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Old October 21st, 2018 #1
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen, Germany
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Default Opinions on the 'gay agenda' ?

What's the general consensus on homosexuality here ?

Even some supporters . . haters ? tolerators ?

Concerning homosexuality in general . .

They have existed at all times . . They were treated / perceived differently though , depending on the Zeitgeist . .

What's your opinion ?

I admit that today the NWO has more or less "brought them out of the closet" , so to speak , probably once again to sew discord . . .

In "older" times they stayed "in the closet" . .

A 'divide and conquer' attempt , maybe?

They take different phenomena in society and more or less "unleash" them against each other . .

What a way to sew dissension . .

Anyway . .

On the question why homo's are the way they are ?

I believe it is genetic ( though some do not subscribe to that theory ) . .

Probably hormone levels ?

Concerning "hostility" against them . .

I'm going to go into the lion's den and say that I for one do not mind them all too much . .

In older times they , for example , separated themselves large from others . .

That may not be the case today . .

Yet , like I said , it is my strong suspicion that the NWO is using that society gap . .

Anything that causes "strife" and "unrest" in our nations . .

Concerning the "agenda" some of them seem to chase . .

Even homo's should accept that some people may be revolted by them . .

Sexual stuff is a private matter anyway IMHO . .

So , there we have it . .a gap going through society which the NWO ( as is my strong suspicion ) once again uses . .Never been different . . .

How should one deal with this stuff in the future ( maybe a future on OUR side ) ?

Like I said , it is my own personal conviction that sexual matters are NOT something for "out there" , "for the street" anyhow . .Not everybody may agree . .

Concerning the very "existence of them" . .

Hmmmm . .

I do not think we could ever achieve a race in which homo's wouldn't exist anymore . .EVER . .

My personal guess would be : If , read that , IF you are one of 'em , accept that some are revolted by you making it public just as others would be revolted by someone making his "sexual adventures" w/ someone of the opposite sex "public" . .

Society doesn't care that much about sexuality being made "public" . .

What's your personal opinion ?

Just asking this since in recent years more and more people "come out of the closet" in society, academics, the clergy etc etc . .
Old October 22nd, 2018 #2
James Gregory
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: California
Posts: 112
James Gregory

Queers are made, not born. And the biggest queers on earth are the Jews. That's why those subversive Jew parasites are pushing the homo agenda, because the Jews have been the Number One masturbaters on the entire earth since at least 1500 BC when they started that weird circumcision cult.

Queers start out playing with themselves and then they play with each other. That's how they become queers; it is learned behavior, not genetic. It is a mental disease that should be treated with shock therapy and drugs. And if that doesn't work, then with bullets, knives or nooses or the stake. If those perverts can't correct their own nasty habits, then Society will have to do the correcting for them.

One example of how the Jews are behind all this queer stuff we are getting in Society, is the difference between what happens when a Catholic priest molests a little boy and when a rabbi molests a little boy. In the Jewish-owned Media (there is no other kind) the Jews rake the priest over the fires of blame and damnation. And why? Because the Christians know it's wrong and the Jews want to embarrass and destroy them with public disclosure.

But when a rabbi is caught diddling a little boy, not only is it covered up in the Media so you never hear about it, but the Jews actually attack and try to shut-up the rabbi's accuser. Is this because the Jews are ashamed of the evil deeds of the queer rabbi? Not at all! It's because screwing little boys and baby girls and each other is Jewish! It's built into that demonic cult known as Judaism and the Jews cover up their crimes because they don't want Mankind to find out what sick perverts and devils they really are. In Judaism, Jewish mothers are encouraged to have sex with their own little boys!!!

Everything you've ever read about how "normal" queers are, was written by Jews and queer psychologists. You can't believe a thing that a Jew says.

What is happening in Society is that the Jews are trying to "normalize" the queer fetish because it makes the Jews appear to be "normal" too. Instead of being disgusting Jewish jack-offs and fudge-packers, they can prance around among all of the non-Jews whom those devils have debauched and depraved and blend right in to the larger crowd instead of standing out in Society as the queers that they really are.

Also, anything that makes the queers think they can continue their filthy lifestyles, is attractive to them. So, the Jews can further tempt the queers into being Commies and traitors while offering sexual favors to them for their cooperation in destroying world Culture.

The word, "faggot" comes from the good ol' days when the queers were burned at the stake surrounded by faggots of blazing pinewood and oak. But in modern times, the technique is better performed by surrounding the queers with burning Jews.

We have a lot of work to do to put Society back onto the Natural Way. Queers and Jews are not natural. The queers are sick perverts and the Jews are sick devils. Both of them are destined for Hell. It is up to us to put them there ASAP, so as to reduce the harm they bring to Mankind.

Last edited by James Gregory; October 22nd, 2018 at 07:44 AM.


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