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Smile Sum up the situation in as few words as possible . .

I might as well have titled this "Make up proverbs befitting the situation" or the likes . .

I'll go first . .

During the medieval times it was a crime to critisize the king because he was the person in power . . Today it is a crime to critisize jews . .

. . .

During the medieval times it was a crime to question the geocentric worldview because the powers that be built their power on it . . Today it is a crime to question the holocaust . .

- me

( I admit that both these claims are especially true for 'Brave New Europe'

. . whereas in other parts of the world there might still be more 'freedom of speech' . . .

. . use it while you still have it . .

So . . what comes to your mind . .?
Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about . . yet everyone had it on his/ her mind . . Today race is a forbidden subject

- me

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