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Default Poison Partners: The Alliance of the US and the Soviet Union

Poison Partners: The Alliance of the US and the Soviet Union

By John Wear

Published: 2020-11-28

One of the most-incongruous aspects of World War II is the American alliance with the Soviet Union before and during the war. The U.S. government, which claimed to fight for democracy and freedom, made common cause with one of the most-brutal dictatorships the world has ever seen. This article documents the crucial role that American aid played in the Soviet Union’s victories during World War II.

Historical Background

Josef Stalin is today widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s most-ruthless dictators and one of the greatest mass murderers in all of history. Stalin launched a bloody war against Soviet peasants, which was called collectivization. Units of the Red Army would herd peasants and their families into railroad cattle cars that would roll them deep into Siberia, the Urals or Kazakhstan, where they were thrown out onto the cold and barren steppes. This operation was ordered by Stalin and executed by his deputy Vyacheslav Molotov.


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