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Simo Häyhä
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Simo Häyhä
Default Anti-german atrocities

Much is said (ahem, fabricated) about the "evil germans" and their imaginary inhumane treatment of jews; one has it jack-hammered into his brain constantly, wether it be in history class, in the media, in the pictures, etc.

But not even a whisper is uttered when it comes to germans being massacred, raped, disembowled and whatnot (more often than not, and that's not to say EVERYTIME, by jews and their lackeys). So I'm starting this thread to show the other side of the coin for a change (no pun intended).

These atrocities, unlike the Holohoax, actually happened, but of course, you won't hear about them in the History Channel programmes, or read about them in history books.

Let's begin with a little look into what the peaceful, mellow poles have done to germans prior, during and after WW2.

Poland and Germany

By Gerry Frederics

Sources of information, amongst many others: "Die Polnische Legende" by the German historians Freiherr von Richthofen and R.R. Oheim ISBN 3-88741-105-6, "The Enigma Of General Blaskowitz by the Polish/American historian Richard Giziowski ISBN-0-85052-554-3, "The Forced War" by the American historian David L. Hogan ISBN3-87847-008-8 and "An Eye for an Eye" by the Jewish/American writer John Sack ISBN 0-456-04214-7. Three volumes totalling 1943 pages of very small print (abridged version!) entitled "Die Vertreibung oestlich der Oder-Neisse" ISBN-3-423-03270-7. These three volumes are a compilation of documents treating the horrors of Polish and Russians abuses after WW2 compiled by the Adenauer administration. Also some information from the Danish website This website is in no way pro-German, but is an honest source of information. As far as ancient historical (territorial) remarks go, "The Germanic People" by the Canadian historian Francis Owen, ISBN-0-88029-579-1.

In a frenzy to destroy the new, strong Nazi-Germany, a country which Hitler had created out of international/Jew-induced-and-created chaos within a couple of years, the English-speaking world, driven by the cognac soaked drunk Winston Churchil found a willing partner in super-chauvinistic Poland. Great Britain and its warmongering premier had also groomed Czechoslovakia to be part of the attack on Germany, but had not counted on the collapse of the Czech economy, its government and the subsequent incorporation into the German sphere of influence. It must be remembered here, that it was the Czech president who begged Hitler to intervene when his well-armed country began to sink into political and economic chaos. Check out the article on this web page entitled "Czech Monsters" for more detailed information. The Western-civilization-destroying machinations of Winston " Churchill were actively supported as well by the American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a man who suffered from an almost insane hatred of everything German since childhood. Roosevelt personifies the ancient proverb: "Beware of the Cripple". It must be remembered here, that the American people were opposed to any anti-German activities as a general rule.

The chauvinism of the Poles is boundless and only equaled by the Czechs or the Serbs. It is coupled with a massive, perfectly justified inferiority complex vis-à-vis their German neighbors and a resulting wildly exaggerated, totally undeserved feeling of military and cultural excellence, if not outright superiority. Polish self-delusion is incredible and their chauvinism is nothing more than arrogance based on ignorance. The Poles have for generations been taught history, which is easily proven to be no more than 'Polish Imagination' practically without any factual basis. This is similar to present-day peoples all over the world being raised within the incredible dishonesty of the Holohoax religion, thereby making it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to get through to any of them.

There have been Polish historians who have acknowledged this and have openly admitted the great debt their people owe the Germans, but these historians have neither been well-received at home nor in the rest of the world and their works have not been granted dissemination on a large scale. As a matter of fact, their writings have been largely suppressed.

There is a present-day Polish historian by the name of Musial whose honesty relative to Germany is admirable and absolute. He is actually being published and the largely Jewish anti-German haters have not succeeded in shutting him up. Not yet.

The profound perfidy of the centuries-old anti-German crusade in Poland is evidenced by their literature. In Polish literature the German neighbor, settler or fellow-citizen, is invariably denounced, defamed, insulted, lied about with Jewish Chuzpa , ridiculed and made the scapegoat for every ill Poland has ever suffered from. There isn't a single instance of anything German being described in a positive light.

Polish literature as well as art, is replete with hate-filled words or images, always, relentlessly directed toward their neighbor to the west. Their art, mostly made up of occurrences which never happened, is to this very day being sold as postcards to Polish children and adults, thereby re-enforcing age-old prejudices, lies and irrational hatred.

German translations of Polish literature are always 'dry-cleaned'. They either minimize anti-German rhetoric or delete it completely. One cannot find a Polish literary work in the German language which is an honest, factual translation. Thereby the average German has no idea of how he or his nation are represented in his neighbors land. This is the same tactic used by the Jews in their falsified translations of their Talmud. These profound, revolting dishonesties are actively supported by the Encyclopedia Britannica, amongst others.

Never mind it was the German settlers who created the most lovely, well run and prosperous farms, villages and towns in Poland.

Never mind it was the German who introduced architecture and western civilization to the Polish people at a time when they were little more than barbarous hordes vegetating in the country side and being kept ever so stupid and exploited by their corrupt catholic clergy and aristocracy.

Anti-German hate has been stoked by the catholic clergy of Poland, including the present-day Pope, for centuries. The Polish clergy has not hesitated to claim German Catholics as being less 'catholic' than Polish Catholics. German Protestants, no matter how pious and benign, have been defamed as being devil-worshippers, pure and simple.

The Polish cardinal has stooped to infamous lows when preaching in the ancient German cathedral at Breslau, saying that 'even the stones of the cathedral speak Polish'. Here is a well educated man, knowingly spreading a foul falsehood. It is not a matter of conjecture when I state the Cardinal knows perfectly well that he is lying - in the house of the Lord - about the very structure and origin of that house. Truly this is Jew-induced Talmudic evil incarnate.

After the collapse of the German armies in Poland in late 1944, the catholic clergy of Poland of which the present-day Pope was then a member having been a priest in Cracow, urged their parishioners to rape, plunder and beat to death their German fellow-citizens, people who had lived there for generations and who had contributed mightily to the welfare of the Polish nation. Many Polish priests (the present-day Pope too?) participated in a Jew-inspired, Talmudic blood-frenzy violating and murdering German women, children, old men and plundering on a heretofore unheard of scale.
It was customary for Poles to take from the arms of their frantic German mothers little children, in order to give them to infertile Polish couples.
This theft of German children and the accompanying, indescribable sorrow of their helpless mothers, was sanctioned and approved of by the catholic clergy of Poland. Since the Pope has never apologized for these crimes, it must be assumed that he probably participated in them, or at least approved of them.

Today, the world looks upon this Polish Pope as a paragon of virtue! This is obviously a Jew-designed perversion of history, since this very person should today, at his age and in his pitiful condition, be tried for crimes against humanity and he ought to be summarily executed.

It is claimed that the Popes mother's maiden name was 'Katz". If true, this would explain his strange, criminal behavior.

In 1945 the Poles and their bloody clergy delivered unto their secret police every ethnic German they could find, knowing the secret police in Poland was totally Jewish. The horrors committed by the Jews at that time fill books ("An Eye For An Eye", by Jewish (!) author John Sack) and very literally make Auschwitz look like a vacation paradise. The evil present-day Pope has never apologized, nor has he answered any questions about his activities at that time.

The Poles have a well developed tendency to be horrendously cruel, so cruel as to defy description. They share this characteristic with the Serbs, the Czechs and the other Slavic peoples. The Czechs have committed acts so horrendous, it makes ones blood run cold. Please read the article on this web site entitled "Czech Monsters". But the Poles have equaled them in more ways than one. These two peoples are truly 'brothers under the skin'. Hateful to a degree which has twisted their very national souls, cruel beyond belief and furious when recognizing the huge cultural debt they owe the German people.

The Polish people have for centuries been divided into two groups - the very rich, landed aristocracy, well educated, multi-lingual (usually French and German, sometimes English) and feeling very superior to the other 90% who lived in abject, grinding poverty, never more than serfs. It has been the Polish aristocracy and blood-sucking catholic clergy who have for centuries mercilessly exploited their illiterate, pitiful countrymen. It could be successfully argued, that Poland for centuries has been nothing more than a country owned by 10% of the people, the other 90% having been no more than slaves on a level of that of the African slaves of the American South. While Poland was part of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, the Polish aristocracy and catholic clergy collaborated 100% with the authorities, living exceedingly well and traveling the entire breadth of Europe in uncommon luxury. No Polish clergymen or aristocrat ever suffered, even minutely.

The educational standards for the average Pole where exceedingly low, illiteracy being common. The aristocratic Poles however were educated either at German, French or Russian universities. Only during the past 80 or so years has this changed somewhat, but only a minor improvement of the general conditions cannot be found.

For the hopelessly poor Poles, the only joy besides getting drunk, was the hunting, terrorizing and occasional killing of the Jews, who had settled in their midst. Anti-Semitism was as much a part of the Polish peasants life as his misery, hunger, grinding poverty, illiteracy and servile submission to the Catholic clergy and his aristocracy.

To be sure, as always, everyplace on earth, the Jews gave plenty of reasons for the hostile attitude of the Polish peasantry - 1) usurious money-lending, 2) unusual filth even by primitive Slavic standards and 3) kosher butchering which is no more than the slow torturing to death of animals, a grotesquely horrible practice still practiced today wherever one finds the 'Aids-Virus of Mankind' underneath his skull cap.

Anti-Jewish hate understandably and predictably boiled over on a regular basis affording the illiterate Polish peasantry the only entertainment extant. In WW1 the Jews of Poland welcomed the German armies of the Kaiser as liberators, which they truly were. Pogroms had taken place on a regular basis, giving the Poles an outlet for their uncommon cruelty. As late as 1941, over 1600 Jews were murdered in a Polish village in one day of blood-lust. This pogrom had been blamed on the Germans (of course), even though no German of any kind had been anywhere near the village.

In the year 2000, it was finally admitted that it had been the Poles who had been responsible for the massacre. Even though Jewish scum-propagandists still attempted (in vain) to blame the Germans, despite the admission of the Poles and the forensic evidence which was conclusive. Another case of malicious Jewish anti-Germanism, as if one needed another one.

