefit to the Other but is in reality only a benefit to the self as master dominating slave who thereby controls the slave in subjection to his power. Sin expiation or ‘guilt complex’ is another trait of this religious creed that entails a recognition of oneself as innately problematic or defective, having ‘fallen from grace’ or become a devolved being who has created this state – or had it created for him – by god? – out of a failure to adhere to the commandments of the authoritarian god which failure is paradoxically innate. Thus one who is an adherent of this creed is both a cause and effect of his sinful nature, never seeming to attain ‘redemption’ from those sins from his external authority (external to himself) save through a perpetual neurotic obsession with their expiation, though having to perpetually self- reflect and evaluate whether his actions correspond with these law table dictates – which again contradictorily is a judgment, the end result of causal reasoning and understanding. The psychopathology of sin expiation is the basis of Christ-insanity. All actions or omissions that a christard performs or undergoes are oriented around this axis of ‘the law’ of an anthropomorphic deity who rewards and punishes the behaviours of those he governs, the righteous being those who slavishly follow ‘the law’ and the sinners being those who violate it through their ‘sin’, i.e. actions which exist outside of the realm of divine legal permissibility. Given the alleged omniscience of ‘god’ who is thereby perpetually aware of all thoughts and actions performed the zealot is inculcated with a consciousness of extreme inhibition that hamstrings more natural (and even naturalistically rational) action that leads to the correlative psychopathologies of shame, guilt, and a sense of obligation to the external deity to clean one’s slate of sins through appropriate expiation procedures (confessional, ‘good works’ entailing bestowal of gifts upon those portrayed or presented by the priestly caste as ‘victims’, self- abasement/ criticism, deliberate restriction of natural inclinations and rewards). The touted ‘virtue’ of this inhibitive consciousness is only such within the rubric of Christ-insanity whereas within that of naturalistic ethics (i.e. those based on nature) it is a vice. Thus Christ-insanity is anti-nature morality as it violates the natural imperative of the prolongation of one’s own life through cultivation of a suicidal ethos which orients itself around the expiation of sin. The consciousness of having ‘sinned’ is called ‘guilt’ and this mental state of having an imperative to expiate ‘sin’ is the underlying foundation of Christ-insanity as psychopathology. However it is as a mode or corollary of the fundamental principle of Christ-insanity that being a groundless belief in a fictional anthropomorphic god who is alleged to have died for the adherents’ sins and thus is owed a like treatment, namely for the adherent to live as a dead being haunted by this guilt complex of sin expiation as ethical imperative. Being a ‘true believer’ is the underlying root of the mental weed that is Christ-insanity as no sense of moral obligation to discharge sins would exist given that there is no Commander standing above one coercing compliance through threat of a punishment worse than a ‘living death’. Given the impossibility of conformity to an impossibly high standard the stage is set for the adherent to be perpetually inculcated with this sense of having done wrong simply through not having done what is considered ‘right’ in the eyes of the supreme dictator of all things in and possibly outside of the material plane. Thus one is constantly in a state of fear that he has not ‘made the grade’ in Jewhovah’s kingdom and thus must struggle to tighten the knot around his neck to discharge whatever sin might remain. The impossibility of upholding this standard and applying it concretely leads to another feature of the psychopathology that is Christinsanity namely the inevitable result of the zealot’s not ‘practicing what he preaches’, i.e. hypocrisy. Given the necessity of competition in the material world and the natural inequality which obtains between people or bipedal beings called ‘humans’, the inevitable result is an unequal distribution of wealth given this unequal distribution of capacities and attributes which are a result of biology (and ‘spirit and matter are one’ as Blavatsky says this implying that, as above so below, the biological inequalities are concretions of spiritual inequalities and vice versa spiritual inequalities are aetherealizations of material inequalities). This hypocrisy enter into a feedback loop- type cycle with the guilt complex which exacerbates the latter leading to more and more rigidification and neuroses of an inhibitive nature which in turn creates more hypocrisy given the natural tendencies that exist in all bipedal beings called human and the impossibility of their desired supersession. The desire for the natural instincts to be ‘superseded’ or even annihilated (‘kill out desire’ as Besant says) is inherent in Christ-insanity whose false promises of a ‘beyond’ or heaven or hell afterlife are directed towards the extinction of all natural instincts and inclinations which are qualified as ‘sinful’ and a transgression of ‘the law’, adherence to that which is destructive of those instincts being obligatory. Thus can be seen that Christ-insanity is a religion of spiritual suicide adherence to which may wind one up in heaven but which most certainly makes of life a living hell. With respect to neuroses rooted in these natural instincts and biological drives Christ-insanity rewires one’s consciousness towards inhibition and suppression or repression of natural drives. Sex, survival, and war (the defense of the herd or tribe of which one is a part and the subjugation of opposing forces not simply for self or tribal defense alone but for territorial conquest, lebensraum and expansion of one’s own kind and one’s own self by extension). The sex instinct is inhibited in the Adam and Eve story, it being biblically considered sinful to involve oneself in fleshly pleasures of this nature outside of the conception of children which is the only prescribed window of opportunity through which the inhibited sex instinct is permitted to manifest itself. As a consequence of this lack of sexual release a build-up of tension occurs which manifests itself in deviant forms of sexual expression such as worship of the female deity Mary Magdalene and pedophilia especially amongst the priesthood who are denied all sexual release and have recourse to that which can be obtained and this clandestinely. The development of a totalitarian mindset whereby everything must become an object of control as a substitute for an impossible self-control and an extrapolation of one’s own self-denial towards that of an Other denial of their liberties, a curtailment and control of their destinies. Self-denial begets deviance which manifests in the creation of conditions of an inharmonious nature – both within oneself and in the tribe/society in which the adherent is situated. The spiritually suicidal nature of Christinsanity leads to the reduction of one’s survival potential by virtue of its inhibition of self-defense, the ‘turn the other cheek’ doctrine which prohibits retaliation against enemies or their pre-emptive strike and destruction prior to their committing any physical sin by merely behaving is such a way that it suggests or implies that they are an aggressor. Thereby survival is inhibited as a window of opportunity exists through which to enable threats to enter whereas in a more natural setting no such opportunity would exist as the threat would be detected and that window would be shut. Pathological altruism is one of the main drivers of Christ-insanity in its praxis and is motivated by the guilt complex element as well as the priestly caste imperative of tithing (‘give to god’ aka to the priestly caste) and manifests itself in the form of giving another one’s shirt and cloak according to the imperative commands of the anthropomorphic deity. Such altruism is pathological as it fails to enable the survival of both oneself and one’s tribe of which one is a part and which latter in a natural set of circumstances untainted with
