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alex revision
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alex revision
Default A Hero of Revisionism, the Struggle of Ernst Zündel

A Hero of Revisionism, the Struggle of Ernst Zündel

In this two-part video, Vincent Reynouard pays tribute to Ernst Zündel, who died on 5 August 2017.

After briefly summarizing his life, he recounts his revisionist career that begun in 1978, with a public protest against the spread of the "Holocaust" series. He then referred to his two trials, that of 1985 and, above all, the "Great Holocaust Trial" in 1988 with Professor Faurisson's testimony and Fred Leuchter's appearance. Finally, he says how Ernst Zündel's struggle, which has earned him attacks and imprisonment, has allowed the inexorable rise of revisionism.

Presentation plan:

Episode 1:

1) A committed and persecuted revisionist
2) A first devastating trial for the thesis of the "Holocaust"
- Sham of two main witnesses of the "gas chambers"
- The eternal tactics of liars unmasked

Episode 2:

- Lack of competence of Holocaust expert No. 1
- Our three companions are falling apart like “old farts”
3) 1988: Ernst Zündel obtains the "Great Holocaust Trial"
- Witnesses and experts follow at the witness stand to undermine the official thesis
- Professor Faurisson's presentation and the appearance of Fred Leuchter
4) The inexorable rise of revisionism

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