This raw, unmitigated Polish hatred of all things Jewish, explains also why so many Polish Jews either overtly belonged to the communist party apparatus or at the very least enthusiastically supported it. The entire Polish secret Police after WW2 was in Jewish hands. The entire country ended up under the heel of Jewish led apparatchiks who gleefully 'sold' the country to the Russians. Now the Poles were not only exploited by their corrupt clergy, but by the Russians and their Jewish apparatchiks as well.

The incredible misery of the life of the average Polish person during the past 400 or so years is hard to imagine. These appalling conditions, coupled with illiteracy, consciously supported by the Catholic clergy (ignoramuses are easier to lead and exploit) in addition to the disdainful way in which Polish aristocracy sold their own country down the river at almost every turn in history, was instrumental in rendering Poland unable to govern itself. This made it easy pickings for the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires.
To be sure, the Polish people lived better under Russian or Austro-Hungarian rule than under the harsh, unforgiving heel of the exploiting Polish aristocracy, but occupied they were, no matter which way one looks at it.

After the German defeat of the Russian armies in WW1 (1917), it was primarily Germany who created a new Polish state in hopes of creating a 'buffer' between the German Reich and Russia and in recognition of the right of the Polish people to self-determination.

In hindsight, it would have been far better to let the Russians keep the country. That would have prevented WW2, pure and simple. Alas, hindsight is better than foresight and we Germans, tried to do the right thing, only to be profoundly betrayed by the very nation we helped to establish. The betrayal was so gigantic, so profound, so unbelievable, that the German people who had lived in Poland for generations could not comprehend what was happening. It was all too surreal. What began to transpire in 1919 was a nightmare not even Kafka or Edgar Allan Poe could have dreamt up.

After Germany laid down her arms in 1918 (Germany was never defeated in a military sense) she was raped at Versailles. She was helpless and became the victim of her rapacious, unfair and plundering neighbors, neighbors who had promised to be fair and correct and who broke their word of honor, a well known English and French specialty. Huge chunks of ancient purely German territory were given to the new state of Poland under the most absurd, flimsy excuses imaginable. All human, legal, ancient and unquestionable rights of the German population (90 % or better) living in these territories were maliciously ignored by the victors in violations of all democratic principals.

During the so-called negotiations at Versailles, the British premier Lloyd George pointed to the new, re-arranged map of eastern Europe and said: "This will be the cause of the next war."

American Major General T.H. Bliss, advisor to President Wilson stated quite succinctly that putting 2.1 million Germans under the heel of Poland will surely result in the next war.

The Jews who pulled the strings at Versailles gleefully and maliciously ignored these observations of course, since it had been the Jewish and British purpose to destroy Germany, regardless of consequences.

Poland, suddenly found herself staring at undefended German territory. True to form, they attacked undefended towns and cities, terrorized the helpless German population and drove over a million Germans out of their ancient lands in West Prussia and Upper Silesia. The year was 1919.

Neither of these areas ever, at any time in recorded history had been settled by peoples other than Germans. To claim otherwise is to commit history-gangsterism, a Jewish and English specialty. What I say here is historically, anthropologically and forensically proven. What the Jewish-British history-gangsters have been saying is utterly unsupported by any historical, forensic or anthropological research.

The human rights abuses, the murders, the plundering etc. committed by the Poles knew almost no end. It was utterly horrific. All of this was cynically witnessed by the "oh-so-benign, democratic, fair-minded and humanistic" French and British. The rape of Germany was on auto-pilot, fueled by the Catholic clergy of Poland who delighted in seeing German women and children terrorized, abused, robbed, beaten to death and demeaned by the de-humanized Polish hordes. Needless to say, this was a lesson in 'democracy' the German people did not forget.

The Poles who owed their very existence as a country to Germany, not only raped, murdered and plundered with typical Slavic frenzy but they also:

1) Closed German schools
2) Prohibited the German language
3) Prohibited German church services
4) Prohibited prayer in the German language
5) Prohibited German names
6) Closed German newspapers and confiscated all printing presses
7) Closed all German cultural institutions.

While Polish territory was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, their language, schools, newspapers and religious institutions all enjoyed complete, unfettered freedom. Never, ever did a German deny a Pole his right to his own culture. Never. The Polish hatred was something uncanny, something quite insane, not in any manner justified, totally unexplainable.

Not only did they commit massive human-rights violations, stole huge chunks of ancient, never-ever Polish territory sanctioned by the horrible Treaty of Versailles, but they began to rob Germany's culture. It was at that time, that Polish academics (mostly educated in Germany!) started to publish an encyclopedia. In this encyclopedia historical lies ran (and run) rampant including the branding of Kopernicus as "Polish".

This lie has been repeated by the Encyclopedia Britannica (!) ever since. This is particularly vile because it is that Encyclopedia which is being relied on world-wide for accurate and unbiased information. No one in his right mind pays the slightest attention to what a Polish reference work has to say, unless of course it relates to the shameless falsification and defamation of all things German.

The Encyclopedia Britannica due to its standing in the world community has an obligation to be unbiased, but has opted to betray this obligation, in typical British manner since we are dealing here with a matter involving Germans whom to defame is a British, Jew-inspired specialty.

The name "Kopernicus" is traced back to Pomerania, a German territory going back millennia, never inhabited by Poles. The original name was "Kopernigk" He was born in the purely German Hanseatic City of Thorn. His father was German as was is mother, whose name was Watzelrode. Kopernicus attended the university of Bologna where he belonged to the german students union. He was admitted there due to the influence of his godfather, a german bishop.

The very name 'Pole', 'Poland' or the description 'Polish' means 'a person living inland', 'a country away from the sea' or 'something/someone coming from a place away from the sea' in ancient Slavic. Never did the Poles settle an area even remotely close to the Baltic. In addition, they merely settled down, but never civilized an area. That was left to the Germans.

The Poles who understandably suffer from a massive inferiority complex have always, historically stolen things much like the Gypsies. The great Frederic Chopin is their sole contribution to culture and not even he was purely Polish but rather half French. He left Poland as a young man, never went back, hardly ever uttered a word in the Polish language, spoke French instead and enjoyed the tender attentions of the French writer Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, known to the world as 'George Sand', while living on Mallorca, a Spanish island. Ignace Jan Paderewski, the great concert pianist is the only purely Polish contributor to western civilization.
His compositions, such as they were, have predictably not stood the test of time and are only being played very rarely in Poland, never in western countries being no more than poorly inspired copies of other composers' works.

When the German population in the Polish-occupied territories demanded the right to self-determination as guaranteed by the League of Nations, the Poles' answer was to call up their troops and mobilize their entire military.
In this they were cynically supported by the disgusting, warmongering drunk Winston Churchill, this unfortunate result of an illicit affair between his mother (a lady with a 'reputation') and possibly a Jew.

There is credible evidence of this dubious Churchill parentage. Today, his mother would have had an abortion and saved the world unimaginable horrors!

Churchill guaranteed Poland British protection, knowing fully well that this would be an impossibility, but he of course knew that it would give him and the British the pretext they had been looking for to declare war on Hitler-Germany.

Churchill had eager accomplices in his insidious, Jew-inspired machinations. The Polish Foreign Minister Lipski told the English ambassador Henderson: "I do not think of advocating peace. If war comes, there will be a revolution in Germany and Poland can march in."

According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail" of August 6th. 1939, Polish Marshall Rydz-Smigly said to his army officers: "Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to".

A toast was introduced in Polish officer's clubs: "See you in Berlin"! There are hand-drawn maps extant showing the Polish border at the doors of Berlin as early as 1910!

During the months before the outbreak of military hostilities in late 1939, every Polish newspaper of importance and the Polish catholic clergy incessantly called for war with Germany, for the occupation of ancient German lands, for the expulsion of the German minority, they advanced anti-German hatred to a fever pitch, all while the Hitler government engaged every diplomatic means at its disposal to defuse the situation.

During the month of August 1939 alone over 2000 ethnic Germans were murdered in Poland without a single indictment forthcoming from the Polish judicial authorities. Ethnic Germans whose great-grandparents had settled these parts fled for their lives across the borders by the thousands, leaving behind all they owned.

Surely, if ever a country was pushed into a corner and very literally forced to go to war, it was Germany in September 1939. There can be no doubt. Considering the horrendous suffering the German minorities had suffered in Poland for over 20 years, no matter what German troops allegedly did in Poland was totally
justified and only a blatant history-gangster and Jew-liar will deny this.

Pushed beyond the brink of that which can be endured, Germany invaded Poland in September 1939 to the joy of a drunken Winston Churchill who immediately and predictably betrayed his Polish 'allies' by failing to send the promised support. The 'brave' Polish government which had been guilty of forcing this war fled of course, not a one of them having the courage to fight.

The Polish military collapsed on all fronts despite the unquestioned bravery of their cavalry and some of their valiant infantry troops. Polish authorities behind the front lines began massacring ethnic German civilians in an orgy of blood-lust, particularly at Bromberg, were over 8500 German women, children and even priests were slaughtered wholesale during one Sunday. It is not known whether the Poles committed the mass-murder/tortures after or before Sunday church services. Scenes the likes of which not even a Jew-pervert could dream up were found by German troops entering the city:

1) Tortured to death and dismembered men with their bellies cut open and murdered German children stuffed into them
2) Pregnant German women gang-raped, vaginas torn open, breasts cut off, hung by their feet from rafters and their embryos cut out of their bodies. Autopsies revealed that these women had been fully conscious during their unspeakable ordeals.
3) Old men beaten to death
4) German babies with their skulls crushed.
5) And the list of horrors discovered by German soldiers has literally no end.

The present-day Polish Pope was at that time a priest in Cracow spoke not a word of protest.

No, this isn't all. Far from it. After the collapse of the German armies in Poland late 1944, the Poles committed more human-rights abuses, more murders, more horrors, more rapes, more child-thefts, more thefts of personal properties, than can even be imagined.