this anti-natural creed enables him to survive. The antinatural man, the adherent of Christ-insanity, strikes at the root of his lineage with the axe of sin expiation and a pathologically altruistic motivation. Thusly spiritual suicide manifests itself through feeding the enemy from one’s own storehouses and instructing them in the acquisition of power to be turned against oneself through their (non-whites and deviant psychopathic white race-traitors) selfish devotion to personal power by all means necessary. The world now grows the cancer of non-white violence through the pathological altruism of Christinsanity externalized from the white culture and not preserved within. The salvation of Christ-insanity lies in its tribalization/interiorization and the severing of ties with those outside of one’s own group. As an example the black, white, and other races adopt Christinsanity as a tool of tribalistic/racial self-government, a creed which binds those of a distinct ethnic group together through egotistically referring to themselves as the chosen people of God. Of course some are more properly spoken of as such than others, those who embody and practice the tenets of the bible in their pathological and non-pathological aspects which, when tribalistically construed, take on a healthier quality as healthy as Christ-insanity goes which is not without flaw. However to salvage Christ-insanity’s useful and functional core ‘Christianity’, the altruism existent in this creed when confined within the bounds of one’s own race is at the very least a workable recipe for survival. Hence to that extent it has its utility though only to that extent. Attempting to disentangle Christianity from Christ-insanity is easily done through racial awareness and construing Christianity along lines of racial tribalism. However the anti-natural ethos of this religious creed still creates schism and conflict owing to the inhibitive and repressive nature of it, ‘killing out desire’ yet transferring this desire for an otherworldly pipe dream having no foundation in reality. The irreconcilability of a fictional anthropomorphic deity with the touted absolute, an absolute which is paradoxically finite and contingent living in a flesh body subject to spatio-temporal transient conditions, makes for another fable beyond both knowledge and reasonable belief. Hence recourse to ‘blind faith’ is had as a necessary condition both of maintaining and establishing the creed as ‘the way, the truth, and the light’ of crediting it with legitimacy. The behaviour encapsulated in the term ‘pity’ consists of the zealots displaying a sorrowful and loving attitude towards those relatively disadvantaged which reflexively enables him to cultivate a positive feeling state and a sense of self-importance through having the capacity to display these emotions as an Other regarding type who think of others instead of simply thinking about himself and thereby upholds– paradoxically and even contradictorily – his identity as a giver, a Jesus figure who redistributes wealth as a mechanism of the acquisition of personal power, the magnanimous master who binds to himself his dependent slave through this gesture of Other regard. Pity implies one can feel what the other feels and identify himself with that other, also known as sympathy with the suffering of the Other. This can be psychopathological when the Other is an enemy or a foreigner with whom one not only has no organic biological relationship but with whom a negative form of relationship exists such as in the above cases. In such a case pity or sorrowing over the suffering of others is either regarding their circumstances and a desire for them not to be in those circumstances or a sorrowing over their essence or character in the mode of acknowledging them or constructing them ideationally as a ‘defective’ or ‘sinful’ being over whose alleged sins sorrow must be felt. Such cases amount to passive aggression, a desire to construct the identity of the Other and imply they are deficient or problematic in some way. Insofar as the zealot seeks to construct the other they are aiming at power, at a desire to portray or envision themselves as a master whose divine omniscience can judge others as they are making them an object of knowledge controllable by the zealot’s will. Pity is for the weak and can be a means for the weak to dominate those stronger than themselves. Passive aggression is yet another modality of the Christ-insanity doctrine which underpins the adherent’s relations with the Other as well as fellow adherents and facilitates the hypocrisy of the zealot through creating the appearance of ‘turning the other cheek’ while in reality striking against the Other in such a way as to avoid being understood or liable for the act which purports to be other than it is; namely the reaction of a victim, or
the pretense of benevolence. Passive aggression is itself hypocritical as it falsely represents itself in a way other than it is as above stated. The inherent hypocrisy of Christ-insanity necessarily manifests itself in the form of passive-aggressive behaviour given that it purports to be about love and peace, etc. when it is mainly concerned with power and control for the priestly caste. Also given the inhibition inherent in it the only form of vengeance or retaliatory action possible is this as an overt display of aggression would be anathema given that it deviates from a saccharine loving and peaceful nature which is prescribed as mandatory by the priestly caste through their mouthpiece Jesus – or is it vice versa? Willful ignorance is another modality of this psychopathology wherein a cognitive dissonance (inability to perceive reality as it is, typically through willful dissociation) exists while simultaneously often implicitly acknowledging the reality as a means of demonstrating one’s contempt or vilification of the reality such as in the case of the Other displaying an appearance or behavior which is of less value than that of the willfully ignorant. The edict to ‘judge thee not’ operates in the mind of the zealot under these conditions and inhibits an acknowledgment would imply judgment, namely that thing in question is what it is (subject is predicate, etc.) and the very acknowledgment would be a violation of this command from upon high and through the mouths of the priestly caste who proscribe all behavior not saturated in pleasantries. Self-absorbency is another feature of this religion which necessitates – by virtue of one’s sinful nature – actions leading to deprivation of natural proclivities such as pleasure and a sense of accomplishment or material wealth these latter being ‘sinful’ and egotistic not altruistic necessitating according to the doctrine of Christ-insanity an expiation of these sins through the chastisement of self through self- critique or humility (false or otherwise), a downplaying of one’s virtues so as not to cause offense to the Other (the defective or relatively insignificant). This sin expiation complex which adheres to the zealot