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Default #1 Common arguments & counter-arguments thread

This thread will be like a wiki entry where I edit this first post and quote people's counter-arguments.

I'll try to compile some common arguments, and some of the best counter-arguments against them into this post as well.

The purpose is to have a go-to place to find common arguments we've all heard a thousand times and *useful* responses. That doesn't mean you should simply repeat everything you hear, and not question them on your own, but they might be helpful in formulating your own responses and to avoid being caught off guard.

Responses should follow the K.I.S.S standard (keep it simple, stupid)

Pretend you're being interviewed on the radio, or debating someone you just met. Keep your answers simple and concise. Try to limit counter-arguments to a few sentences or at most a paragraph in length, so they're easier to remember or quote when put on the spot.

Either respond to some of the arguments in this post or post some more arguments you've heard dozens of times and I'll add it to the list.

I'll go ahead and quote your responses underneath each argument in this post if they're good. Hopefully we'll eventually have a compiled list with a diverse range of snappy comebacks for each argument. So yeah, if someone has already addressed one of these it doesn't mean you shouldn't too, as long as it's not saying the exact same thing it's good to have a lot of different ways to counter them.


• How did you get filled with so much hate? / What happened in your life that made you hate people?

• You were taught racism, you've never lived around other races or had experiences with them!

• Race is a social construct

• We all bleed red / we're all equal / race is only skin color

• "So What?" / Why should I care if whites are a minority or are wiped out?

• Poverty is what leads to crime, not someone's race

• The other races fail because they don't benefit from white privilege like you.

• Whites are more likely to be serial killers

• Why should whites have a claim to America, when they stole/conquered it from the Indians?

• What if your children wanted to marry or date someone of another race?

• Do you deny the Holocaust happened? / How many people do you think were killed by the Nazis?

• Are you for or against our involvement in WW2.

• Wouldn't the U.S. be worse off if Germany/Japan were successful in WW2

• This country is a melting pot / This country was built on slave labor, Blacks have just as much of a right to it as you.

• There's no such thing as 'pure' race, so why should we preserve it?

• There's no such thing as 'true Americans'

• White males control the US, the senate, major institutions, have all the money, have all the power, etc.

• Why did your white slave owners ancestors bring Blacks to America if you don't want them here?

• Why don't you come out to <diverse area/nonwhite ghetto> and say some of that?

• Who cares if jews control the media? How does it affect me?

• If jews control all these things doesn't that mean they're superior and more intelligent? What's wrong with them having control?

• Whites are the majority you aren't being replaced

• Only whites can be racist because racism is defined as power plus prejudice.

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