They equaled their Slavic brothers, the Czechs. Their cruelty, unbounded hatred and inferiority-bred sense of injustice is almost impossible to imagine.

Today, the formerly gorgeous, flowering German cities and territories are disaster areas. The Poles have destroyed by neglect and ineptitude most things which at one time were representative of the highest achievable culture and civilization. 'Polish' industry, all, without exception formerly German is in a shambles, as is their economy.

They have the unmitigated gall to ask Germany for economic help, while still preaching hatred on the same sick scale as before. No Pole to my knowledge has ever asked for forgiveness.

On the contrary, former Polish President Lech Walesa, that paragon of virtue, that guest of presidents, that Nobel Peace Prize winner, recently, without the slightest provocation or justification advocated the annihilation of the entire German nation in a newspaper article published in Holland. No one objected. Not the President of the USA, not the British Premier, not the Dutch government, least of all the cowardly, Jew-sucking slime-government in Berlin.

There are history books extant which tell the tale, but none of them are generally available. The German documentation, which is massive, is locked away in some vault somewhere by the traitorous German government. It is hoped all will be forgotten, that Germans will never know. Sorry folks, but there is the Internet and there are people like me who won't permit any of this to be forgotten. Ever.
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Simo Häyhä
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Simo Häyhä

Now for the Czechs:

Czech Monsters

By Gerry Frederics

Sources of information: "Die Vertreibung der Deutschen Bevoelkerung aus der Tschechoslowakei" volumes 1 & 2. ISBN 3-423-03273-1. These volumes were compiled immediately upon the arrival in Bavaria of those fortunate enough to have survived.The abridged edition (!) consists of 1184 pages, printed in very small font and is the abridged (!) official record compiled by the Adenauer government The veracity of these documents has never been challenged by anyone. These records are incomplete, since they were started during the arrival of millions of refugees. They have been swept under the rug by subsequent German governments, disgustingly servile, crawling, profoundly immoral and dishonest slime-sucking cowards without exception. This denial of the truth has been accomplished under massive, unrelenting pressure exerted by Washington D.C., the British government and the World Jewish Council. In addition, reference works such as "The Encyclopedia Britannica" have either underreported or totally ignored these massive, heretofore unequalled horrors committed against us Germans. These world-powers are as guilty as the perpetrators and are therefore only interested in hiding the truth. Since they control all sources of information excepting the Internet, they have so far succeeded in their unparalleled dishonesty. and (in German only, from Norway!) are tremendously informative websites. They are obligatory reading and viewing for all those interested in the truth, in the facts.

I would like to point out here, that we Germans have never been known to exaggerate, to lie, or to invent events. On the contrary, if anything, we tend to minimize things, we try to forget them and to get on with our lives. We are unusually forgiving and gullible. As early as 1950, the survivors of the horrible Jew-led Russian atrocities against the population of Prussia, officially pledged to 'forgive and forget'. These characteristics of honesty, charity and gullibility combined with a devastating tendency to be hyper-self-critical and excessively tolerant have been our downfall.

This article and the comments accompanying the pictures have been authored by Gerry Frederics. The pictures have been painted by the contemporary German artist Herbert Smagon. For more information on this story and related subjects peruse the website and the links listed therein.

This maliciously suppressed chapter of history is so incredible in its brutality, that it is quasi impossible to believe. It surpasses the alleged 'Holocaust' in every area of horror many times. It has been totally ignored by reputable reference works, e.g. the Encyclopedia Britannica whose authors, if they had any sense of morality whatever, would die of shame and disgust at their own profound, inexcusable dishonesty.


May 1945 - If hell on earth existed, than it existed in Prague after May the 5th. 1945. Old men, women and children were beaten to death and maimed. Rapes, barbaric cruelties, horror-scenarios of hellish proportions - here they had been let lose. - Ludek Pachmann, Czech Chess-Grand Master and publicist, forty years after the fact.

This terror on a gigantic scale, described rather 'mildly' by the Czech personality above, was the fate of everyone who spoke German, including numerous Jews.

One of the numerous disasters to result from the rape of Germany otherwise known as the Treaty of Versailles (85% of all American 'negotiators' were Jews) was the creation of "Czechoslovakia", an unworkable, unholy alliance of peoples who not only hated each other, but had done so forever, the Czechs and the Slovaks. To add to the impossibility of this political abortion, there were numerous other ethnicities present in this so-called state, namely Hungarians, Poles, Ruthenians and over 3.5 million Germans. These Germans lived in lands which had been settled and civilized by Germans millennia ago, territories which had always been German. It was the Czechs who came much later and benefited hugely from German accomplishments, not the other way around.


This is historically, forensically and archaeologically irrefutable.

Essentially, 3.5 million Germans and the lands which had been purely German for in excess of 12 centuries, were cynically delivered into bondage by the human-rights wailing democracies, ignoring all human rights and ignoring the incessantly howled about 'right to self-determination'.

This right traditionally is suspended cynically when it applies to Germans, everywhere. When the Germans have finally had enough and insist on asserting their right to self-determination, just like any other people, they are invariably howled down by a mob of French, British and American politicians, unequalled in their collective dishonesty and in the case of the Americans, collective historical ignorance. We Germans, demanding our right, no more and no less are then branded the 'aggressors', a charge which does not hold water under scrutiny, neither in the Franco-Prussian war, nor in WW1 much less in WW2.

These various ethnicities had not only lived in these territories for 1200 or more years, it had been they who had built practically everything of value in the region. Particularly the Germans had built the most beautiful, picturesque cities, towns and villages imaginable over the span of 12 or so centuries.

The magnificent city of Prague is of purely Germanic character for the simple reason that it was built by Germans. The University of Prague, 'Das Carolinum' was named after Karl The Great (Charlemagne) and is the oldest German university in existence. The German language was exclusively used at the university. The Czech language was spoken by Czech students during their daily affairs. They were never, ever in any way threatened or harassed for doing so. As a 'thank you' for the cultural tolerance the Germans had always shown, the Czech authorities replaced the German language by introducing draconian anti-German measures at the university in 1919. With the demise of the German character of and German influence at the university, the venerable institution predictably lost its former importance as a premier place of learning and has ever since descended essentially into academic nothingness. What had been a school on the level of Oxford, Eton, The Sorbonne, Heidelberg, Berlin or Milan Universities predictably ended up a fourth rate academic institution.

The most important Czech writer, Franz Kafka, of Jewish ethnicity, spoke mostly German, wrote exclusively in German & lived a large part of his life in Vienna. A rarity amongst the Jews, he considered himself to be German rather than Jewish and is today considered to have been a Czech only due to his birthplace.

Practically all of so-called Czech industry was inherited from the Austro-Hungarian empire after 1919. The Czechs for all intents and purposes never created an industry of their own. It had been the Austrians and Germans who had done so. For example 'Budweiser Beer' and the famous beer-brewing city of Pilsen are purely German in origin.

Today historically ignorant idiots at VW decided to buy the totally decrepit Skoda automobile plant and spent untold millions of Deutsche Marks rebuilding it. German genius designed a new line of Skoda cars and didn't even take credit for it. When someone today buys a Skoda, he is misled into believing he has bought a product of Czech ingenuity, a bald-faced lie.

As a 'thank you' the Czechs are spitting in the face of Germany in the political arena, supported as per usual by great Britain and the USA. Those idiots at VW ought to be shot for stupidity alone.

It was the German farmer who had tilled the fields and who tamed these lands making them some of the most spectacularly beautiful ones on our planet.

German Bohemia was at one time, the richest land in central Europe. Under Czech rule and massive mismanagement it has deteriorated into a state of abject poverty, misery and low culture.

Wherever Germans have settled, they have turned barren wastelands and jungles into beautiful, productive lands, such as in Paraguay, the south of Brazil, the south of Chile, the Balkans, the Volga region of the former Soviet Union, the USA, Canada and practically every country in the Commonwealth. All benefited hugely from German settlers, invariably and indisputably immeasurably more so than from other ethnicities.

It isn't that these lands were taken from anyone, no! These lands had been devoid of people and had been gradually settled over the millennia by Germans who had been brought into these lands by the various rulers or governments. The Germans have traditionally been invited to settle lands which, like the south of Chile for example, no one else had managed to civilize. Today that region is one of the most prosperous in South America, solitarily due to German ingenuity, genius and their unequalled work ethic.

The entire region of the political creation called Czechoslovakia had been a part of the Holy Roman Empire, the great empire founded by Charlemagne, a Frankish prince. The Franks are a German tribe, like the Saxons whom great Britain owes its very existence.

Charlemagne's capital was at Aachen, in the present north/west of Germany. He traveled extensively through his huge empire (which included France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, amongst others) and established many minor administrative centers throughout his empire, including the (once) famous "Karlsbad" in the Sudetenland, that exclusively, ancient German part of the horror-scenario called Czechoslovakia. This 'country' was created by France, England and the US at Versailles in 1919 at the behest of world Jewry (the vast majority of the negotiators were Jews) and at the expense of the most advanced civilizations in Europe, Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Never in the history of mankind had there been a Czech state, since quite simply, the Czech people had proven to be incapable of properly governing themselves.

Despite their occasional uprisings due to their wildly exaggerated claims of alleged suppression, fed by Slavic chauvinism, a characteristic which borders on the insane in its intensity and a gigantic inferiority complex vis-a-vis the Germanic nations, they had lived perfectly unmolested as either part of Germany or part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The victorious allies at Versailles decided to chop up this magnificent empire into states which had traditionally been unable to form proper governments, social structures or economic entities. These pitiful creations were henceforth referred to as 'countries' and caused immeasurable misery in the years to come.

True to form, the very first thing the Czech state did in 1919 was to pass massively repressive laws of anti-German character, to encourage Czech people to hate Germans mindlessly and to murder Germans on a large scale. Czech discrimination, all the way to the extreme of murder on a grand scale against all Germans was monumental, starting as early as 1919.

