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Default The safe-space as cultural phenomenon

The safe-space as cultural phenomenon:
The function of this ‘phenomenon’ for lack of a better term, this noumenal reified artefact of post-modern Marxist culture lies in its being a particularization of the passive-aggressive behaviour of the chandal Sudra caste of society, namely the women and slaves (or beastmen) and their Jewish oligarchs who control them through mind control.
It functions to imply that a need for safety exists and implies further that the source of unsafety or threat to safety comes from those excluded from this space, namely heterosexual white males who are portrayed as the Satans of society who ‘just need to die’ (Oprah).
This is a microcosm of the macrocosm of this guilt-tripping, shaming, and slander protocol of the Jew and their simple puppets the multiracial/sexual multitude, who serve as willing puppets to derive their Scooby snacks for playing a role as a pawn in the Zionist chess game, on the one side a heavily armed contingent of programmed rag-tag slaves against on the other a group of mind-controlled whites who don’t in the main know whose side they’re on.
The safe space notion is a passive-aggressive mode of attack against an opponent who can only be overcome through underhanded and surreptitious means given that it (the white male) doesn’t cogitate along these lines as too positive and noble a being, having no willingness to descend to the gutter-sniping of the rabble and its rabble-rousing masters whose entire praxis is based upon deception and whose very existence is based upon deception.
‘Innocence as weakness and weakness as virtue’ such is the cowardly creed of those who huddle in their safe spaces, the whimpering mass with their sarcastic sneers plastered to their morally bankrupt faces – the outer is the inner and the inner is the outer and those whose possumplay of innocent virtue would conceal their true intentions behind a selfrighteous look of wounded dignity reveal their true inner nature and motivation, namely an anti-white self-interested praxis wherein their loss is white people’s gain and white people’s loss is their gain.
Those others who huddle in the safe space with them, the race traitor whites whose existence is modelled on playing the role of a Jesus figure, a saviour of non-whites, wear the outraged expression of a moral super-being who just wants to give the non-whites ‘a chance’, though they themselves are eclipsing them in their own ancestral homeland and arrive on jumbo jets with ruby-studded gold rings and watches on their brown, black and yellow wrists and fingers.
These foolish dodo bird whites who rush into the arms of their captors, future jailers and probable executioners, are still operating on the mind control programming they have been indoctrinated with since birth. Like darkness – the absence of light – implies light so too a ‘safe space’ implies/presupposes that all topoi outside of this topos are unsafe, the negation or antithesis of the safe space and thus necessitate the formation of a safe space wherein the existence of safety may occur, otherwise be an absence.
This innuendo creates or attempts to create (and certainly in the mind of the irrational creates) a culture of fear and creates a feared object, namely the ‘white heterosexual male’ who is constructed/portrayed as a ‘white supremacist’ by this passive aggressive cadre of degenerates who exploit the guilt trip the Jews have imposed upon whites through their holy hoax rhetoric, etc. Looking to ride on this Rainbow Bridge to a pot of gold on the magic carpet of their safe-space ‘victim status’ they precipitate themselves into the lake of fire for biting the hand that feeds them leads them to a swift knockout punch into the abyss.
Upon such a conclusion the world will again be safe for the heroic enterprise of the Aryan in his quest for a whiter, brighter world, purged of the darkness from which emanated all danger to the good, the true, and the beautiful. A safe space is a Trojan horse of cultural invasion.
The enemy masquerades as a gift-giving benefactor who simply wants to have her ‘human rights’ and ‘dignity’ as a mechanism of manipulating the culturistic whites to open their hearts, wallets, and ultimately borders and caskets to the non-white invader who will subsequently, once the money and power are attained, accruing sufficient power politically, throw the white man into the grave through homelessness, job loss, disenfranchisement from the political power system.
The solution is to expose this safe space for what it really is – a danger space, a cultural cancer that seeks to spread, sicken the hose body and render it morbid for the vermin and maggots to chew it up leaving nothing behind but the corpses of decaying maggots. This is the ultimate goal of the Jew – to annihilate the white society and rule over the remnant on the earth with iron fist removed from velvet glove. The solution to the Jewish problem of course is to throw him into the smelter and transform his clay and iron form into ploughshares.

cultural marxism, genocide, liberal


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