perpetually throughout their lifetime and serves as a curtailment of natural proclivities only receives temporary discharge through the above actions never ceasing to undermine one’s worth and its expression through actual good works, not merely the ‘good works’ of Christinsanity which are all self-denying and even destroying acts such as ‘giving another one’s shirt’, etc. Giving to those within one’s tribal group is of course natural and laudatory however only to the extent it doesn’t lend to the diminution of one’s own power and property – unless extreme measures are necessary such as in times of war. Resentment as Nietzsche spoke of is another element of the essence of Christ-insanity given that the hypocrisy of equality is propounded as the goal which of course is an impossible one as no equality exists in nature and yet Christ-insanity seeks as the realization of this goal a ‘kingdom of heaven upon earth’ with all adherents of its creed, by virtue of their ‘faith’ and mere ‘belief’, partaking of the largesse of this realm of milk and honey. The concrete fact of inequality of capacity and inequality in terms of the (re)distribution of resources generates this resentment in the minds of the have-nots or lumpen prols and inflames their already resentful nature when they come into contact with superior beings (in mind, body, spirit, and enterprise) whose superiority they ascribe to circumstantial factors which can be modified by social engineering and outright violence if need be. After all, they reason in their irrational minds, since heaven awaits the righteous the punishment of the sinners is simply ‘god’s will’, etc. and, with the incentive of loot in mind and driven by a moral superiority complex they leap at the throat of their natural superior and seek to extinguish his life to redistribute his blood among the ‘victims’ of his superiority who were offended by the sight of a star which shone brighter than themselves and so sought to blot it out of the firmament so theirs may shine the brighter and they might bask in the false light of their ego, contentedly limiting their possibilities to that of the lowest common denominator. Insofar Christ-insanity manifests itself politically in the form of common-ism the equalization of the unequal who are then rendered equally worthless exhausting their higher potentialities (what they may have) in the mire of hedonistic abandon and priestly caste worship, living for bread alone as well as the circuses their priestly masters contrive to keep them under their thumb and chained to their servitude. Resentment as a pathological trait shackles one to the lower mind and inhibits any real cultivation of a kingdom of heaven within oneself (in the sense of a higher
consciousness) sacrificed at the cost of kingdom of heaven upon earth ruled by authoritarian priestly caste despots who continue to put downward pressure upon their serfs to drive them into greater states of devolution. Resentment is the recognition of the inferior of their own inferiority in relation to the superior against whom this negative attitude is directed in attempts to comfort the inferior over the psychical wound he experiences under these conditions. This behavior is inherent to Christ- insanity which operates in a downward spiral progression to reduce the superior to the state of the inferior ostensibly for the good of all but in actuality the reverse. The priestly caste, endowed with hypocrisy and false humility only ‘before god’ yet as representatives of this fictional deity, use resentment as a mechanism of destroying enemies ( e.g. ‘the white race’, the ‘capitalists’, etc.) for the greater enrichment of their personal power and enslavement of the blind masses to their will. False humility masks their power play and establishes them in the mind of the unconscious mass as shepherds towards whom the flock must look for their clover and inevitable shearing (taxes) and slaughter (allopathic genocide) as ‘the afterlife’ is superior and the purpose of all that is worldly according to the doctrine ‘render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s’. Thus the priestly caste prospers while the sheeple are shepherded to the grave. This priestly caste is comprised of the creators of Christ-insanity, the so-called ‘Jews’ (a mixed race group of Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and various other genetic strains) and their puppet: Shabbos goyim, the Freemasons, and Catholic orders, have devised this creed as a totalitarian control mechanism for the aforementioned purposes. Their lower tier adherents, the liberal bourgeoisie and communist extremists comprised of a motley group of mixed race devolved ‘humanity’ on the left, as well as Judeo-Christians and ethnically unconscious or insufficiently conscious patriotards/Kosher conservatives on the right, all work against their own best interests given the way their programming runs – consciously or unconsciously along the lines of Christ-insanity, namely towards a living death and a perpetual suicide of sin-expiation. They fail to understand that their security lies only in the better type of ‘humanity’ (aka the rational and intellectual whites) and that their decapitation by the enraged mob would result in the destruction of the mob itself and slavery for those still considered useful by the priestly caste. Those creators are simultaneously destroyers and their creative destruction weaves a web of finitude, limitation, and death. This totalitarian mindset derives itself from and recapitulates the tyranny of their Saturnian god ‘Jewhovah’ or Jehovah as it is spelled, which god is that point of solar-system origin from whence they came, namely the planet Saturn. Their controlfreakish mentality is a microcosm of the Saturnian macrocosm their consciousness being in tune with that planetary entity which governs their behaviour and action. Control of externality, of the external environment, control of information and the restriction of its access to themselves exclusively as well as their sacrifice on the altar of their god those of their charges who cease to have value as tools to themselves are all features of Christ- insanity, testament to its psychopathology. Jewhovah aka Saturn embodies the character of the psychopath: narcissistic, obsessive- compulsive, control-freakish, lacking in empathy/sympathy, deceptive, cruel, murderous. This character has a trickle-down effect upon the priestly caste who are incited by their master, Lord Jewhovah, to adopt similar traits not merely through indoctrination through teachings of ‘men’ (aka demons) but through bio-spiritual sympathy being materializations of this divine/demonic presence which overarches their behaviour. The ‘omni’-nature of Jewhovah is mirrored in ‘that of his children who display similar traits’: looking upon themselves as the children of the Absolute – and thereby the Absolute by proxy – which implies an extreme narcissistic personality disorder, they look upon all others if at all as mere tools for exploitation born to serve themselves the chosen ones and when no longer of utility discarded as a sacrifice of excess energy to Jewhovah who thereby vampirizes their energy absorbing it into himself. This vampirical tendency also manifests itself in these chosen folk the Jews through their ritual murder practices which as a microcosm of the macrocosms are the god (or demon?) like act of mastery which is implied in their deciding the life or death of others. This posits themselves as the priestly caste as gods in miniature whose humility before Jewhovah qualifies them to serve as His instrument upon Gaia, shearing the sheeple via taxes and tithes and slaughtering them in sacrificial murder via allopathic