Prior to WW1 (!), as early as 1912, Czech nationalists such as Masaryk had proffered numerous plans to wipe out the German people. The plans were given to the Russian court in St. Petersburg, to the British government as well as to the USA. This is well documented. Ergo, the allied governments knew what fate they had condemned the German people in these regions to.

They knew to an absolute certainty and thereby the WW1 governments of England, France and the USA are no more than co-murderers of the German women & children who suffered as horrendously as possibly no other people in recorded history.

Czech aggression against Germans and Germany has been an ongoing terrible problem for many years. Considering the correct, human-rights-respecting manner in which these people have traditionally been treated by the Germans, their unbounded hatred can only be caused by undisguised, mad and quasi insane jealousy of German genius and accomplishments.

This in contrast to the Germans always having without fail, respected other people's languages, customs, religions, music and literature. Always.

This is an indisputable historical fact. German settlers never threatened the existence of other peoples but rather enriched other nations immeasurably by their industrious, orderly, law-abiding and often pious presence. Wherever German immigrants went they invariably became honest, sincere citizens and contributed hugely to those countries, served in those countries' military, paid their taxes and never contributed to their prison population.

There's never been a German Mafia, but certainly a Sicilian and a Jewish one. Todays Russian Mafia , like the incorrectly called Russian revolution of 1917, is purely Jewish. It promotes, produces and sells child-pornography, including the most despicable, horrid, child-sex sick minds can imagine. These are Jewish accomplishments, sanctified by their Talmud, as long as the abused and murdered children are Goyim. These are also indisputable facts. I wonder if this is what Senator Lieberman had in mind when he was howling about 'family values'.

When "Czechoslovakia" was artificially created an English diplomat stated: "This will never do. How can one expect 3.5 million creative Germans to be ruled by an obviously inferior people?" Predictably, no one paid the slightest attention to him.

At the Munich conference in 1938, the entire British, French and Italian diplomatic contingent thought that when Hitler demanded the return of the Sudetenland, he demanded nothing more then that which had been rightfully German for as long as mankind could remember.

The British Premier Chamberlain (as well as the former English King) stated privately that he thought Hitler had made most reasonable, historically justified demands. Today however the Jew-controlled history-gangsters who write our books talk about British 'appeasement'. This is purely Jewish history-gangsterism.

Whenever a Jew says something historical or religious, it's almost always a lie. This is as absolute as the law of gravity. The truth is told by a Jew only whenever it benefits Jewish interests worldwide. The Jews invariably show themselves to be disloyal to those nations who have harbored them and loyal only and solitarily to Zionism, no matter where, how or when.

Extremely civilized men (Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Martin Luther, George Bernard Shaw, St Thomas Aquinas etc.) going back to the Roman historian Tacitus (and probably long before him) have known this law.

Whenever a Jew actually does tell the truth unmasking the Jews for the liars they are, (e.g. Finkelstein, Chomsky, Sack, Freedman) there's an ulterior motive.

Why has western man forgotten this simple, irrefutable fact and why do westerners believe anything, no matter how outrageous when told by a Jew, but maliciously disbelieve anything told them by a well informed person of their own cultural background? This clearly is a tragedy.

When German troops marched into the Sudetenland to retake possession of ancient German lands, in accordance with international treaties, they were invariably welcomed enthusiastically by the population as the liberators from Czech oppression and massive, incessant human-rights abuses.

There can be no doubt as to the veracity of this statement. The evidence is overwhelming and not even interminable Jewish history-gangsterism has been able to obliterate this truth, even if they succeeded admirably in keeping it out of the encyclopedias of the world.

Shame on the Encyclopedia Britannica (the premier reference work regardless of language) for its inexcusable dishonesty when treating this part of history and many other things as well, such as calling Kopernicus "Polish" or just about anything else having to do with Germany during the past 130 years.

These sorry excuses for academics ought to crawl underneath the slimy rock from whence they came. It merely proves my contention, that great Britain has sunken to the level of a soccer-hoodlum-nation devoid of even a smidgen of decency.

One of whose most popular English periodicals applauded the murder of a Dutch right-wing politician in the year 2002. They openly, unabashedly applauded murder!

For this absolute corruption those pitiful shopkeepers can thank their Jewish handlers for the past 130 years.

Not long after the Sudetenland (population: 100% German) was rightfully restored to Germany and the productive energy of the population there benefited the German Reich, the Czechoslovakian state entered a period of tremendous economic crisis. It got so bad, the government was afraid of losing control. There were strikes upon strikes, the entire Czech economy was in tatters, the population was incensed at the condition of the country, it was a terrific mess. Czechoslovakia was imploding.

At that time Czechoslovakia possessed one of the most powerful and best equipped armies in all of Europe. This army had been created with the approval and support of the western democracies to attack Germany at an opportune moment, probably in concert with the Poles who had been clamoring openly for war with Germany since 1919. The Czech army was equipped with the latest military hardware. German military analysts where very impressed by the war-making capabilities of Czechoslovakia in 1939. Simply put, the Czechoslovakian armed forces of 1939 were formidable.

It can be argued successfully that the military industrial complex of Czechoslovakia in the 1930's was the most extensive and possible the best in all of Europe. It had enjoyed the political and financial support of the Jew-controlled English and French governments for years.

War making was obviously on the Czech's mind, since none of the weapons-systems had been designed as defensive mechanisms (such as the ones in Belgium) but rather as attack-weapons.

As things went from bad to worse, the Czech president became convinced he was going to lose control over the country in early 1939, he went to Berlin to plead with Hitler to intervene, lest a civil war might break out.

Hitler intervened, by demanding the abdication of the entire Czech government and a free hand in handling the affairs of the country. We know today that he possibly went too far in his demand of the abdication of the elected government. But hindsight is always better than foresight. It is easy to be judgmental 63 years after the fact.

Slovakia couldn't jump high enough for joy and immediately seceded, formed its own government and country and became a staunch ally of Germany. Germany had liberated Slovakia from the oppressive, excessively chauvinistic regime in Prague and the Slovaks knew it very well. Any talk today of a 'puppet' government in Slovakia is hog-wash, purely Jewish history-gangsterism in the best Wiesenthalian tradition.

In 1946 the head of the Slovakian government, Dr. Tiso, was arrested by Czech communists and executed for treason after a show trial and inhuman torture. There is a powerful movement under way today in Slovakia to rehabilitate Dr. Tiso and to make him a national hero much as in Italy where Mussolini is being rehabilitated, slowly but irreversibly. Today in the year 2002 there is a voluntary honor guard of exclusively young (and unknown) Italians at Mussolini's grave 24 hours per day.

The German-controlled government of what was left of Czechoslovakia did not prohibit the Czech language, did not prohibit Czech text books in schools, did not demean any Czech nationals, did not demean the Czech army and did not shut down Czech newspapers. Under German control order was restored to the country and within a short period of time their economy was running like clock work, people were working, people were eating and people were essentially living a normal life.

Hitler's Germany had saved Czechoslovakia from chaos, from collapse and from total economic disaster.

Enter Reinhard Heydrich, SS Obergruppenfuehrer. This man is one of the most maligned individuals in today's Jew-authored history books despite the irrefutable fact that he was a brave man, an individualist of the first order, an organizational genius, a man of exceptional intelligence and one of the most efficient governors any state or country has ever had. In addition he was an exceedingly handsome athlete, a truly 'beautiful' Teutonic warrior. He was totally un-corruptible and ran the Czech republic in a fair and efficient manner. Heydrich was simply amazing. His success was stunning.

He was the first and possibly the last man to come close to achieving a friendship between the Czechs and the Germans.

Due to Heydrichs policies, the Czech population accepted German occupation in the same manner the Danes did up north, the vast majority having no complaints whatsoever. Heydrich was becoming popular with the Czechs, especially with the women who couldn't resist his good looks and undeniable charm. In today's parlance, he was 'sexy'.

There was no resistance to the Germans of any kind in the Czech Republic. None. The Czechs were, for all intents and purposes, satisfied with the situation. And why not? No religious or national repression, no tyranny, no hunger, no unemployment, no mistreatment, no rapes, no plundering, no exploitation, no worries, Heydrich ran the ship of state like a true political genius. The German occupation troops behaved exemplary well as in all other occupied countries.

Any German trooper caught in an illegal act was court-martialed and severely punished for his misdeeds. This is something neither the Russian, British, French nor the American governments can say. None. Their troops raped, plundered and murdered with impunity.

No allied troops, anywhere at any time behaved as decently as did the Germans and this is easily verified.

This won't do at all, decided whiskey-soaked Winston Churchill. 'How can we eliminate this pesky Heydrich ?', he asked his advisors. 'How about the underground ?' 'Not hardly Sir' said his fawning underlings, 'there isn't any 'underground'. "The Czechs appear to be perfectly happy".

So Churchill decided to parachute assassins into Czechoslovakia to do murder Heydrich. This he did.

Heydrich was an undeniably popular, in many ways much loved man. He drove in a large, magnificent Mercedes-Benz convertible to the office, never taking a different route. There was no protection. There was no police with sirens and secret service men and all those trappings. There merely was a man driving to his office in his convertible. The people liked him, there was nothing to worry about as far as he was concerned. Having all those pesky protective trappings around him would have removed him from the people. He refused that. He wanted to be accessible.

Heydrich, being an upstanding, honest Teutonic warrior never thought of foul play. He suffered from what this author calls 'The German Virus', namely 'gullibility'.

This virus from which the German nation has suffered terminally, one could easily claim, has been the undoing of the most creative race the world has seen in the past 400 or so years.

To this day the Germans are hopelessly gullible, truly believing that if they apologize for things they haven't even done, pay obscene sums in blackmail, incessantly take the back-seat in international affairs, ignore their own suffering, they will be accepted by those who have hated them forever with or without reason. The present-day German government hunts mercilessly those who tell the truth, who try to set the record straight. It is almost as if in this instance a mental deficiency existed in the German people.

