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Default Original White Music

For me it is the classics, see titles on recorded selections listed
on the following web pages.
If you do not want popups see text after links.



Its on crummy angelfire with popups and what not, so use a downloader
to get the html text, edit out the text between star ***** lines,
and you got clean html text page.

That listing is a post from those LP collections.
They were linked from my bothers post of his self recording.
This is not spam cause its not for sale, I'd provide it free if I had
DSL to post it somewhere.
He passed on to the great white music in the heavens but before
he went he self recorded and bought a cd recording and gave it
to family members. Check out his page just to see the piece listing
below his photo.
Frank Steffens 1999

The page that links before has topics only a few years old:
General Music links and topics

And not so original but new and from a guy named white:
The White Stripes
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Stan Sikorski
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Stan Sikorski

Keep it coming airlinemusic

Have any background in audio production by chance? VNNB is looking for a few good men.



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