medicine, war, chemtrails, GMOs, etc. Obsessive-compulsive behaviour is displayed in the chosen few and their deity in attempting to micromanage every facet of life – to reduce all things to quantitative terms so that all results are ‘measurable’ and thereby controllable through centralized authority. Paranoia is another trait of the chosen ones who are perpetually alert to Others detecting them and understanding how they operate and what motivations they have, as being discovered in their evil would elicit a backlash against them and threaten the fragility of their panopticon system of control. Jewhovah is a ‘jealous god’ and before him no other gods shalt there be. As above so below so it is with the chosen few who will tolerate no contestants to their authority as is contained in their creed of ‘even the best of the gentiles should be killed’ which underscores their pre-emptive attack against those who even if only to a small degree of probability, would threaten their power and global plans. The authoritarian personality of this cabal and their master manifests itself through the control freakish micromanagement which curtails the natural freedoms of those who lie ‘beyond the pale’, the goyim as they are designated by the chosen ones, which is Yiddish for ‘beasts’ or ‘cattle’. Any questioning of those self-appointed (Jewhovah appointed) masters of the multiverse (multicult global slavery) is swiftly punished by extradition to the open air prison called Its-a- real-hell / Isis-Ra-El (state of Israel). From thence he is made one of the ‘disappeareds’. Hypocrisy is revealed in Christ-insanity when it preaches love of a putatively universal scope but is really restricted to an amore intellectualis dei or a slavish devotion to the anthropomorphic deity for his sacrifice of himself to himself in order to (how?) expiate the sins of the flock of Jewhovah the Saturnian shepherd with his crooked sickle whose insatiable bloodlust (the blood is the life, that is bioenergy which feeds the beast Jewhovah) demands a continual stream of sacrifices. This self-sacrifice demanded of the goyim is represented as love and the goyim are subjected to extreme social pressure by the zealot to initiate Jesus through martyrdom. Thus love in this absurd form is self-hate as self-annihilation and thus further points out the spiritual suicide that is Christ-insanity which permits only self-loathing and hate and a transference of one’s natural selfregard towards love of Jewhovah, a black-magickal technique of vampirism of one’s own bio-energy by the priestly caste transmitting a portion to Jewhovah while themselves energetically vampirizing the remainder as well as scapegoating the ‘sinner’ as the cause of his own loss while simultaneously applauding this same for his selfless denial of personal regard through his following in the bloody footsteps of Jews’us his martyr figure of most venerable worship. Thus the love of Christ-insanity can only be the love of Jewhovah and his flesh form Jews’us rather than his natural love of self and tribe. This ensures for the priest caste not only compliant and willing slaves but a slave who has no regard for self-preservation of the preservation of his own kind. That hatred also is circumscribed in Christinsanity further strikes at the root of personal and tribal survival as not only is hatred of enemies prohibited (‘turn the other cheek’) but hatred of self (for those who threaten the control system at least, i.e. whites) is obligatory as self-denial is obligatory and the former (self-hate) is implied in the latter (self-denial) as to deny oneself and the extension of oneself (his tribe/race) is tantamount to the commission of self-murder (suicide) which proves that Christ- insanity is spiritual suicide through denial of self- preservation (life) and is an anti-natural religion whose preachers are ‘preachers of death’ (Nietzsche). A further suicidal trait of this creed is the dictate to ‘take no care for the morrow’. Hence the adherent is mandated to cease to concern himself with personal survival and having a regard for longterm planning and the consequence of his actions and to substitute this survival instinct with – as above – a willful ignorance of the consequences of his actions a reduction to the state of consciousness below even that of the primitive who at least knows that hunting during the mating season is a means of losing his dinner and cutting short his lifeline. This hand to mouth moment by named creed serves to bind him to the priestly caste from whom his daily bread is derived and as a means to acquire it before whom he must prostrate himself thus having no past to recall his accomplishments, being unable to employ reason to self-critique and assess what improvements are requisite in order to accomplish a better state of existence, he must have recourse to the moment as ‘tomorrow will take care of itself’, its eventuality is not permitted to be controllable or influenced by his will and thus he must cease to care
or employ practical action to achieve purposes he is not only not allowed to achieve but also not allowed to conceive of. The obsessive-compulsive focus on ‘peace’ and ‘love’ especially regarding enemies is also pathological as the overemphasis upon these two existential states leads to imbalances of the mind, refusing to acknowledge (willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy) the inappropriateness and inordinateness of love (towards whom) and peace (for what purpose if at all possible or desirable) as the sole concern of behavior and attitudinal adjustment leads also to an undeveloped personality which is retarded relative to the naturalist, i.e. he who subscribes to a tribalistic and nature-based ethos which is the antithesis of the anti-naturalism of Christ- insanity it being oriented around survival not extinction, as in the latter case ‘peace’ simply means the negation of struggle which is the existence of the essence which is life, that which is dynamic and based around a play of forces and tensions that constitutes the fabric of the Real. ‘Love’ meaning harmony in its real sense but typically construed and adopted by the zealot as a happy feeling of positive emotion – in this form is overemphasized leading the zealot to behave as a pathological case forever ‘strung out’ on happy vibes and attempting to radiate these vibes amongst others to boost the overall love vibration in accordance with the ethical prescriptions of the creed. This behavior obviously works against survival and a more broad-minded life wherein the possibilities of self-defense exist as the basis of continuing one’s life in the material plane and the expansionistic behavior of conquest (of territory and women, etc.) which is the motor force of evolution and self-development. Thus there can be no peace on earth as the earth (the material plane) is conditioned existence, a complex of forces from which no peace is had save in death. Even then the subtle bodies continue on and as occultists have said ‘there is no death’ only life only with regards to Christ- insanity no true life but a living death fraught with the inhibitions and neuroses of attachment to an anti-natural creed, anti- natural in the sense of both contra- mundane and extramundane existence which itself paradoxically is neither peace (as a creator of discord) nor love (as inharmonious). Hence the root of Christ-insanity is falsehood and though the zealot has faith in his fictions he nevertheless has folly in his faith as ‘faith without fact is folly’. – Matt Hale

Part 2 The psychopathology of Libtardism (see ‘The liberal mind’ Lyle Rossiter, M.D.)