The assassins were waiting for Heydrich and even though they had the advantage of surprise, of time, of subterfuge, they failed to kill the Teutonic warrior. Alas, they wounded him terribly and he died a few days later in the hospital.

Hitler was understandably furious due to this act of treachery. They had murdered one of his most loyal, capable men without reason.

This man, or Germany for that matter, had treated the Czechs very well, far better then any occupied country has any right to expect. Incomparably better than the Czechs had treated the German minority within its border, ever.

The Czechs had no reason for this treachery, none, so thought Hitler at least.

He gave a fateful order: Find the perpetrators and failing that take an entire village hostage and execute all inhabitants as a reprisal measure. And afterward, clamp down hard since these Czechs obviously do not understand fairness and decency.

The hostages were taken and shot and a political clamp-down was initiated. It must be noted however, that no-one was tortured, no one was demeaned, no one was raped, no-one had his property confiscated. This was a political clamp-down. No human rights were violated. None.

The Czech cities, most of which had been built by Germans centuries ago and not by Czechs, were spared any destruction. The territory of this artificial country survived the war without a scratch. So did the population with the exception of the village of Lidice which is the one that had been obliterated as a reprisal for the cowardly assassination of the best and fairest governor the Czechs had ever had. Someone in Lidice had made the grave error of harboring the assasins.

Czech industry was of course enlisted to work for the German war effort. The workers were paid normal and regular wages. The population never at any time suffered from shortages of any kind. Neither did they suffer from the genocidal air attacks which pulverized German women and children and wiped out cultural monuments of inestimable value. They lived as they had in peace time, with the added bonus of having a government which ran the country correctly. No one was forced to work, no one was coerced. On the contrary, to work for the German war effort meant job security and good, steady income. The Czechs clamored for jobs supporting the German war effort. Their work was good and practically no cases pf sabotage were reported.

When the German armies retreated slowly in the face of the incredible Soviet onslaught, the Czechs decided to 'jump on the band-wagon' before it was too late and started a 'resistance' movement. To be sure, this movement wasn't in existence were there were German troops, oh no! Only were there were helpless German women, children, old men or military hospital treks. The Czechs proved their almost unequalled brutality, just as they had during the Russian Civil War of 1919, where they became infamous for behaving bestially in Russian villages.

It is interesting that no Czech soldier has ever become famous as a brave, knightly upstanding fighting man. I dare say, the Czechs are the only people in recorded history, who have produced only monsters in uniform, never upstanding, honest and decent warriors.

The Face Of Czech Resistance.

The Czech partisans stopped unarmed military hospital treks, dragged out the badly wounded soldiers, tortured them, dismembered them, demeaned and brutalized the medical personnel, raped the nurses and stole all supplies.

Anti-Wehrmacht or SS actions.

There isn't a single, solitary documented case of so-called Czech "resistance fighters" fighting German troops. Only massacre after horrible massacre perpetrated on helpless people.

How many German victims?

A complete count of German victims has been impossible to establish. Educated estimates ran as high as 400.000.

Here is what Czech men, women (!) and mere children (!!) did:

1) They hacked to death severely wounded German soldiers, dismembering them, gouging out their eyes, castrating them etc. before finally murdering them.

2) Organized gang rapes were a common occurrence.

3) Beating Germans mercilessly, the mutilation of the gentitals being a Czech specialty, for daring to defend themselves verbally (!). After the beating the German men or women had to thank their Czech torturers. Refusal to say 'Thank You' resulted in their being beaten to death.

4) Tying German soldiers and civilians into rows of several hundred, laying them on the street and then crushing them slowly by driving trucks over the helplessly tied up people.

5) Snatching German babies from the arms of their terrified mothers and giving these babies to infertile Czech couples.

6) Cutting off the breasts of fully conscious German women (after gang rape) and parading these breasts up and down the streets on bayonets, to the howling applause of the Czech population.

7) Forcing a group of German women to march behind a German soldier who was made to carry the Swastika-flag for a few steps before being shot. The person behind the murdered flag carrier had to then pick up the flag and the whole horror scenario would repeat until all had been murdered.

8) The raping to death of German women was common. Death released these poor souls, after they had their bellies sliced open and had the heads of previously murdered Germans stuffed into the gaping wound.

9) Throwing German women and children in freezing rivers and then using them for target practice.

10) When the Czech politician Benesch appeared in Prague, the Czechs (as a 'welcome gesture') tied German women and men onto light poles, hanging them Jewish/Kosher fashion from one leg (!), pouring gasoline over them and setting them on fire as living torches. This to the roaring applause of the entire Czech population.

These unspeakable acts were legalized (The Benesch degrees) and are legalized still, with the present-day Czech government disdainfully refusing to even apologize.

A) Aside from these horrors, the Czechs established concentration camps and worked to death the pitiful remnants of the wholly terrorized German population, with the acquiescence of the British, French and American governments.

B) The formerly beautiful German lands are today a disaster area, devoid of beauty, culture or industry.

C) All German villages are either in horrible disrepair or have been leveled. Not a German soul has survived

German cemeteries have been and are being (in the year 2002!) ransacked and desecrated. The Czech president has the inhumanity to pour salt on the wounds by disdainfully dismissing these most horrible crimes completely, to the applause of Americas First Lady Laura Bush, this pitifully brainwashed woman who knows absolutely nothing and lets herself be used by German-hating interests, applauding horrid mass-murderers, while whining about human rights.

The so-called german governments, since the Adenauer administration, have cowardly refused to use their tremendous economic clout to right this horrible wrong (not to forget many others) and have even broken bread with unreconstructed fanatical Czech nationalists like Vaclav Havel. These german governments, without exception, ought to be executed publicly for high treason. The present-day gerrman government and judiciary are the most thoroughly corrupted, cowardly governmental units ever assembled in the same place. They are exactly the opposite of the brave warriors who gave their lives trying to protect Europe from the purely Jewish creed of Bolshevism, which had murdered entire population groups (including the Volga-Germans and the German Mennonites in the Ukraine in 1936-38) in the Soviet Union. The millions murdered and tortured to death are crying to heaven for justice.

Here's a little video of the warm, humane and by-all-means ideal treatment given unto germans by Czechs, shortly after WW2 ended:
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Woodpecker ...great idea for a thread on a greatly ignored topic

*May I highly recommend:

The Brainwashing of the German Nation
Item # 110

By Udo Walendy

The author has been imprisoned because he
refuses to parrot the official historical lies of the German
and Allied governments. In this short book Walendy
describes the hidden truth of the “legal” origin of
today’s German laws, forced on a defeated people, now
stripped of their history and their identity, brainwashed
by their conquerors.
“We’re the slaves of the phony leaders - Breathe the air we have blown you!”
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Now for some russian "love".

Soviet Cannibalism in German POW Camps (with graphical pictures).

The Anti-Wehrmacht Exhibition

The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau

"German atrocities" committed by Soviet agents in German uniforms
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Default More Material

Here's a little article dealing with an excerpt from James Bacque's book Crimes and Mercies:

Crimes and Mercies:
A Hidden Holocaust--Revealed

A Review of James Bacque's "Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950"

by Eric Blair

Canadian historian James Bacque's new book, "Crimes and Mercies" [Little, Brown], is a sequel to his 1989 work "Other Losses".

While the latter focused on the fate of millions of German POWs at the end of the Second World War, more than a million of whom the Allies deliberately left to die of a synergistic combination of disease, exposure, and starvation, his current book focuses largely on the grim, post-war fate of 60 million German civilians.

Published this September, "Crimes and Mercies" is over 300 pages in length. These include over 30 maps, photos, and illustrations; a foreword by historian and legal scholar, Alfred de Zayas, and an introduction by the author; eight chapters of text, as well as an index, bibliography, notes, and appendices.

But it is probably on page 131 that we find the epicenter of the book, and its seismic thesis; it is here, in a little, statistical chart, that Bacque's findings may be seen in a single glance.


Minimum Maximum

Expellees (1945-50) 2,100,000 6,000,000
Prisoners (1941-50) 1,500,000 2,000,000
Residents (1946-50) 5,700,000 5,700,000
_________ __________

Totals 9,300,000 13,700,000

"Expellees" refers to the 16,000,000 ethnic Germans who were driven from their ancestral homelands in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and elsewhere in Europe, at war's end.

These included mostly women and children and elderly men who, with a few belongings in hand and running the gauntlet of deep, local animosity, set out upon the open road toward the rump state of Germany.

"Prisoners" are, of course, the German POWs, the subject of Bacque's first book.

"Residents" here refers to the German civilian population that survived the Second World War.

According to Bacque, given the extraordinarly harsh conditions imposed upon them by the Allies (i.e., the British, French, Soviets, and Americans), at least 9.3 million and possibly as many as 13.7 million Germans, had, by 1950, needlessly died as a result.

He writes: "This is many more Germans than died in battle, air raids and concentration camps during the war. Millions of these people slowly starved to death in front of the victors' eyes every day for years."

Adding: "These deaths have never been honestly reported by either the Allies or the German government."

It is this dishonesty, which is also part silence, part indifference, part anti-German animus, as well as corrupt scholarship, that Bacque intends to remedy with the present volume.

Weaving in and out of the central storyline are a number of recurring motifs.

There is the exposure of the unabashed inhumanity of the Allied leadership: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and De Gaulle.

But it is the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., who is the arch-villain of the piece, the one who hatched the serpent's egg: the vicious, vengeful Morgenthau Plan for the post-war "pastoralization" (read: the de-industrialization and abject subjugation) of the German people.

Devised, "cancelled," then implemented via the punitive directive JCS/1067, the Morgenthau Plan wreaked havoc on the German economy and, by extension, the fragile European economy.

Because of it, post-war reconstruction in Germany was delayed until late 1948; by which time millions of German civilians had already perished.

By starkest contrast, the hero of the book--and to whom it is dedicated--is Herbert Hoover.

It was Hoover who, in a spirit of Christian charity and true to his Quaker roots, led a worldwide food relief effort during the post-war era; saving, in the process, Bacque claims, probably as many as 800 million lives; a headspinner in a history book full of such daunting statistics.

