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Default masculine and feminine consciousness and its political manifestation

masculine and feminine consciousness and its political manifestation

How the 'right wing' is a politicized form of masculine consciousness
How to answer the above question? The thoughts, emotions and actions pf people manifest themselves in what may be called 'politics' a set of relations of a dynamic, mutable sort, between persons played out in the social spaces constituting the hive mind that is the political arena, not necessarily or exclusively a physical topos but a spiritual topos with myriad dimensions depending from it and constitutive of it. The infrastructure, art, economics, etc. of the social crystallized in the form of government and statecraft are the myriad tentacles of this egregoric octopus.

The color of the octopus is determined by the sets of relations and their interplay which reciprocally condition each other. The 'right wing' or 'right' politically as a 'color' is an ensemble of these relations, a manifestation of thewavelengths of that socio-political spectrum. The color is blue. Why? This is the color of sobriety, of cold rational calculation, of unemotional consequential reasoning, reckoning relative advantage and disadvantage independent of moral taint that is not permitted to sway decision, pursuit or forbearance, action or omission.

This color of the spectrum must have synchronous correspondence with the mental faculty of reason given the latter's sober unemotionality, the mental state induced by 'blue' through both visual observation and subtle body sensation/affect. The blue influence alters consciousness in a 'right'direction. Conserving order in the midst of chaos, enduring through strife and hardship-such are the peculiarities of 'right' thinking properly so-called. This quality is decidedly male which is why it has always been associated with maleness and the latter with conservatism, a defence of the right, of order and justice, truth and beauty all of which are bound up as an axe in a bundle of rods of iron-elegant and without superfluity all having a necessary relationship to the others. Blue is sedation of passion a dousing of the red fire of frenzied chaos.
Thus it(this masculine color) reigns in on the level of light(spirit) the lower drives and steadies one's aim of the bow of his political will. The bowstring is taut and without fray, the arrow straight without crack or splinter, the head of cold adamant with symmetrical blades.

How the 'left' is the trajectory of female consciousness

Red is the color of passion of activation of the muladhara chakra of the stimulation of the coarser faculties: emotion, intuition. However essential and valuable these faculties may be in the realm of personality when they are extrapolated to that of the state they become a congealed oil gumming up the gears of Leviathan and require extrication through the cleansing power of an artful prudence , an orderly praxis.

Emotion at best plays a role in the political realm in a guarded and superficial form: a friendly demeanor when the situation calls for it in dealings with the correspondent gesture of a friendly ally and vice versa. Hence it is the genuine(at best) expression of the political will embodied in a leader of even the average peasant Will must be guided by reason always seeking with circumspection what will be on the basis of what has come and what is, the situation of the moment.

The Left wing/Leftist/Liberal governed as they are by the right brain whose correspondent color is red and its varying hues from scarlet to ruby and magenta and the correlative chakras that manifests the vibrational quality(color) through their fundamental essence.-The liberal that is to say is: unable to delay gratification given their lack of reasoned self-control; to react emotionally to stimuli without the above trait and incapable of far-reaching thought given their irrational mind. Hence they are as a bull responding to a red flag of a matador and are thus easily manipulated on the basis of emotion to disregard the consequences of their action.

This female propensity of theirs demonstrates in consequence their unbalanced consciousness and perhaps must find their reconciliation in a green party? At present the green party is more left wing/liberal than anything. Following its current course will lead to the burning of the bush that is politics in a spree of arsonistic frenzy. The solution is a national socialism with an environmental emphasis, an primarily intranational economy that would eventually extrapolate itself outwards to a global supremacism under the aegis of the dominant(white) type.

Of Masculine Consciousness and its forms

Projective, constructive, oppositional, singular, original-adjectives of the masculine ethos, opposite of that of the feminine receptivity, deconstructive/chaotic, agreeable, passive, plural, derivative. The behavioral tendencies of masculine consciousness have myriad forms and vehicles of the manifestation. Projection is as simple as a fist, or a pursuit of an enemy to a questing into Plato's cave in the realms of thought.

