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Old October 2nd, 2020 #1
Jock Lewes
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Jock Lewes
Default Sports are White and male

For all the talk about womenís sport and racism in sport, itís worth noting that almost all sports were invented by White men and many of the most popular games today were developed in English public schools at the height of the British Empire and continued on through the Imperial sunset. They taught fair play, team cooperation, respecting the umpire's decision, stoicism, the importance of practice and dedicated training and personal responsibility.

Surely the BLM-ers should boycott all these sports that originated in the "pale, stale, maleĒ era: football, rugby, cricket, baseball, basketball. Instead, Blacks long to go to Europe to play these European games.

Vigaro was invented by women, but it still fitted the pattern of competitive male team sports. And who has heard of vigaro? Women demand equal treatment and equal remuneration, but few can attract the equal ticket sales receipts sufficient to pay for the salaries they say is their right.

Martial arts may be considered an exception, as these were developed in Japan and China where they were refined with a significant ritualistic element and a tradition involving years of mental and physical training to achieve the mastery required to ascend a formal hierarchy. Surfing is a marginal case too, but it is dominated today by Whites.

Otherwise, wherever you look - golf, rowing, horse racing, fox hunting, field and track athletics, gymnastics, skiing, angling, tennis, badminton, baseball, boxing, shooting, fencing, mountaineering, swimming, motor racing - sports were standardised and developed in the White nationsí imperial eras. So, too, were the Olympic Games.

Black entry into organised sports can be seen as "cultural appropriation".
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The Olympics originally and later are, well, Greek.

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
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Paul Anthony
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Paul Anthony

Originally Posted by Gladiatrix View Post
The Olympics originally and later are, well, Greek.

The Durrells in Corfu, Season 4: The Last Supper
That's very true!


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