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Default Real environmentalism

send this letter and attached meme to your local environmentalist organizations specifically to lower level White people. The higher level people are often jews

The empty talk of 'sustainable development' percolates in the feeble minds of the broad masses issued on high ex cathedra by the priestly caste of enviro-bolsheviks who control the world with arbitrary sway from their bureaucratic pulpits and preach their doctrines of primitivism and savagery as the utopian dream of post modernity and as a cover for their statist hegemony over the broad masses who they treat as their animal livestock on the animal farm of Z.O.G(zionist occupation government).
All are branded with the barcodes of Z.O.G, a 'sin' card connotive, if not directly denotive of their 'sinful' nature-that all are born in sin and must pay the cost merely for living their nasty, brutish and short lives-paying in the form of carbon credits and myriad other forms of taxation which are the chain (golden-or iron depending on where one is placed in the socio-economic hierarchy) tht binds one to the system ad perpetuum in the endless chain of involuntary servitude, the 9 to 5 rat wheel round which he must race as conditio sine qua non of the prese4rvation of their life in physical 3-D reality.
They call for limitation on consumption and correlative economic penalties for this who 'consume' more then they produce. Justified? Perhaps, but only within the context of a society that is inherently sustainable and based on natural law which entails blood and soil, race and place. Given that a multi-racial (multi-special?) society is inherently unsustainable it follows from the premises that such penalties merely penalize and drive into serfdom of the lowest order the less affluent White population (the bourgeois class of course almost always being able to sustain the hit save in cases of restriction of legitimate businesses driving them into bankruptcy through being forced to compete with foreign countries who are not subject to these restrictions) who then are in effect demoted to the level of propertyless slaves, broke, ignorant and dependant on a hand to mouth existence furnished by big sister government.
Such is the hypocrisy of environmentalism in its current form: pay to live and be blamed for livingsimilar to the original sin of christ-insanity, bolshevism's precursor: the sinner is the consumer; expiation of sin amounting to a parsimonious life of various(quasi?) religious rites of self-sacrifice on the altar of Gaia: recycling; purchasing organic products certified and approved by overarching mega organizations and their symbols(PETA; vegan approved; recylce,etc.) in addition to a prepetual castigation of the 'capitalist' and 'consumerism' as the new devils and demons of the hellish pantheon of a 'fallen world', which they alone can redeem through their bureaucratic legislation and cultural distortion in media and academia portraying any and everything outside of their system as false, anathema maranatha, verbotensprach.
This false environmentalism of course simply serves as a cover of the jew world order and constitutes a dialectical shift away from the REAL ENVIRONMENTALISM that such people as Richard Walther Darre of the NSDAP and Jorian Jenks of the BUF (British Union of Fascists) were the initial proponents of. In place, they posit the wooly haired crypto jew David Suzuki and whatever other jewish chatterbox they put up before the crowd of blind zoo animals they call the 'people' who then replicate their sound bites in order to aquire social capital for themselves and immerse themselves in the heard of bolshevik sub-humanity.
The model of sustainability of the NSDAP and BUF were based upon an ethnically homogeneous population that had an organic spiritual and biological unity and collective consciousness such that a finite population could optimally function and develope itself within a given environment. The overcrowding of the territory with non-whites orchestrated by the jewish band leader of hyperreality renders unsustainable such a situation and from thence nothing but dysgenics, devolution and ultimately a regress to primitivism ensues.
Thus under the current quantitative based regime calling itself 'democracy' wherein one being called a 'person' or 'citizen' is granted one vote and the majority select which one of a limited set of options determined by the jewish oligarchs they intend to rule them-this is called 'choice' and 'freedom' but simply means the choice to follow the laws of the land and internationals maritime law to which they are subordinate to from cradle to grave.
Hence the illusion of freedom of 'choice' in democracy-no freedom of communications (eg. publishing), no freedom to move about the country (unless one posseses a social insurance card and in practical terms short of vagrancy a credit card for hotels,etc.).
Within the context of the hypocrisy of democracy no sustainable development can occur as: a) it is not sustainable as it curtails all of the above freedoms and b) it is not conducive to development for the same reason but leads to its own destruction through its being an entropic system that disables any upward tendancy especially under a multiracial regime that can only lead in one direction and that is downwards.
What then remains for a sustainable world? That which accords with and resonates with 'God', ie. the sum total of things in themselves, and under the aegis of the 'supreme being' and which have their being through that 'Being' and sustain their being when existing harmoniously therewith.
Hence a sustainable world and society is not worldly in the derogative sense of existing or subsisting for a brief illusory moment and inevitably trending downward but rather one which is 'Godly', spiritual, a divinization of the amterial through a self-subsisting development, ie. one which harmonizes with all of its parts, ie. is harmonious and not a brutal artificiality imposed by those who would in their hubris usurp the role of 'God' (ie. luciferians).
Those who would seek to destroy the 'children of god', ie. the White Race and simultaneously to create a world without the creators who have the capacity to create a world, ie. Whites.
What constitutes real sustainability? The development of the good and the curtailment of the bad. What does this mean in practical terms? It means those who can't resonate harmoniously with 'God' are ungodly and thus if not reformable in this physical reality through human hands must instead be left in the hands of 'God'. Who specifically are these bengs who are good and who are bad? Clearly there are stocks which are compatible with a developmental society and those which are not in general, just as there are individual members who are not compatible with the good stocks. The bad stocks of course must be discarded from a 'Godly' world- and thereby may a world of sustainable development exist and Man, properly so-called coexist with nature and 'God'.
The take home message is as is written on the Greorgia Guidelines "leave room for nature, leave room for nature". This implies a reduction of the global population and mass non-white immigration is antithetical to this purpose.
Environmentalism in a proper sense, in its non-communist/socialist/multiracial sense, is both national socialist- what would be stigmatized in the minds of the masses as 'racist'- as well as spiritual in a 'Godly' sense. Nature is cruel but 'God' is love-however nature and God are merely two sides of the same coin. What appears to be cruelty is really natural justice and it is up to 'God' to judge the sinners not luciferian wannabe gods.
Hence nature must take its course and out-group altruism be a thing of the past, something relegated to the medical texts under the section of 'psychopathology'. One seeks, like animals and possibly higher dimensional beings, one's own kind and rejects Others if they are of a healthy mind. That spirit and matter are quantumly entangled it follows from the premises that 'blood and soil' is the watchword of the kingdom of 'God'. The trash must be recycled for sustainable development to be a reality.
REAL ENVIRONMENTALISM is eugenical and does not partake of the sentimentalism of humanitarian jewdeo-christian-liberal humanist ethics. Lions don't lie down with lambs in Nature and neither do they in the kingdom of God. Let REAL ENVIRONMENTALISM be the coming of the kingdom of God upon Earth as it is in heaven.
"Leave room for Nature, Leave room for Nature"

cosmotheism, earth, environmentalism, georgia guidestones


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