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Old July 17th, 2008 #1
Stan Sikorski
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Upper midwest around cattle.
Posts: 3,457
Stan Sikorski
Default Latest GoyFire Mail

These are some of the e-mails I have received lately:

Hello -

After watching your clip on Youtube regarding the litle piece of shit
jewish boy hurling epithets at your camera crew, it's good to know that
the truth about jews is being told through you and other sources.

Personally, I've experienced the wickedness of jews that has affected my
employment. Without going much into details, I was betrayed by a jewish
business owner whose company, at the time I was employed by him, I had
helped manage quite well. Without warning, he accused me of a wrong I
never and would never commit. As a result, I was fired. He got rid of me
to make room for a less paid worker "to cut corners," financially
speaking. He, like other jews I had worked with, manifested a degree of
disdain towards my non-jewish friends in the company.

This is why I was satisfied to see your youtube video clip. It defines how
a typical jewish person thinks and behaves towards non-jews. And they
consider themselves proudly as God's chosen? My opinion is that I don't
consider them jews at all, let alone, chosen. Hopefully, through you, the
white community can wake up to the truth about these jews.

Thank you!



We are new to Goyfire. Today we listened to your most recent broadcast of 13 July.
We live in Florida but we are currently on holiday in Poland and we use the Internet extensively as a major source of information wherever we are. I teach for a living and my wife Lyudmila is a retired physician from the Russian Federation. We do quite a bit of international travel and consequently, we have ample opportunity to meet and speak with a broad range of people from many countries. Over our lifetimes, we have had personal experiences in our respective native countries which appear to support your overall philosophy and positions regarding values and behaviours of the stereotypical Jew. If anyone who bothers to do a little research can tell you, Jews and Zionists essentially control the American mass media as well as financial and corporate institutions in many other parts of the world.

At home, we have long since trashed media TV as a source of entertainment, enlightenment, or education. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that American mass media strives to persuade the masses to their selected agenda; there is no real choice of opinion. And well informed Americans, as difficult as they may be to find, are cognizant of the myth of democratic national elections in choosing a candidate. The only real choice was Ron Paul. Regrettably, another Bilderburg groomed elite will prevail in the White House, likely this time, a brother poster boy who will tap dance to the master's voice. The Patriot Act, the new immigration entitlements, the continuing 911 coverup, and other outrageous legislation and events ought to shake the conscientiousness of any citizen with a functional brain and the ability to think beyond the manipulation of the media.
I know e-mail is monitored and Big Brother is watching; do I care?

Your viewpoints, opinions, and sharing of the real deal is a flicker of light in a sea of darkened ignorance; it will take some truly courageous people to light the way through the media garbage.
When public officials stop listening to AIPAC and start listening to middle class workers/taxpayers who support them and their agendas, then America can begin to protect its working citizens and domestic interests.

J. & L.


Another request for VNN to give SERIOUS attention
to the problem of quite bizarrely large mp3 file
sizes on 100MB, 125MB etc ... it's as if
you positively don't want people to download and
listen to this material.

Please give close attention to the practices of others
(of many colors) such as Huschmid, DBS, Prothink etc etc
who seem to be abel to convey a 2 hour message in split
files totalling uner 20 MB by using MONO, 22500 Hz or less
and so forth.

GF started in the right format but midway it just lost it.

Old July 24th, 2008 #2
Stan Sikorski
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Upper midwest around cattle.
Posts: 3,457
Stan Sikorski
Default More E-Mail

Excellent work on the show. Especially Craig and Alex. I'm a frequent listener of your show as well as Terrible Tommy's Insurgent Radio on If you guys need a couple of bucks to support your efforts, I'll be happy to drop a check in the mail to you.

It's hard to find anyone who will talk openly on the kike problem facing the jewnited
States and Europe. Hat's off to you guys for having the guts to do it. We're working hard in the National Alliance to achieve the same goals. 14 KD


Greetings and salutations: Well I just finished listening to just over the half way mark of broadcast #56. You guys make a lot of good points but I have not heard anything about the Zionist ties to Freemasonry and how they control worldwide events.

Of course I have not listened to any of the previous shows so I apologize if you guys have. If you look at pages 315 and 320 of Mein Kampf you will see that Hitler does point those facts out and also you guys should Google Bill Schnoebelen ( if you already have not ) and watch the 2 . 5 hr video that's free. A lot of the rituals in freemasonry use the Kabbalah or are Jewish in nature.

Well let's thoughts on WWII and Jews and Zionists are as follows.....I don't know how many Jews died ( even though the # is supposedly 6 mil ) I don't know how many Christians died in the Gulag at the hands of Jewish Zionists. In both cases probably 90% of the people were innocent ( I'm sure Hitler had a lot of youth killed just because they were Jews but were innocent, of course that's wrong ). Of course Zionist Satanists that ran the Gulag did the same thing when it came to Christian youth or whatever.

I find it interesting that in John 8 Verses 31 - 47 Jesus basically accuses Jews of being the children of Satan. Now i'm no bible thumper but someone i know is, so they say it's all metaphorical and means that those Jews were pagans and had to change their ways or whatever. I think before there was any attack on the Jews in WWII that Hitler and Mussolini had all secret societies dismantled and a lot of Freemasons were killed also.

First there were Stone Masons working in Europe building Cathedrals and they were infiltrated by the Illuminati who most likely were Zionists although they say that Weishoupt was a Jesuit. I rented a dvd called Angels Demons and Masons and one Mason that was 33rd degree ( supposedly) had a Jewish last name.

Now my heavily Christian acquaintances say that the reason that Anti-Semitism is on the rise and why people hate Jews is because Jesus or God is supposed to touch down in Israel so the Devil is doing whatever he can to stop that. In turn making the whole world hate Israel so that God or Jesus is stopped(or that Israel is Nuked ).

What do you guys think about that theory? I'm all white ( as far as i know ) and all European but I don't hate black people I hate niggers, I don't hate white people I hate dumbed down white trailer trash, I don't necessarily even hate Jews but I do despise "Illuminated" Zionism and Freemasonry ( because Freemasonry is all Phallic and Satanic in the end, all those dumb rituals of phallic worship and child sacrifice ).

Where do all these missing children/kids go? It's amazing that so many go missing isn't it? Jewish Zionists control the so called elite and savants now as they have before by having them joint some society with secrets and then they feel like they're part of something bigger and better by getting some sort of privileges others don't.

I hope that none of you are involved in Freemasonry because it is under Zionist control so if you are you better google Bill Schnoebelen and get the fuck out. I'm sure that Scientology is just another arm of Freemasonry or Satanism. Maybe you guys should if you already haven't ( if you have then i should listen to the rest of your broadcasts ) touch up on this topic in depth because it's very important, but then again if you do you'll be labelled a conspiracy theorist and a wack right?

Sincerely Raistlin



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