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Default Ernst von Weizsäcker: Last Victim of Germany’s Vengeful Conquerors

Ernst von Weizsäcker: Last Victim of Germany’s Vengeful Conquerors

By John Wear

Published: 2020-11-20

German State Secretary Ernst von Weizsäcker workedt tirelessly for peace and had never wanted Germany to enter into World War II. Weizsäcker fell out of favor with Adolf Hitler oward the end of the war, and might have been executed if he had not been in Allied-occupied Rome. Treacherously, he was charged and convicted as a war criminal by the Allies after the war.

Weizsäcker Works for Peace

Ernst von Weizsäcker served as state secretary in the German Foreign Office from April 1938 until his resignation in April 1943. Establishment historians such as Joachim Fest state that Weizsäcker sought peace and gave tacit support to resistance cells against Hitler within his own office.[1] Anton Gill writes that Weizsäcker was “a courageous man who fought the Party from within, and under whose aegis contacts abroad were maintained and developed.”[2] Historian Peter Hoffmann writes that Weizsäcker remained in office in order to restrain Hitler as much as he could.[3]


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