The foundation of the creed which is the descendant of Christ-insanity is its modern representation aka Libtardism which can be summed up in the phrase “passion over reason”, wherein the rational mind (situated in the pre-frontal cortex materially/anatomically) is underused, underdeveloped, and disengaged and is completely annihilated and supplanted by the emotional brain (situated in the limbic system and lower brain regions again materially/anatomically) whenever certain environmental cues of stimuli are present in the environment which initiate this process of supersession. Operating within this unreasoning state and yet having to perform acts necessitating reason simply as a matter of survival within a world subject to transience, to causality, is clearly an impossibility and what follows from the praxis of the liberal, hereafter referred to as the libtard, is the zealot’s self-destruction. Through its own inner flaws and contradictions, Libtardism (aka Liberalism) destroys itself. The reasons for such will be discussed in the following and its psychopathology diagnosed and a remedy prescribed. Given that libtards, the zealous adherents of Libtardism, operate within the emotional brain as their modus vivendi and are thus ‘retarded’ in their rational mental function, they are maladroit in facing the harsh realities of life as their emotional trajectory is towards ‘maximizing pleasure’ and ‘minimizing pain’ which constitute the polemic of Libtardism wherein the former (pleasure) and it along must be pursued and
the latter (pain) and it alone must be avoided. Given that the world is full of pain and not pleasure for those whose pleasure consists of dopamine secretions and sensationalistic indulgence (the typical libtards), the avoidance of its pains (deprivations, hardships, conflict, and strife) is an ethical imperative to the liberal who accordingly lives in a state of cognitive dissonance/wilful ignorance, thereby as a consequence jeopardizing their own survival having failed to develop a capacity for suffering the hardships of life that necessarily accompany mundane existence. Clearly pathological this rainbow road to pleasure palaces in a utopian dream-world leads directly towards the abyss given the failure to acknowledge and recognize instead of to ignore and avoid, the impediments along this road as this would induce sensations of pain thereby reducing the quantity of pleasure by that much for the individual. The individual, the ego, is truly what the shaky superstructure of Libtardism is based upon, doomed to fall through its inherent design flaw, namely that of the premise that the ‘individual is sovereign’ as ‘no man is an island entire unto himself’ and therefore no man can exist exclusively by himself, especially in a developed ‘modern society’ wherein an infinite complexity of agents exist who are bound to one another in relations of co-dependence. Even in a traditional society, a tribal and natural order of social relations prescribes that the individual subordinate himself to the collective and in fact find his identity therein without which he would not have any authentic identity but merely be another ‘monad’ , an island unto itself having no fixed identity or vehicle for his own particular destiny as there would be no concrete basis for same. From thence the egotism of Libtardism becomes boundless and descends into the psychopathic; the solipsistm; the serial killer and the suicide. All are consequences of the putative ‘freedom’ conferred by Libtardism but which are merely the inevitable result of inauthentic being, living in a state of existence where the self is detached even if only in the consciousness of the libtards from all determinants or influences of even its being granting to it (him/her) the illusion of freedom to ‘do what thou wilt’ without any concrete situation upon which to base the identity of the possessor of this freedom as all freedom is either ‘freedom from’ or ‘freedom for’ – freedom from what circumstances or agents one or a group or tribe seeks, or freedom for what these same (collectively) conscious entities desire not in the sense of the libidinal desire of the libtards but the desire of that force of which he may be a part which influences his destiny and enables its realization. The libtard, basing his judgments on solipsistic/possessive individualism fails to attain what he had incarnated in the flesh to attain or what he organically through his own being must attain in accordance with his own nature (exist his essence). Egotism and circumstantial states which reflexively refer to the ego (celebrity, attention- seeking) are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow road of Libtardism which consists of a perpetuation of a narcissistic personality disorder and a sensationalistic emotional rush usually accompanied by copious outpourings of dopamine and adrenal hormones which enable the libtards to exist within a mental state of pleasure for as long as possible. Physiologically this leads to adrenal fatigue and depression through hyper-secretion of dopamine and the inevitable crash through over-taxation of the neural circuitry and brain regions wherein these hormones are generated. Of course the alternative is a life of bourgeois mediocrity and inevitably this is the homeostatic default of the libtards insofar as this same can, through the trial and error of extremes, continue to persist in living to drip-feed itself sufficient experiences and reactions thereto that it is programmed to associate with the principle of Libtardism, namely the maximization of pleasure and the minimization of pain or ‘max pleasure min pain’ principle, the “libidinal ‘maximin’ principle” as it may be called. Infantilism is another trait of libtards psychopathology which entails the above behaviour of willful ignorance / cognitive dissonance / narcissistic personality disorder, etc. all of which operate on the basis of an undeveloped consciousness oriented around the personality/self as absolute and all else being mere irrelevancies or potential threats to the ‘maximin principle’s’ realization whereby all non- self realities are at best tools or utilities for self-enrichment. This ‘philosophy’ if such it may be called is inherently vampiric and cannibal in essence and descends even to these behaviours of the dark arts as is evinced in Jewish ritual torture murder, the Jews being liberal in their core identity, being ‘Lucifers’ who are not part of the ‘kingdom of god’ or Nature but merely live to sate their insatiable bloodlust