Hoover also lobbied for a food program to relieve the desperate conditions inside Germany, which, along with the Marshall Plan, helped put an end to the Morgenthau nightmare and rescued literally millions of people from a slow, agonizing death.

Bacque also shines a hard light on the Western media, from the "New York Times" on down, for concealing or outrightly denying the Allies' complicity in numerous atrocities; on their craven betrayal of the anti-Hitler German resistance, the anti-Soviet Cossacks, and the Free Poles; and on the hideous cruelties they, as victors, inflicted on weak, defenceless, but fearless, Germen women seeking to help ill and starving husbands interned in Allied POW camps.

Bacque's determination to shine a hard light on some long-hidden and neglected truths regarding the Western Allies and their often inglorious actions during and after World War Two will, as sure as night follows day, provoke the animus of the coterie of mythologists who have dined out on simplistic notions of Allied heroism and decency--and exclusively German villainy--for the past half-century.

Recalling his bumpy ride following the release of "Other Losses", historian James Bacque expects that a firestorm will likewise follow the publication of "Crimes and Mercies".

Up in Canada, in the letters page of the "Toronto Globe and Mail", a debate has already begun; and signs of bitchery, if not nastiness, are already evident.

But what is encouraging is that Bacque also fully expects that the truth about this tragic page of German history will at long last be made known.
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Here are excerpts from a chapter called Polish Atrocities Against Germans Following Commencement of Hostilities, from the book A Terrible Revenge by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas.


The first victims of the war were Volksdeutsche, ethnic German civilians resident in and citizens of Poland. Using lists prepared years earlier, in part by lower administrative offices, Poland immediately deported 15,000 Germans to Eastern Poland. Fear and rage at the quick German victories led to hysteria. German "spies" were seen everywhere, suspected of forming a fifth column. More than 5,000 German civilians were murdered in the first days of the war. They were hostages and scapegoats at the same time.

Gruesome scenes were played out in Bromberg on September 3, as well as in several other places throughout the province of Posen, in Pomrnerellen, wherever German minorities resided.
German military magistrates were ordered to investigate atrocities committed
against the German minority. Some 593 witnesses were interrogated under oath.

A few examples of these transcripts follow.

The Testimony of Martha Kutzer

The testimony of Martha Kutzer was taken under oath before Judge Ulrich
Schattenberg on September 10, 1939, In Bromberg

On Sunday, September 3, 1939, soldiers again forced their way
into our home to conduct a search for weapons. The men had to
wait out in the yard. The soldiers demanded the motorcycle owned
by my son, the Rev. Richard Kutzer. My son had to keep his arms
raised while a soldier got on the motorcycle, asking how it worked.
Eventually my son was taken away by the soldiers. They were just
kids, 16 and 17 years old. Just as they got to the corner of the
street I saw them hit my son in the stomach with a rifle butt. I
saw this from a window. My son stumbled around a bit. Then
one of the soldiers hit him again, this time across the shoulders.
My son fell to the ground, writhing in pain. They stood him
upright and ordered him to raise his hands again. Then they led
him away. My husband, Otto Kutzer, and a man named Richard
Hoffmann saw this, too. Both are now dead as welt.

The Testimony of Lisbeth Busse
On October 14, 1939, Judge Hans Boetticher took the deposition of Fraulein
Lisbeth Busse.

The Polish military killed both my parents, Franz and Ida Busse,
my aunt Klara Busse, and my fiance Erwin Dietrich.
During the night of Monday to Tuesday, September 4th and
5th, my father and fiance had fled into the woods. There was a
lot of shooting going on. We all thought that the Germans were
coming. A woman came by who said it was Polish soldiers who
were everywhere, not Germans. She said we had to run for our
lives, which is what I did. I fled in the company of our 20-year-old farmhand Hans Neubauer. We likewise took off for the woods.
After only a couple of hours we were captured by Polish soldiers.
They took us to another soldier who must have been a senior
officer; he kept giving orders to those around him. I couldn't find
out what his rank was. I asked him if we could go back home. He
said, "What? You're Germans! We're going to blow you to pieces!"
Then I said, "Can I at least see my mother once more? She's still
back home. " He said to another soldier, "Okay, take her back and
then shoot them both. "
This other soldier then accompanied me and Neubauer back
home. But the place was empty. Apparently my mother and Aunt
Klara had fled. The soldier didn't know what to do. He said to
me, "If you do what I want, then you can stay here. " When I
refused, he said we'll have to go to the command post. So off we
went. Along the way we ·met another group of soldiers. Our soldier
asked them where the command post was. When he was told that
it was quite a ways off, he said, "Then I'll shoot them here and
now. The commander is going to shoot 'em anyway, like all
German dogs. " A few of the other soldiers said that it might not
be a good idea. While they talked over what they should do with
us, two or three more soldiers came along with a blindfolded man
in custody. When it turned out that they were taking him to the
command post, we were given over to these soldiers. Then we were
blindfolded too. We actually had to walk some of the way with
the blindfolds on. Finally we were told we had arrived. The
soldiers standing around us kept telling us that we would soon be
shot. Finally someone came over to us, a man who later turned
out to be the commander. He asked for the usual personal statistics
and eventually decided we were not to be shot. It was then that
the blindfolds were completely removed. We were given a certificate
which stated we were Germans but with Polish citizenship.
We were given instructions to go to Hohensalza. When I said we'd
never get there, that soldiers along the way would shoot at us, he
sent a soldier to accompany us. He went as for as the main
highway with us. There were other people fleeing along the road,
and I went with them some 20 km beyond Kruschwitz. The Polish
paper I tore up.
I finally returned home on September 11, 1939. There I found
out that my father had been found shot dead at the edge of the
forest. On Thursday, September 14 I found the body of my fiance in a field not far from the Jesuitersee. September 14 was his
birthday. He was lying there alone. He had a stab wound in his
side, and he had been stabbed in his eyes. All his teeth had been
knocked out.
My mother was found in the woods on September 17, 1939.
She had been buried in a sitting position. She had three stabs in
the intestinal region. My aunt Klara was found on 24 September
1939 on a field lying on her face. We recognized her from her
clothes. I do not know what her injuries were.
I am all alone now. I have no brothers or sisters.

The Testimony of Adolf Duesterhoef
On September 20, 1939, Adolf Duesterhoef, a mason by trade, gave a deposition under oath before Judge Horst Reger.

On Monday, September 4, 1939, my son Arthur-born September
23, 1909-and I were arrested by the Polish military after
we had been denounced by some Polish neighbors. We were taken
to the police. We were accused of having been in radio contact
with German pilots who had bombed Schwerenz the day before,
and hit the garden of a private home. There had been no loss of
life, however, even though the house near the garden had been
occupied. Although I was not beaten on the way to the police
station, my son was hit several times by civilians known to us.
Toward evening I was released and could go back home. The next
day my son and some other German prisoners were tied up, loaded
onto a wagon and taken farther east.
On Sunday, September 10, 1939, a neighbor woman told me
that she had heard my son and her husband had been shot by the
Poles. The rumor turned out to be true, for on September 14,
1939, the bodies came back to Schwerenz and I had the chance
to see the remains of my son and Mr. Kelm, a laborer. Both bodies
had the same kinds of injuries: the bones in the face were completely
smashed, the eyes had been gouged out, and the bodies bore
several gunshot wounds. Additionally, my son s stomach had been
cut open so that the intestines were falling out. I heard that the
bodies of the other Germans were the same way.
My whole family had been Polish citizens and we had all done
our civic duty vis-a-vis the Polish state. My son had served two
years in the Polish army. My son and daughter were members of
the Young German Party, but otherwise never politically involved
against the Poles.

The Testimony of Dietrich Schmeichel

On October 14. 1939. Dietrich Schmeichel of Thorn reported before Judge
Reger on the forced deportation marches.

On September 3, 1939, my two brothers and I were arrested by
Polish soldiers being led by a lieutenant. We were taken to jail.
The reason for our arrest was that we had supposedly given
flashlight signals to German pilots. This was not true. On the way
to the jail we were badly mistreated by the Polish mobs. My nose
was broken. My brother received a serious neck wound. The guard
soldiers just laughed at all this and even encouraged the mob by
shouting, "Look everybody! German spies!"
Just before noon we began our march to internment that led
from Thorn to Warsaw via Alexandrovo-Kutno. Our numbers
consisted of men ranging in age from 16 to around 80 years old,
about 50 women and one child aged 4. Because of detours our
march was some 350 km, which had to be made on foot and
without provisions or water. Even as we were just getting started
we had to suffer the blows of rifle butts, being kicked, and stabbed
with bayonets . ... I myself got 10-15 stab wounds and rifle blows.
The stab wounds were minor, but drew a lot of blood. I saw one
comrade get stabbed in the buttocks by a Polish militia man.
There was no reason for this mistreatment. After we had passed
Alexandrovo a comrade tried to dash off to relieve himselfbehind
a tree. He was immediately shot dead by a militia man. This
caused a panic among us Germans. For fear of being similarly
shot, they tried to flee and were immediately shot at. Thirty to 40
compatriots were thus shot to death or badly wounded by rifle fire.
I personally saw these many bodies. One woman was severely
wounded, lying on the ground and screaming in pain. This caused
our transport commander, the notorious Captain Drzewiecke, or
his adjutant, a corporal-I don't remember exactly which oneto
shoot the woman six times with his Browning pistol in an
attempt to finally kill her. But after the six additional shots she was still not dead. Because the woman continued to scream, the
officer ordered one of the soldiers to kill her with a rifle shot. The
soldier fired once at the woman and the screaming stopped . ...
According to my own observations and certain conviction, approximately
200 comrades lost their lives on that march, shot,
stabbed or beaten to death. I heard a lot of gunfire along with
horrible screams in the column behind me. Many of the comrades
became disoriented, half crazy with the stress, deprivation and
fear. Like the farmer Rohr, from Rittershausen near Lessen, and
Laudetzke, a homeowner in Thorn who lived at No.6 Warsaw
Street, and a man known to me only as Stefan. All these comrades
were killed.

