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Default Pacifism or passive aggression

Pacifism or passive aggression:

a diagnosis of a symptom of Libtardism: The claims of the libtard to a certain virtue which they dub ‘pacifism’ purport to connote a superiority over those they seek to imply lack this same virtue which, when uttered, is usually accompanied with a sniff or cough of arrogance further underscoring their delusional moral superiority complex and contradicting themselves through passive aggressive behaviour further underscoring their hypocrisy.

The history of this trait derives itself from the mental illness which is its genetic ancestor namely Christ-insanity, an anti-natural creed which has as its end goal extinction of the self and mergence with an abstract - yet contradictorily – concrete anthropomorphic/ paternalistic deity called Jehovah amongst other names.

The dissonance which exists between the reality of nature, as lived and experienced by the adherent of this creed, and the law code by which he must conduct his life creates this hypocritical behaviour that represents itself as one thing (i.e. pacifism, the imitation of the lamb of god), but in reality is another (i.e. passive aggression, the display of oneself as a virtuous moral superior but in reality de natura a vicious beast who merely wears the mask of civility for personal aggrandizement and/or political advantage, an advantage maintained through the presentation of a false humility which deflects possible accusations of this moral superiority complex which in fact it is).

Pacifism is the dove-like virtue of the Judeo-Christard/libtard love/peace end goal, the behavioural praxis which purports (doctrinally) to redound to this ‘kingdom of heaven upon earth’ / ‘Freemasonic Solomon’s temple’ / ‘Zion’. It is the ethical mandate which manacles the will and thereby subjugates the potential opposition who adheres to its creed and vilifies that which rejects it as ‘Satan’ or ‘fascist/racist’, etc. Those who point the accusing finger at the adversary accrue social capital (‘treasures in heaven’) through such denunciation. This capital is deposited in the bank of the ego and serves to stoke the fires of the self-righteous in their condemnation and calumniation of the adversarial ‘other’.

This is the pacifist’s form of war against same – to wound another through displaying those wounds he created for himself by claiming implicitly that the ‘other’ has committed a transgression which is such only in relation to this pathological creed born of an organic weakness masquerading as the humility of the saint anyone who would harm being anathema, a heretic to be destroyed through the proper passive aggressive tactics of shunning, wilful ignorance and pity, shaming, etc. The very existential states of shame, guilt, pity are of a passive aggressive ilk – to shame or guilt-trip another, to project upon them these traits is an act of aggression indirectly undergone whilst masquerading as pacifism and good intentions are in reality the converse.

Pity towards another implies the Other being a deficient or inferior in relation to oneself who claims through this pity to recognize this state of the ‘other’ but is instead (or also) a way of constructing or creating a strawman of the other to tear down and is again indirectly aggressive. To veil aggression under the guise of ‘love/pity’ is the way nature acts through the weak to attempt to vanquish the strong being the defence of he who claims to be ‘defenceless’.

This is not to say that pity (mercy) cannot be felt towards another but the general tendency of those struggling under the mental yolk of Libtardism/Christ-insanity – where in nature it is either disgust (for the weak) or a desire to alleviate the suffering of one with whom he can identify with. Such is the only redemption possible for pity. Shame occurs in nature when one recognizes the transgression (against nature and/or his own ‘natural’ nature) of the transgressor and has ascribed it to him through judgment. It can be genuine only under these conditions.

Guilt is a knowing one has failed to do what is right and thus there exists an onus to rectify this transgression. It is largely the same as guilt. In the pathological mind of those adherents of the universalist creed these same are perpetual states of consciousness regarding oneself and are daggers and poisoned needles directed towards Others which are forged in the furnace of one’s own weakness and resentment towards the ‘Other’ whose brilliance dulls the shine of one’s own feeble light and which must be ‘blotted out’ for the inferior to shine forth.

For those who may actually be superior in whatever respect(s) they serve as either genuine states of consciousness as above or are weapons of their own ego-driven brutality to dominate the adversary (for schadenfreude, to feel a rush of power/ego boost, etc.).

christianity, liberal, pacifism


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