(‘the blood is the life’) by the least effortful means. Whenever the libtard is barred from their endless pursuit of self- satisfaction the infantilism that underpins their behaviour manifests itself in the coarsest forms of protests (whining), violence against that which seeks to curtail their excesses (the state, the police, the ‘father figure’ of whatever form), and rebelliousness for rebelliousness’ sake such as in the case of personal disfigurement (piercings, tattoos, plastic surgery, cutting, etc.) or sexual excesses/deviance (race-mixing, gender bending). This pursuit of ‘freedom’ as a thing in itself is without foundation other than the freedom from authenticity, freedom from who one is as a particular type of being and which, absurdly, one is oneself and which makes one who he is. Insofar Libtardism with its laudation of raceless universalism wherein everyone is an ‘individual’, a floating signifier within a system of transient flux or ‘becoming’, destroys the being who must become who he is and thereby the destiny of that being. Hence Libtardism also destroys itself. The contradictions of Libtardism are those between the natural and the artificial created by the adoption of 1) the principle of individual sovereignty and 2) the pleasure principle (maximin principle) both of which are counter to nature and in a natural world are an unworkable and impractical ideology. These contradictions don’t resolve themselves in a synthesis but simply lead to destruction and from thence the recovery of the natural from the influence of the artificial through the artificial destroying itself through itself. These contradictions from a naturalistic ethical standpoint – a standpoint contra ethics of artifice – can be separated into virtue (Nature) and vice (anti-nature) or cosmos and chaos for those less materialistically / more metaphysically inclined. The adoption of the following vices by the libtards in accordance with his programming is the ultimate cause of his pathology which has its source in this indoctrination and a failure to follow a higher path of self-cultivation. First of the set of contradictions is that between the masculine and the feminine, the both of which libtards misconstrue in terms of their lower octaves namely pacifistic weakness and boundless tolerance in the case of the feminine and violent aggression and authoritarian control in the case of the masculine both conceptions of which fail to attain their higher octaves of intuition and receptivity and reason and creativity. The masculine in Libtardism is painted with the blackest brush (which in Libtardism’s inversion perversion of nature is considered a white brush with it false associations with imperialism and supremacy, etc.) and is more or less anathema to the libtard, exclusive dominion accorded to the feminine which it exalts as ‘sacred’. Hence the proscription of the liberal against violence, even the counterviolence of the defendant against assault, and the prescription of tolerance of all things, an embracing of all things regardless of their villainous nature and the consequences of doing so which latter are disregarded given the underdeveloped reason of the libtards. The masculine is thus seen as a violation or violator of the sacred feminine’s sanctum sanctorum, a primitive phallic conception which is endemic to the libtards whose overemphasis on the pleasure principle obscures its vision of all else and places the rose-coloured glasses of love/lust upon its eyes. The masculine is associated with ‘evil’ and the feminine with ‘good’. Libtardism is the politicization of female psychology taken in its lowest octave and most primitive form. Even intellectualized it simply manifests itself in the form of para- and ill-logic failing to muster up the courage (a masculine trait which it condemns) to face the information/reality necessary for sound argumentation and sound judgment. Further to the feminine nature of Libtardism is its controlfreakishness which takes the form of the nanny state in its politics and feminism in its character – a school marm shaking her finger at those who display behaviour not explicitly permitted by the elle duce / die mutterrecht. Like a scold or nag, the libtard insists on violating the maxim ‘live and let live’ and imposing upon the Other the libtard’s dictates and inverted norms, censoring and preventing any opposition as ‘violence’ or ‘hate’ simply because the libtard itself looks upon its own standards as sacrosanct, as law tables unreadable by those ‘beyond the pale’ and set in adamant upon high, and any violation thereof would be an act of hatred of its law and in violation of same which, established as absolute, could never be contested by the ‘Other’ who is accordingly vilified as a ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’, etc. Insofar the libtard adopts the hegemonic behaviour of the Jew in censoring and prohibiting opposition to its power. The perpetual obsessive-compulsive disorder (borne of its individualistic creed) over the denial of race as a reality with which it is perpetually in conflict, leads it to have recourse to prohibit speech or any form of semantic communication (such as the swastika symbol) which might raise awareness of the reality of race and the inequality thereof and thereby the destruction of its individualistic creed wherein– absurdly – some are more equal than others, the rich over the poor, certain races over certain others. This also pertains to sexual differences, both of which are palpably obvious myths and yet which the libtard is, via its programming/classical conditioning, coerced to affirm as the ‘lord’s truth’, the lord being the totalitarian libtard and its attempt to create a reality in its own image. As a consequence of this Libtardism establishes the lowest common denominator as the norm and proscribes anything beyond the norm as ‘privilege’ or ‘taboo’, something that might upset the rotten apple cart of egalitarianism based as it is on individualism which can tolerate no exceptions to its normative devolution of the better type to the level of the lower type or the extermination of the better type if it is not possible to diminish the latter’s brilliance as a means of perpetuating the system’s tyranny. Hence the virtue of Libtardism lies in the denial of racial identity and the reduction of all racial groups to a standardized product boiled down in the global melting pot. Defense of one’s own biological group/race and its territory (a necessary condition of its survival) is considered ‘hate’ and ‘violence’ towards others unless those others are too weak to oppose the regime of libtards (such as in the case of the lower races). This masculine trait the libtard considers a negative, borne merely of a ‘deluded’ consciousness which seeks to injure the Other as it can’t conceive of the fact of biological differences (race) and therefore ascribes such thoughts to a pathological condition whereas it is itself pathological in its persistence in the willful denial of reality conceivable only by those not operating in the emotional brain and in a state of wilful ignorance/cognitive dissonance. The natural inclination towards one’s own kin is denied and supplanted with that towards those overtly ‘Other’ to oneself and this inclination is codified in the law tables of Libtardism which applies only to whites who are construed as the colonialist/imperialist oppressors and exploiters of non-white victims who play the role of an angelic figure in the religiosity of Libtardism. As such the creed is anti-white not only through its proscription of race-mixing (on the premise that all are equal therefore all must be mixed, which is of course absurd, as to claim equality and to claim the existence of difference or inequality by positing the ‘whites’ as Other to the non-whites is self-contradictory) but anti-white through its desperate desire to punish white people on the grounds that they are white. To escape this self- contradiction the hazyminded libtard has recourse to discourse about ‘white supremacy’ and ‘whiteness’ as a mere ‘idea’ or ‘concept’ – a concept which they and they alone traffic in and which was invented by their Jewish masters as a psy-op to influence whites as a biological group/race to commit racial suicide through denying their own existence. Hence defense of one’s own group is construed by Libtardism as ‘white supremacy’ through the attempt to deny its existence altogether which is an act of genocide and which accords, consciously or subconsciously, with the plan of global