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Angry The state = biggest criminal in the world

What do I mean with this thread ?

- - -

A while ago I did this thread about the state being glorified in media ( )

. . re-pondering , actually the state is the biggest criminal around. .

At least when it's not in favour of the people.

Let's have a look . .

Our politicians are all on the financial list of the NWO . . Corrupt beyond compare . . They bleed us dry with taxes et al . .

People do not have something to eat because of them . . Many starve. .

Second , it is a common knowledge among people who look into the NWO that they are also into occultism ( they have sold their souls . .) . . They engage in human sacrifice and , among their lodges ( Freemasons ) it is not uncommon that rivals or those who dissent are done away with ( with the media covering it as an 'accident' . .) . .

Wow . .

They have the police in their pocket too.

Concerning their politics . .

They are the reason so many of our people are sacrificed in senseless wars which only benefit the elite which is growing richer from them . .

. . what a good state . .

They hoard money , raid nations , kill many many people . .

They serve the elite . .

Wow . . just wow . .

And yet the state is cruel to people which are in trouble with the law . .

What we have here . . ( see above )

A state of corrupt money-sacks who often engage in drugs and alcoholic boozing , who refuse to share their wealth with others but instead let people starve on the streets , who murder nations by covering them with war and serve the elite . .

The state = true criminal . .

That's how it is. .
The bad thing is that they have the judicial system on their side . .

- - -

I don't know 'bout you but I for one detest this.

We need to stand up . .

Or such will continue.

Sort out our politicians . .

3 rings for the Commies up on could nine . . Seven for the anifa in their bunkers of stone . 9 for SJWs doomed to die. One for the Aryan lord . . One ring to defeat all antis . and with the truth blind them


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