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Default Bourgeois Philosophy

Bourgeois Philosophy:
Compromise is the motto of the bourgeois and his philosophy. Neither true nor false but merely that which reconciles the irreconciliable-speciously of course-so long as the pleasure principle is served and a materialistic life of hedonism can be propped up on this foundation. A compromise or contract between parties of an oppositional nature, not a willingness(which entails a stength proportionate to that willingness) to grab the bull by the horns but a cowardly half-sleep in the direction of least resistance.
The warrior instinct pales in the gaslit false lights of the urbane merchant and his philosophy of money based not on organic reality and naturalistic virtue-of the virtues of the hero- but rather on those exchange based values whereby everything is evaluated-as a systemic and collectivistic relativism, everything having only relative value viewed in the mirror of the Other with whom compromise is attained, a bourgeois contract that sustains itself only through agreement with the Other and concessions made on both sides until the details of the contract are set out in the form of terms and conditions the breach of which severs the contractual bond leading to an endless roundaley of offers and acceptances.
Contrast this female mentality of mutual agreement with that of the masculine virtues of decision and commitment to a course of action governed by a will of iron-the heroic conciousness or individual, the absolute personality who decrees the course of his actions thorugh his own willful striving, a manifestation of his inner being. The Bourgeois philosophy centers around the lower egoic drives and tendancies which circumambulate the phallic totem of the pleasure principle which the Bourgeois venerate as their totemic deity, the chtonic idol and pay obeisance to an orgiastic rites of Dionysiac ec-stasis the only way the intellectualized Bourgeois can be driven out of their left-brain prison of calculating relative advantage and disadvantage-through the lower drives of self-satisfaction. Thus from one pole to the other the Bourgeois seeks compromise within the lower egoic states.
Contrast this with the hero who selflessly endures and suffers hardship without need of release save through alternation(if necessary) of exertion and rest to fulfill the material conditions of the perpetuation of his conquering will ever nearing the goal he has posited in his mind before him as the target himself the arrow given flight through the power of his inner being.
The attachement of the Bourgeois to the pleasure principle as governing principle-ruled by passion even in spite of a highly developed Reasoning faculty and intellectualized mind- serves as a red herring or siren call obviating the heroic quest he might have otherwise pursued and which of course he cannot continue the pursuit of given his weakness of will subdued by the pleasure principle, which is to say he could never have undergone the hero quest initially as it took greater strength of will than he could conjure up.
This slavish devotion to lower egoic self-indulgence lowers the mind to pursuits that can be accomodate this hedonic addiction and subservience. This leads inevitably towards the inherent simulacral nature of bourgeois philosophy in the sense of Baudillard as the truth can only be spoken by those who can handle the pleasant as well as the unpleasant thereby rendering it impossible to those who cannot endure or suffer pain to embrace the harsh realities of life let alone articulate them. From thence the hypocrisy of the Bourgeois stems from the fount of pleasure the soporific liquor of lies sweetly poisons the mind rendering it incapable of the hard truth of living in a world of conflict and attaining victory-for to attain victory one must give battle and to give battle one must face the realities of battle and develope the strategy and tactics appropriate to attain the victory, This the Bourgeois canot do through the weakness of the will burdened by the pleasant bouts of feasting, the golden crown and jewels, the exhaustion of the vital force through the indulgence amidst satin and silken sheets.
The warrior spirit is devloped through the striving not through passive inertia or the ennervation of sense- gratification. This mendacity in the behavior of the Bourgeoisie harbours the seeds of its own destruction as seen in the present with the manifestations of anti-natural perversity that are symptoms of this cranial wasting disease, eg. feminism, multi-ethnic societies, faggotism, denials of identity and pretence of altruism towards those who merley serve as useful catspaws and tools for conquest and self-enrichment which simultaneously are viruses and tools of destruction that will turn on the host body. The effect and consequence will be a surgical removal of all that is unnatural and preverse, all of the scum of pampered parasites whose devotion to their idols of self and its pleasure maxmization and pain minimization.
This removal will undoubtedly render the host body riddled with wounds but will grow stronger in spite of that once the parasites who have weakened it are expelled through this nigredo process. The death knell of bourgeois philosophy has been sounded and the ascent of a heroic ethos is the distant star whose light of splendid glory casts the idols of the market place in their ture light as the detritus of an age of decadence and effeminacy.

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