dominion wherein ‘all will be one’ again a universalist notion that contradicts itself prima facie as if difference exists how can there be equality and if no equality exists why would there be any imperative to equalize the unequal save for the purposes of what the libtard calls ‘peace’ which is really the annihilation of all organic being and the inevitable death of all life on earth, all life being struggle and a closed entropic system being the cessation of struggle which leads to a crystallized social structure that quells all motivation and striving for excellence and thereby becomes dysfunctional through negating the dynamism (struggle) that is life. Given the antinatural character of Libtardism it considers the natural relations between the sexes and their conscious awareness thereof (what has been called ‘gender’) as immoral because naturally based, entailing irreconcilable and insuperable differences without bringing about the destruction of the sexes in their natural identity which Libtardism seeks to destroy though of course claiming that it is for the sake of equality which as in the case of race destroys the organic being and replaces it with the artificial and formal based on an abstraction called ‘individuality’ not biology. Women being those not biologically inclined to oppose the Other are targeted and utilized as a tool for the destruction of their
own biological kin group and their own biological identity turned against men of their own kind (e.g. the white male) to compete with them under the cover of the equalization of the unequal and given incentives (political prestige, etc.) to undercut their own tribe and its masculine component as an ‘oppressor’ of their liberty. Given that Libtardism is a perversion of female consciousness it more readily appeals to women who identify with its claims of being about ‘love’ and ‘peace’ and opposed to what is construed as ‘hate’ and ‘violence’ because it doesn’t partake of pacifism, a trait essential to avoid for the security and preservation of one’s own tribe against ‘Others’ whose very existence is denied by libtards through the equalitarian dogma integral to itself, a trait imposed by the Jewish elite to weaken and disable the natural defense mechanisms of those it construes as mere ‘individuals’. Thus, through this denial of self-identification with natural roles, another window of opportunity is opened to allow in the floating signifier of ‘gender’ to wreak havoc upon the tribal group to create confusion in the minds of that group and ascribe destructive as incompatible identities to otherwise potentially healthy youth. That the libtards imperialism psychically castrates the white male as a means to advance its tyranny the recourse of the white male for survival or at least the appearance of survival is to play the role of a cuckold, a castrated capon who will slavishly and obsequiously subordinate himself to female and non-white rule displaying all forms of servile behaviour as a condition of his ‘getting along’ with those who portray themselves as oppressed victims of his past villainies and for which he must expiate his sin (the alleged sins of his fathers) through self-abasement, flagellation and denial, in other words to live as the undead continuing to prop up a society of parasites as the undead drone who is exploited by their despotism. Denial of the reality principle, namely the recognition of the existence of an objective reality which serves as the ground upon which existence is played out and from whence it derives, as a means of perpetuating the function of the self-serving egos’ praxis which takes the form of a situational ethics and a moral relativism that enables the realization of the ‘maximin principle’ (maximization of pleasure, minimization of pain). Denying reality is accomplished through substitution of a hazy gauze of possibilities that shut out the hard truth the libtard can’t cope with as it runs contrary to the maximin principle. Hence objectivity is subverted through its subjectivization. Truth capitalized becomes truths pluralized and in lower case, ‘your truth’ or the perception of the individual perpetuates the sovereignty of the individual as an abstract raceless cosmopolitan ideational construct in contradistinction to the rooted member of a tribe who exists as an objective reality in a given time and place and sustains its being therein and with the death of the tribe, the blood and soil, race and place, dies itself. The hegemony of individualism here serves the global tyranny to supplant organic being with artificial nonbeing, a simulacral fiction supplanting a concrete fact playing into the hands of the ‘builders’ or ‘architects’ of the destruction of organic life for the construction of their Judeo-Freemasonry, building the whited sepulchre of ‘humanity’ over the graves of races and their traditions. Hence fact is perverted in an idea, statements of truth into statements of opinion and belief, faith in the gods into faith in the priestly caste of scientism and technocracy. Rendered homeless through the severing of the roots which bind him to the soil and the tree of lineage being uprooted the being (former member of a tribe and territory) is now rendered a malleable being whose identity is mere putty in the hands of the controllers shaping him in their own image as a raceless and sexless cosmopolitan economic unit to be bought and sold on the stock (slave?) market, transported around the globe through shipping and logistics networks to be disposed of when its utility has expired. The inevitable effect on consciousness through this loss of identity is a vacuum that is filled with prefabricated symbols, ideologies and standardized behaviours, and vocabulary which leaves the appearance of possibilities for being open to all and sundry but leads instead to an empty superficiality wherein all is consumed by the cosmopolite who is a ‘citizen of the world’ having no loyalty to anyone or anything and rendering everything quantitative as another ‘consumer object’ or ‘idea’ or ‘hobby’, source of ‘fun’ (aka sensationalism). Thus the ‘individual’ who is the useful tool of the global elite constructs and deconstructs his identity which becomes a protean entity having no stability nor playing any role in the traditional sense such as a
fisherman in a fishing village or an artisan in a town crafting shoes or fine furniture and apprenticing his offspring for the continuance of his craft. Rather the craftsmen of bureaucracy wrench through the burden of taxation the shoe and awl from the craftsman’s hand pluck him as a berry from the tree and digest him in their global system. From the country to the city, from freedom and self- determination, freedom as an organically constituted dasein, to the illusion of boundless freedom under the hegemony of Other-determination of one’s identity as an economic unit, a quantity of value substitutable by any other formerly free being whose identity is subverted through this same quantitative process. Hence the reality of race is substituted for the fiction of raceless universalism (‘humanity’, ‘secular humanism’), the reality of soil for that of a concrete jungle of cubicles and condos, the sator square of Saturnian quantity where all is at its densest and least spiritual, all is an object of the knowledge of the controllers and all knowledge in the sense of traditions is reduced to a superficialized commodity that is a simulacra of the original which can no longer be what it is as it is wrenched out of time and place and the conditions