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Default HELL-TH part 2

What initiated me into the mysteries of body dysmorphic psychopathology were the ‘media models’: action heroes in the virtual reality of video games and Jewish Hollywood. This created a desire in me to exercise as prolonged lethargy for one year past quitting hockey led to a shift in body composition away from the former lean/ripped quality of youth to that of a slightly more doughy physique. Upon detection of this state I made the decision to ‘exercise’, how I knew not but I was insistent upon finding out and so stumbled upon a compilation of Bruce Lee’s writings having watched some of his movies, the prescription of orientalism in Jewish Hollywood. This, in conjunction with a muscle and fitness magazine I discovered provided me with a glimpse at the aesthetic ideal, the picture of Dorian Yates.

A negro slave of Joe Weider the magazine’s creator was put forth as the ‘anti-hero’ in relation to the white Mr. Olympia Yates but the latter lingered in my subconscious in spite of this representing the ‘call of the blood’ of racial consciousness and identification, of authenticity.
Accordingly I purchased a Joe Weider bench with weights and performed sets of 150 pound leg curls multiplied by 100 reps as a routine occurrence. I loaded the bench press which crushed my rib cage (without any lasting damage). I had no body fat and would do multiple workouts a day on a diet of rice and tuna, at times nothing but puffed wheat and would pump away with my ‘mosquito weight’, a small dumbbell I would do endless arm curls with in addition to endless crunches and other exercises, sessions sometimes lasting two and a half hours in length and never taking a break. This was the time of adhering to the crypto-Jew Robert Kennedy’s, protocols from his ‘Muscle Mag [community] International’ magazine with his showcase of non-white anti-hero figures. I researched at this time into the history of bodybuilding and its Aryan predecessor ‘physical culture’ which led me to question the value of ‘pumper exercise’ and place even greater emphasis on the major muscle group compound, most muscle mass, low rep-higher set protocols (deadlifts, squats, overhead presses) mainly utilizing barbells and free weights and eschewing machines. Seeking the ‘natural’ form of exercise in tandem with the ‘natural’ diet I disconnected myself from the shackle of mainstream bodybuilding and its emphasis on ‘pumping’ iron for muscular hypertrophy. It was here that aesthetics ceased to become the emphasis and power became more incorporated into the heroic ideal amalgam, relegating aesthetics to a secondary role. Perhaps this was my breaking out of the egg of kosher mind control and seeing the truth for the first time. It was at this time through my researches that I became aware of the Jewish influence upon exercise as an institution and how they had poisoned the well of an otherwise salubrious institution which became merely a vehicle of malgenics and genocide through the psychopathologization of men’s minds (as well but to a lesser extent of women) through inducing and
inculcating in their consciousness an impossibly attainable aesthetic ideal what I have here dubbed the ‘picture of Dorian Yates’ which haunts the mind of the aspirant to this apogee of physicality and which materializes the spirit, dragging down into lead the philosophical gold of the spirit and preventing its apotheosis on earth as it is in heaven, in short creating a living hell on earth – adrenal fatigue, cancer states, heart attacks, and strokes.
However in my typical zealous extremism of religiosity I made this experience (and experiment) an indelibly affecting one: multiple weight sessions per day with heavy compound exercises – squats and deadlifts on a concrete floor, walking around with a 60 pound weight vest daily for 45 minutes, and doing other accessory exercises such as neck, calf, and forearm training. My schedule and routine constituted an extreme regime of daily exertion within a keto[dys]genic context. This however led to adrenal fatigue and spasming sides around where my kidneys were located. I recognized I had pushed too far and that a reduction in volume was necessary – in fact I couldn’t continue the pace in its extremity and began to break down. The joints became more and more inflamed; the skeleton more damaged especially the spine, knees, and hips through excessive squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.
It was at this point that I decided to follow a vegan regime and, having recognized the damage done to my body, decided to taper off my weightlifting though I began to do cardio again. Over the next two years my physical capacity deteriorated through veganism (the ‘death die-it’, prescription of spiritual suicide values manifested in dietary form) and I eventually ceased to lift weights having recourse to body weight resistance and cardio. However even this failed me and the cessation of a vegan diet enabled me to recuperate lost strength.

Conclusion: At present I now look upon the madness of Hell-th as a deliberately created state of chaos the Jewish Cabal created as a means of destroying non-Jews, particularly whites and demoralizing them with the psychopathology of inadequacy through the creation of an ever- developing (devolving into the abyss of materialism) aesthetic ideal: the Bruce Lee orientalism, its superficial mysticism in martial arts and rice diets (the ‘China Study’ – a study in constructed fallacy) to the picture of Dorian Yates the steroidal Frankenstein’s monster of the Jewish Dr.
Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde hiding behind the curtain and creating chaos to destroy those who represent a mirror which reminds them of their ugliness. These false idols casting their false light I have thrown down! I have become acquainted with their false promise, their baseness and stand above them now
moving upward on the mount of theurgy towards apotheosis. Perhaps like Icarus my destiny is to plunge from this rocky escarpment but as an Icarian I could do nothing else. As a hyperborean it is my fate to ascend heights – why not be authentic and adopt it as my destiny?

Reader, why not learn from my mistakes and forsake the false religion of narcissism and low- minded materialism which has weighed me down with its leaden chain for so long, leaving me a burnt out wreck of what might have been. The experience lent spiritual strength even as I sacrificed myself to myself on the altar of the god within. Be not beguiled by the deceitful false promises of the Jew but rather follow a natural path of the Aryan towards the summit of this mundane world and beyond.

bodybuilding, diet, health, weider


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