Construction is a formation of a castle in the sand physically in the sandbox or in the empyrean realms of the concept; oppositional in the form of a boxing match to a debate entailing reasoned argumentation between scholars; singular as a hero figure swinging a sword above the fray to a Galileo standing out as a a heretic of divinely inspired wisdom. Both higher and lower octaves of this conciousness exist and have correlative behavioral manifestations infinite sets of actions and omissions that constitute 'masculine' behavior in contradistinction to the feminine concretized with that anatomical being called a 'man' to a greater degree that that called wo-man.

The suppressive tendency of this consciousness modality in the physico-anatomical being called man is another subversive tactic of the Archons to nullify opposition to their power through a redistribution of the power base across a socio-sexual concentration gradient form man to woman and thus to weaken the opposition to their hegemony. Simultaneously diffusing across this small energetic concentration gradient the feminine consciousness into the realm of the masculine allegedly attempting to bring about a 'conjunctiva oppositorum' but in place bringing about a perversion of both natural modalities-woman become man and vice versa-the world is garbed in the drag of genderbending egalitarian blurring of the lines of the sexual/gender categories.

This obviates the appropriate concretization/embodiment of masculine consciousness as it offsets its material base, its proper crucible wherein it can be given proper expression through the appropriate behavioral modalities. given the inherent tendency of both sexes in their essence to attempt to impart incompatible software from one to another constitutes a perversion of the good, ie. nature, cosmic law and is thereby 'antinomian' in the worst sense.

Masculine traits center around reason and control, an attempt to attune oneself to the sum total yet remaining individuated therefrom an embodiment of the Aristotelian 'entelechy'-endurance through time and space of a distinct type of being which is dynamic even as it stands it ground. Insofar as it is not entropic but rather pleomorphic, molding itself to circumstances when reason dictates obliterating or negating circumstances when conflictual with its selfpreservation.

Yet when its self-destruction is necessitated by the group who have become attached to itself it gives way to the group life through self-sacrifice as a necessary means to the end of group survival, as a negation of a negation. Insofar it derives its existential right to the role of protector and leader. The group may become transformed into an ideal though no other physical members are present such as in stoicism and a disregard for the self in relation to an end that exceed the self is deemed a necessity through reason, ie. the concious awareness as a dialectical process of recognition of necessity of means-end(s) relationships and the support thereof of proper actions that serve as means and/or ends within this architecture of the mind and its correspondence with physical 3-D reality.

Masculine consciouness is thus the praying mantis, black widow spider and kamikaze fighter pilot who projectively imposes itself upon the situation with self- sacrificial motive and through itself(if necessary) negates the negation of that which conflicts with/threatens the survival or realization of the end. The will to combat and endure through combat against personal fallibility to the extent of self-destruction is the foundation of masculine consciousness in its pure form.

Feminine Consciousness: The two Octaves represented by Lilith and Eve

The receptive, passive, progenerative, agreeable, instinctive, cthonic, materialistic, sympathetic qualities of the female consciousness partake of both a dark and a light side, are conducive to harmony, the other to disharmony, one a higher more astral octave the other a more mundane and primitive. On the dark side sits Lilith, the destructive, absorptive, selfish, egocentric, psychopathic, manipulative, unsympathetic and even hateful figure whose praxis orients itself along lines of pure selfishness.

The black widow is the arachnoid embodiment of this consciousness. laying traps for the 'Other' and partaking of their vital essence without regard for their autonomy or being; a purely usurious and self- absorbed creature. This figurine is the transmogrified construct into which women have been placed as an essence in a mechanized Robot which soon steals the soul of its avatar and usurps its autonomy making the deus ex machina a deific mask of the machine which becomes the Deus itself.

This is the ludicrous image of woman on steroids or 'wy-man' or some such perversion of an organic reality. A superimposition of a mech-cyborg technology that holds out the promise of endowing woman with superpowers but is instead the iron maiden so-to-speak into which woman is placed. Once the door shuts there is no vital essence of woman remaining. This is feminism. the mind parasite inserted as the canker worm into the apple held out to Eve by the serpent. Eve will bite the apple out of pure instinctive desire for attention and to absorb into herself a 'greater good' to differentiate herself and increase her genetic transmission probability into posterity.

Thus the potential higher octave of woman/female consciouness, namely 'Eve' is perverted into a lower octave, 'Lilith' through their own innate tendency to obtain more resources(attention, power, etc.) and differentiate themselves from the collective(to increase the probability of genetic transmission) while simultaneously immersing themselves in it to find their authentic Self.

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