of its being what it is (a sushi restaurant in Texas and a western steakhouse in China serve as examples of this global totalitarianism). The infantilism of Libtardism unscores its contradictions in the case of vehement protests against capitalism, free markets, and state totalitarianism which taking the form of totalitarian legislation that becomes what it protests. It is based upon an infantilism, a narcissism, the desire of the libtard to control every facet of existence as it cannot tolerate a lack of control and always wants everything to be crafted in its own image and serving its own purpose. Living in this infantile state of an inability to delay gratification necessitates a control freak’s behaviour as everything that exists must serve its purpose. This is why libtard societies always follow the communist model of centralization as these control freak architects of Judeo-masonry can’t simply ‘live and let live’. Simultaneously the infantile mindset of the libtard reaches outwards for an external authority (Jesus, Marx, the nanny state) that can shelter it from the storm and stress of the natural world. This is the reason why those in the country typically repudiate Libtardism and why most cities are infected with this mental illness as their infantile wants so that the status quo can be maintained with relative peace and security. The difference between country and city life is that between nature and anti-nature and given Libtardism’s cancerous growth in urban environments and relative absence in the country it clearly indicates its anti-natural character which, as applied to ‘individuals’ destroys their organic nature also rendering them perfect cogs in the urban machine. The anti-natural political praxis which is a result of Libtardism shows itself in the forced integration of diametrically opposed natures/races which leads to the destruction of their identity and culture which in turn reduces all to the end product of a melted pot of quantity, the universal germ plasm of the Jew world Order which then molds this characterless mass into its useful golem and goyim. Thereby natural, organic authenticity is subverted and supplanted by anti-natural inauthenticity. Within a state of nature dasein can develop itself out of itself organically as a being rooted in the world shaped and conditioned by them. From thence is established the superman who can transcend in immanence the given circumstances of his material being though not through a forcible separation therefrom or ‘wrenching’ from his spatio-temporal context, his tradition. Through this alchemical process the base (r) metals can be transformed into the philosophical gold of ubermenscheit. To rip from the soil the budding flower is to destroy it and supplant it with the noxious weeds of miscegenation. The gardeners of the Jew World Order seek to regularize the rows of this garden into a weed garden bereft of flowers. In terms of libtards they merely carry out their programming having been instilled with a suicidal psy-op through classical conditioning in the media and child abuse centers called schools, which carries with it the ethical imperative to deliberately extol the putative virtues of the non-white Other and to denigrate and devalue the qualities and attributes of the white race of which they are members through blinding themselves to the fact through cognitively dissonant psycho- physiological processes such as over-activation of the limbic system which is induced through their classical conditioning ‘education’. Thus anything which is non-white is virtuous and conversely for that which is white, even going so far as to deny the existence of white identity and culture. This neurotic inhibition and repression of natural instincts and tendencies in combination with the fundamental principle of Libtardism, the pleasure or maximin principle, creates tension in one’s being which is not transmuted intellectually or rationally as this latter state is unattainable for the libtard who then seeks perverse outlets for this surfeit of sexual energy not properly utilized. From the catholic paedophile priest to the left-hand path black magician sexual practice is invariably deviant from the natural practice of the conception of children and healthy intimacy within traditional ritual or ceremonial practices (marriage, rites of spring, etc.). Hence sodomy, an unnatural violation of the use of the generative organs and a black magic act of attempting to generate magical children/demons, etc. as well as a mockery of the traditional world whose generative vitality or fecundity is subverted to an act of sterility. The self- abasement imperative which inheres in the mind of the libtard manifests itself in the form of other unnatural acts such as BDSM and self-abuse, devolving further down the satanic spiral towards vampirism, cannibalism and torture murder, the occult hallmarks of the Judeo-masonic black magic theocracy. In place of eugenics and the improvement of the tribe through itself as a manifestation of its evolutionary destiny is proffered the devolved untermenscheit of race-mixed gender-confused ‘humanity’, the bipedal being who serves as a ‘labour pool’ or collection of quantized economic units, substitutable one for another. Whether under a communism or a capitalism the reduction to the lowest common denominator is the tendency with all superlative faculties rendered superfluous and only a base residue of vulgarity remaining as the distillate of this melted pot of faecal matter. The libtard, in spite of intellectual pretensions, eagerly follows this downward path chasing his sensationalistic thrills being driven on by the endless quest for supranormal stimuli to maximize dopamine secretions and sate his insatiable libido. Gaia is the god of Libtardism as it is a thoroughly materialistic ideology and this feminized god form is mother mat(t)er incarnate, the fleshly (or mineral) form of the feminine principle, the lowest level of material density and lowest vibration of energy fields. The pleasure principle or libido functions as its holy ghost which is the paradoxically feminized form of the masculine principle of dynamic force and inner self-creation, a creation which is simply a destruction through the wanton expenditure of sexual energy in attempts to attain the maximum pleasure with the least pain. Governed by the maximin principle the libtard invariably becomes a sex-a-holic, often a drug and alcohol addict (as both are stimulants) and a cowardly subordinate to the external authority of the priestly caste who permit it to draw its allocated quantity of pleasure from the well of socially accepted practices which is forever expanding in breadth and depth as the libtards ratchet up the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and other pleasure chemicals in their brains beyond the limits of sustainable function. Thereby precipitating the destruction of society and themselves – or their being usurped by the greater force of the natural order wherein new traditions are built on the ruins of the old. The previous architecture of the old order was raised by the firestorm of sexual energy finally unleashed from the inhibition of Christ-insanity and will end in destroying itself and being rebuilt by a new order respecting nature both earthly and cosmic. Libtardism wilfully or not is the anarchists’ bomb that terminates the anti-natural hegemony of Judeo-Christinsanity and clears the path for tomorrow where libtards will be anathema.

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