The Testimony of Max Temme

The newly installed mayor of Schepanovo, Max Temme, gave the following
deposition under oath before Judge Zornig on October 28, 1939.

I cannot speak from personal experience regarding the executions
which took place in Schepanovo, as I was away from August 24
through October 2. I had been drafted into the Polish army, was
then captured and imprisoned by the Germans on September 15,
and finally released to return home on October 2, 1939.
The town ofSchepanovo has around 950 inhabitants, 20% of them
On September 5 and 6 a total of 48 Germans were shot, 12
from Schepanovo itself, the rest from other communities.
The following people from my town were shot:
Hugo Rahn, age 51;
Erich Rahn, age 34;
Hilmar Lange, age 32;
Paul Lange, age 28;
Richard Klingbeil, age 46;
Adolf Wenzel, age 28;
Martin Prier, age 18;
Ewald Mueller, age 25;
Max Schuelke, age 32;
Wilhelm Patzer, age 60;
August Pansegrau, age 67;
Erich Pansegrau, age 29.

The executions were carried out in groups, in both a forest
quite close by and a field inside the town. Polish soldiers were
responsible for the shootings, under orders of an officer. Among
those shot were two women. I don't know their names since they
came from different communities. The executions were completely
unwa"anted. None of these Volksdeutsche had taken any antagonistic
position relative to the resident Poles here or the Polish
military. And more to the point, none of these Germans had
hidden away weapons, or taken shots at any Pole.

The five testimonies quoted here are representative of hundreds more in a
similar vein contained in the German Federal Archives and in the archives of
other nations. To this day there are still wi messes to these events living in
Germany and elsewhere, people who recall with terror and agony the events of September 1939 in Poland.

Here's the PDF of the book in question:
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Default Ilya Ehrenburg (kike) on germans

In an excerpt from the chapter War and Flight from the book A Terrible Revenge by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, one can read:

An example on the Soviet side is the work of the "Soviet Julius Streicher,"
Ilya Ehrenburg (who was a kike [surprise, surprise], but the book won't point that out thanks to its politically correct nature), whose hate-mongering pamphlets and fliers were distributed
at home and at the front:

The Germans are not human beings. From now on the word
"German" is for us the worst imaginable curse. From now on the
word "German" strikes us to the quick. We shall not get excited.
We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you
have wasted that day ... If you cannot kill your German with a
bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of
the front, or if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German in the
meantime ... If you kill one German, kill another-for us there is
nothing more joyful than a heap of German corpses.

PS.: If you replace "German" with "Jew", that text becomes so much more refreshing...
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Default Pollack Treachery

Greater "Poland"

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I believe all that to be true and those horrible things that happened to the Germans, gang rape, torture, cutting babies out of women's wombs, bayonnetting them, slashing throats of children right in front of parents, gouging out eyes (Ante Pavelic's favourite meal, Serbian eyeballs) are exactly what happened to the Serbians living in the Military Frontier, The Krajina (that defended the Hapsburgs from the Jewish Ottoman Turks), at the hands of Ante Pavelic and his Jewish disguised as Catholic Ustashi butchers. Kosher slaughter of the Serbs right out of the Talmud is what happened in Croatia in 1941, so I don't know what the German beef against the Serbs is because, Serbia is not Germany's neighbor nor did Serbia ever invade Germany, like Germany invaded and bombed Serbia. So I guess the Serbs and Germans are even in being victims of gang rape, torture, getting their eyes gouged out and being slaughtered en masse. Wow, now the Germans and Serbians can be united in seeking damages for their victimization. Who will pay??
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After a little hiatus, here's some more material:

I'll post some more soon.

Just click the little play sign underneath the download button to initiate the broadcast.
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Other Losses, by James Bacque, a Canadian writer.
He organized the pertinent evidence in this book.

Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps.

By classifying the ex -soldiers as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" rather than "prisoners of war," American military authorities were able to keep the Red Cross from monitoring conditions in the holding pens and prevented theRed Cross from delivering surplus food and supplies to the German POWs. Train loads of provisions were actually turned away.
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I tried for days to find a PDF version of Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies to post in this thread, to no avail. If anyone does happen to find them, please be so kind as to post the links here.

I also tried to find a translated PDF of the book Der Tod Sprach Polnish (Death spoke polish), which deals thoroughly with the polish ethnic cleansing campaign of Germans, but this book is actually pretty rare in german, its original language, so finding a translated version would be twice as hard.
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Originally Posted by Simo Häyhä View Post
I tried for days to find a PDF version of Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies to post in this thread, to no avail. If anyone does happen to find them, please be so kind as to post the links here.

I also tried to find a translated PDF of the book Der Tod Sprach Polnish (Death spoke polish), which deals thoroughly with the polish ethnic cleansing campaign of Germans, but this book is actually pretty rare in german, its original language, so finding a translated version would be twice as hard.
You can get James Bacque's Other Losses as a full PDF right here:

You can get his other book Crimes and Mercies as a PDF on Scribd:

You have to become a member of Scribd before you can download anything, but getting an account is easy and free, so it's not a problem. However, I'll upload Crimes and Mercies to the Internet Archive myself and then put the link here when it's done.
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N. Wolf

Here is a link to the Internet Archive page to download a PDF of Crimes and Mercies by James Bacque:
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Default Anglo American Firebombing of Hamburg

The attack during the last week of July, 1943, Operation Gomorrah, created one of the greatest firestorms raised by the RAF and United States Army Air Force in WWII,[2] killing 42,600 civilians and wounding 37,000 in Hamburg and practically destroying the entire city.
The city of Hamburg already had ‘good’ conditions for the rapid spread of fire. A heat wave from the summer of 1943 heat wave had dried out much of the city and surrounding plant growth. Hamburg was Germany’s most important industrial center, as well as the largest seaport in Europe.

The allies used the “Window” to bomb Hamburg without counterattack or anti-aircraft losses. This technique consisted of dropping foil strips out of the window of the planes, which would confuse the Germans’ early radar.

On July 24, 9PM the allies bombed Hamburg with high explosive, incendiary, phosphorous and napalm bombs. The resulting firestorm was so powerful that buildings would have flames reaching over 20 feet high.

‘With hurricane force, 150 mile per-hour winds were sucked into the oxygen vacuum created by the fire, ripping trees out by their roots, collapsing buildings, pulling children out of their mothers' arms. Twenty square miles of the city centre burned in an inferno that would rage for nine full days. … The temperature in the firestorm reached 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. There was no oxygen to breathe; whatever was flammable burst spontaneously into flame.


* The Royal Air Force alone sent 3,000 bombers in 4 raids on Hamburg, dropping 9,000 tons of bombs.
* Affected 22 sq km, 8.5 sq m
* Killed estimated 44,600 civilians, 800 servicemen (60k-100k according to the US bomber survey)
* Half the city ruined (some accounts over 60%), 2/3 remaining population evacuated — almost 1 million homeless
* Mostly affected civilian population, nonetheless 580 industrial centers damaged/destroyed 1.8 months of the city’s output. Normal output was never fully recovered, at best output recovered to 80% five months later.

The bombing of Hamburg was hugely successful according to the British—“None of our other attacks had produced effects that were a tenth as destructive as the effects of a firestorm.”

Air Vice Marshall Harris stated, “In spite of all that happened at Hamburg, bombing proved a relatively humane method … there is no proof that most casualties were women and children.” German records indicate, however, that 29,000 of those killed were women (21k) and children (8k), the other 13,000 were men.

Hamburg, before firebombing

1946- refugees of Hamburg on the railroad station. Ethnic Germans, not jews!!!
(this image has been forged by Jews a few times. They claimed that they were Jews getting shipped to a concentration camp and changed the date on it)

A young child, who tried to get away on a bike.

Don Black's Stormfront ''Russians''
Russia Insider
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Here's some material dealing with the mass rapes of German women committed by the (multi-racial) Red Army:

And now here's a kicker:,...n-all-1573-rdf

I realise it's an old article, but it is outrageous nonetheless.

Afraid it could be misconstrued as lessening the atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II, other political leaders have avoided the issue of German suffering.
A Berlin museum about the expelled Germans that opened last year also sparked controversy. Polish leaders said it was an attempt by Germans to portray themselves as victims of a war they started.

"The problem in our view is not that the issue is being discussed, but how," Marek Cichocki, foreign policy adviser to Polish President Lech Kaczynski, told a German TV talk show on Sunday. "It focuses on individuals but blots out the bigger picture. It's disturbing that so much emphasis is on individual (suffering), not the broader history."
So basically Germans have no right to feel sorry about the atrocities committed against them because, going by the jewish version of history, they started the war?

Of course no one's going to mention the enormous amount of hostility that Germany received as early as 1933. Of course no one's going to mention that Hitler was goaded into a war (and I'll post some material on that later). Of course not; because we all know history is written by the victors.

And btw, pollack boy, funny how you mention that it's disturbing how the emphasis is placed on an individual level instead of looking at the bigger picture; you pollacks sure don't talk like that when you're whining about how the eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Germans (supposedly) killed all those poor little pollacks, right? Or when you whine along with the kikes over the Holohoax.

Poor pollack boy; can't even keep his shtick straight.
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Default More material

Here is some (very extensive, might I add) material suggesting that Germans AREN'T to blame for starting WW2; instead the All-lies (what a big fucking surprise), a.k.a lackeys of the international Jew, are.

"...Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to...." - Polish Marshal Rydz-Smigly, August 6th, 1939.

And here's a book written by Henry Morgenthau on the Morgenthau Plan, which sought to demoralize, demilitarize and indocrinate the German people after WW2.

Morgenthau_plan Morgenthau_plan

Now, just guess what exactly Morgenthau was. Just take a wild guess.

Yep, you guessed it.

Morgenthau was born into a prominent German Jewish family in New York City,_Jr.

What a "coincidence", eh?

Now, one might ask oneself why am I posting this material on a thread devoted to atrocities committed against the Germans.

