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Default The New Morality

The New Morality

A new morality has come to supplant the old – that of Nature. This new morality must be heeded if one is to take heed of anything for failure to do so is to pronounce a death sentence upon oneself. The so-called ‘ethics’ of this moral imperative consists of the following dichotomy of the previous morality’s ‘Good vs. Evil: survival is moral (‘Good’), extinction is immoral (‘Evil’).

The meaning of what is ethical has thus been radically changed in this new flowering of eternal verity, the Real Truth, not the so-called ‘truth’ of past dogma (Christianity), or the perspectivalistic ‘truths’ of its intermediate phase (liberalism).

The law tables of this new morality are fashioned from the aether through themselves without any external authority somehow waving his divine wand and precipitating them into being out of the ‘Rock of Ages’. They are perpetually being written and yet are paradoxically the same – as they are the dynamic laws of Nature in their manifestation and no crude linguistic contrivance which establishes itself as the indelible codex Justitia can ever render static this dynamic reality as these contrivances themselves are subject to these laws of perpetual flux.

The new morality necessarily destroys the old as the old is merely an impoverished fairy tale which emanated from the fallible minds of primitive people, people sufficiently persuasive and convincing to establish through blood and iron (through the law of Nature that the stronger force overcomes the weaker) their own aspirations to divinity making gods in their image as an attempt to usurp the throne of god from god. These archaic tablets of rough hewn stone find themselves ground to dust through their own internal structure and the workings of those laws they arrogantly would supersede.

Discourse upon ‘ethics’ as a means of limiting other people’s will and to put the latter into harness to subordinate them to one’s own will – ‘In the name of God (or Gaia) – I command thee.’ Those who wish to control others first establish a fable or myth that establishes them in the position of priest – and this through force – and strikes down all of those who would contest their ‘divine right’ with a rod of iron.

Thus all must, in order to fulfill their biological drives for pleasure, power, and panem, prostrate themselves before their priestly masters in obeisance to the latter’s will. With the development of the technocratic system the masses are under severe mind control and their only hope is the internal destruction – in part under its own weight – of the system. Once it begins to topple, all that remains is to push it over – ‘Babylon is falling, is falling’.

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