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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default The Jewy Dishonesty in Christianity

[not really the right place for this thread, but i'm putting it here, as i run across these examples just unoften enough that i will forget my warehouse thread]

There was a romantic comedy called Houseboat made in 1958, starring Cary Grant, the king of romantic comedies, and Sophia Loren, a queen by virtue of her beauty. Most movies of that era reflected a Christian ethos while avoiding the question of, ‘who created that ethos?’ This movie couldn’t avoid the question, however, because Grant played a widower who has moved his young family to a houseboat after the death of his wife. His youngest son broods over the death of his mother. Grant’s character does not try to comfort his son by telling him of Christ’s promise, “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live.” He can’t tell him that because he is a modern man and doesn’t believe such impossible things. Instead he takes a glass of water and throws it into the river. “That glass of water still exists,” he tells his son, ”but has just become part of the greater river.” Would such a “natural” explanation of death satisfy a son who truly loved his mother? What kind of people have we become who settle for such a casual dismissal of our honored dead? It must be all or nothing. Either Christ rose from the dead on the third day as He will one day raise us up from the dead, or else we plunge to the depths of despair, but to accept such naturalistic mush… Almighty God, forbid it.

What I bolded is as pure an example of false dilemma as you'll find. False dilemma is a logical fallacy. It denies other choices. This particular fallacy and approach and is very common in christianity. Do you see the parallel to, say, 'homophobia'?

Just as the pro-queer allows no room for anyone who neither hates nor fears queerness but opposes its practice, the christian allows no neutral space for anyone rejecting his perfervid, wacky and delusional beliefs about his 'savior.'

It's intellectually dirty. The jew does it to crush opposition. The mushy christian does it because he's mawkish and dishonest.


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