Starting a war and blaming it on the Germans, and then raping them mentally and morally, placing the overtly and undeserved cumbersome burden of guilt on their shoulders and preaching that they should forever feel responsible for every single wrong-doing under the sun is, in itself, the biggest atrocity of them all, IMO.
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Simo Häyhä

Here's a little book by a kike named Theodore N. Kaufman, entitled "Germany must perish!".

It discusses why and how to get rid of Germans in a worldwide scale.

Here's a little foreword for this kike-written pile of shtick, provided by the site that offers the book:


This book enjoyed brisk sales for a time in 1941, and was reviewed** by no less than the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time magazine and the Philadelphia Record. This brought it to the attention of Josef Goebbels, who then distributed a million copies of the screed with German commentary to the military as an inducement to resist surrender. It and release of some of the information regarding the Morgenthau Plan for a punitive occupation of Germany are thought by many to have, when combined with the demand for unconditional surrender, extended the war needlessly at a cost of millions of lives. When Stalin complained to Churchill on Oct. 9, 1944 that knowledge of the Morgenthau plan was making the Germans fight harder, the British P.M. made subsequent remarks which might indicate that the extension was not all that unwelcome to him, as he deemed it important "to kill as many as possible in the field."[1]

On August 18, 1941, when Hitler was absorbed with Operation Barbarossa, Goebbels paid him a visit and showed him a copy of the book. Hitler was angered by it and gave Goebbels approval to immediately begin requiring all Jews to wear identifying armbands, which Goebbels on his own changed to the yellow star of David rather than the intended plain yellow and white armband. [2]

According to one German reader of this commentary:

"Kaufman's theory was, of course, heavily exploited by the propaganda machine in Germany, and the motto in the streets was: 'Enjoy the war while it lasts, because peace shall be terrible.'"

Finally, when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was preparing to assume his responsibilities as the chief prosector at Nuremberg he met with Judge Samuel Rosenman on May 12, 1945 to examine papers related to an earlier plan made at Yalta to send several million Germans to Russia as slave laborers. When Jackson said that he did not believe that Roosevelt had agreed to anything like this, "Rosenman explained that F.D.R. had 'thought the Germans deserved to be so punished,' as the judge noted in his diary, 'and emotionally was very bitter [and] had even seriously discussed sterilisation and more or less in fun had devised a machine to perform the operation on a mass production basis.'" [1a]

[1] Nuremberg: The Last Battle, David Irving, p24
[1a] ibid. p42
[2] Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, David Irving, p372-3

**This initially read "lauded," but a copy of the Time magazine review furnished by J. McCarthy shows that description to be inappropriate for this one review, applicability unknown for the others. Mr. Kaufman worked in advertising in Manhattan, and pulled selective words from the review for his leader. One is then left with only the quandary of why the preeminent media outlets in the United States would review this book at all, given its unknown author and horrendous content. And we note too that the Time review treats it with bemusement rather than denunciation as unworthy of consideration by civilized people. The review is now appended to the book.

David Thomas, 5/25/98
And now, for anyone that still doubts that kikes control the media, here's what a few of the major newspapers and magazines in the USA had to say about this book:
A Sensational Idea!
(Time Magazine)
A Provocative Theory - Interestingly Presented
(Washington Post)
A Plan for Permanent Peace among Civilized Nations
(New York Times)
Frankly Presents the Dread Background of the Nazi Soul
(Philadelphia Record)
Of course those same media outlets would immensely condemn and whine about any white man who dares write a book entitled "Is(hit)rael must perish"; but when it comes to Germans being the object of utter hatred and maniacal plans it's a complete greenlight.

Here are a few excerpts of this fook, I mean, book:
We must bring ourselves to realize that no leader can govern Germany at all unless, in some manner, he embodies the spirit and expresses the war-soul existent in the majority of her peoples. "Majority" is used advisedly for in speaking of the masses which compose a nation it must be impartially conceded that some traction of that mass must perforce vary from it. Consequently no unfair contention is here being made that everyone in Germany is guilty of its heinous offenses against the world. In fact we shall, in pursuing our point, favor Germany by allowing that as much as 20% of her population is entirely guiltless of complicity in her crimes, as well as being foreign to any share of her war-soul. We therefore grant, for argument's sake, that some 15,000,000 Germans are absolutely innocent.

BUT- shall Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Austrians, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians, Frenchmen, Greek, Englishmen, Irishmen, Scotsmen, Canadians, Australians and Americans - for we too may ultimately feel the spike of the German boot - shall all these peoples, numbering some 300,000,000 of the most civilized, most enlightened on earth suffer constantly and face unnatural death every generation so that some small part of Germany's populace may continue to exist? Art those 15,000,000 Germans so valuable, so indispensable to mankind that 300,000,000 guiltless men, women and children shall fight a war with Germany every time she so decrees? Shall perpetual struggle against the German be the only future facing civilized peoples? Why breed children while Germany breeds war?

Are not the Dutch a sober and thrifty people? Are not the French cultured? Art not the Czechs industrious? Are not the Poles deeply attached to land, family and God? Are not the Scandinavians a decent people? Are not the Greeks brave and fearless? Are not the English, Irish, Scotch and American freedom-loving and progressive people? And in very simple arithmetic are not these 300,000,000 more than 15,000,000 Germans?
Aww, ain't that cute? Little kike doesn't buy that "no stereotyping" bullshit; of course, if a white man had wrote the same about kikes he would go to jail and probably be butchered there by simian niggers (redundant, I know) paid by kikes themselves. Or maybe he would get the Ernst Zündel treatment and his house would be hit by a pipe bomb. Who knows? Of course, absolutely nothing happens to a kike when he says such things towards Germans.

"Germans are an execrable people! They think and dream of nothing but chicanery. Their great joy consists in fault-finding, shrieking and threats. They brandish arms which are like barbed clubs; from their mouths instead of ordinary human speech, issue the rumbling of artillery and the clash of steel; their life is one of perpetual explosion. The German does not live on the heights; he avoids light, and from his hiding place he picks to pieces treaties, exercises his malign influence on newspaper articles, pores over maps, measures angles, and traces with gloating eagerness the lines of frontiers. To love their country is for them to despise, flout and insult every other country. They are capable of little else but hating and lying, even to themselves. They meddle in everyone else's affairs, poking their nose into matters that do not concern them, criticizing everything, bossing everything, lowering and distorting everything.

Projection, much, little kike?

What a pity that twenty-three centuries after Socrates and Plato, two thousand years after Christ, the voice of men like these should still be heard in that world, worse still that they should be listened to, and worst of all that any one should believe them! Country for them is an isolated organism and they admit it is possible for them to live and breathe in an atmosphere of haughty contempt for their neighbors. They conceive their country as a permanent element of dissolution like a devouring and insatiable monster, a beast of prey, whose one function is to plunder. All that it does not possess has been robbed of. The universe belongs to it by right. Whoever attempts to escape from its tyranny is a rebel. - Sort of like how kikes believe (Eretz) Ishitrael should occupy practically the whole of the middle-east and anyone that yaps about what they're doing to the palestinians is an "anti-semite"? This jingo country, this bloodthirsty fetish of which they are the champions, they endow, with the capriciousness of potentates, when it suits their purpose, with every marvelous and charming attribute. Whoever does not at once agree with their extravagances is a barbarian. You must love their country in full armor, with dervish-like celebrations and howls, eyes shut and body trembling with ecstasy; a deaf ear must be turned to the rest of the world on its failings. Everything that is not IT must be hated. Hate is sacred. Love and hate are in connection with your country two terms proceeding from one condition of mind. For them Industrial progress is not a happy sign of national prosperity but a means of domination. Geography is not the science of the earth, but a mere revelation of the boundaries between which are elaborated strategical schemes of conquest. Every neighbor is of necessity a jealous one, and the enemy who is vigilant is jealous too. The world is populated by hyenas crouching on the plots of earth from which they ought to be dislodged.

Now brace yourselves, here comes the fun part - pure projection. To make it easier, replace the word "German" for the word "kike".

The German has decided that his race has been elected by God to order the modern world. Anyone who resists him will be an arrogant usurper, who ought to be crushed. The German professes to want peace, but it must be his own sort of peace, after the pattern of the Persian satrap's who out of love for peace and concord, throw everyone to the lions who dares dispute him. His voice is raucous and resounding; he does not argue but makes sweeping assertions and lays down the law. At the first sign of resistance he grows crimson in the face, and has resource to thunder and lightning. He holds forth on the authority of a sacred categorical imperative which stands in the stead of truth and order; he respects nothing and no one. Should he find himself confronted by the law, he says that it needs reforming. Ministers are mere clerks to be used as pawns in his maneuvering. He is exacting and cantankerous; whoever undertakes to shout with him never shouts loud enough. To give in to him means becoming enlisted as a civil agent. He is an agitator and swashbuckler. He dips his pen in gall and he sets in motion with his antics the marionettes which appeal to the nation and may come to conquer it. The fundamental superiority of the German race, the necessity of expanding German prestige in all quarters of the globe, of protecting the German wherever he may be found, no matter what he may be, because he bears within him a residuum of the race; that is what the educators of youth coming down the years in disciplined array like battalions crossing the maneuver field, have never ceased to drum into the popular understanding and the flame of victory rising to the sky will be the signal for it to boil over.
We need not condemn theca (sic[k]) Germans. They stand self-condemned.
- Again, replace "Germans" with "kikes".
TODAY'S WAR is not a war against Adolf Hitler.

Nor is it a war against the Nazis.

It is a war of peoples against peoples; of civilized peoples envisioning Light, against uncivilized barbarians [Germans] who cherish Darkness.
Are you fucking pissed off yet?

After reading this clusterfuck of kike hatred I feel like going out, beating the first jewboy I come across to a bloody fucking pulp and shoving his yarmulka up his kikehole; but I wouldn't dare to do that, lest I die from sheer insalubrity.

Judea delenda est!

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anti-german hatred, atrocities


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