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Default What is it that makes one hate mongrels i.e. mixed race people

Truth is I'm not racist. I love all ethnicities and nations, traveled far and wide and mixed with people of all ethnicities. My experiences include backpacking with White Americans, shucking and jiving with Blacks to loud music, enjoying a bottle of vodka with Poles, relaxing in sheesha lounge with Turks, playing the Game of Life with Chinese, etc. My mind is open to all cultures and the beautiful things each one of them have.

But, there's something about mixed-race people which kinda makes me angry. I don't know what it is - I sometimes fail to see them as human beings because they have that destructive streak about them deep down. That day I met a Black guy with blue eyes, and a London accent. He just seemed like a freak of nature to me.

Mixed race people have that look of confusion on their faces which makes you sad and depressed. It feels like a perennial turmoil that they are going through and they try to bring you down to their level of sadness. It makes me hate their parents for being so selfish, not being able to control their wanton lust. I was friends with a Japanese-German girl (1/2 and 1/2) who I met on a language tutor website. Initially, we got along well but slowly, I started hating her. She seems heavily into hard substances. She's only 23 right now, but looks like an old woman because of all that drug abuse. Totally depressed all the time. I cut her out from my life because I simply cannot deal with that kind of melancholy. Have enough problems of my own.

There are certain island nations populated by mixed race people of all varities. Nobody really wants to go out live there as they have lowest standards of living.
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Anthony Perroti
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Corny. No one cares. Go write a blog.


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