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Old February 14th, 2014 #6021
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Greece on high alert after extremists declare war on ‘German capitalist machine’
February 13, 2014 12:32

[video report thru link]

Greek authorities have stepped up security after a leftist extremist group declared war on the “German capitalist machine.” The group has claimed responsibility for attacks on a Mercedes-Benz branch and on the German ambassador’s residence in Athens.

An anarchist group calling itself the Popular Fighters has come forward, claiming to be behind a botched rocket attack on the offices of German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz in the Greek capital.

The attack itself was carried out on January 12. Investigators found evidence this week that showed the rocket was fired from the near vicinity of the factory, but veered off course and landed in a field.

On Tuesday the group sent a 20-page manifesto to Greek satirical magazine To Pontiki, explaining the attack was carried out in solidarity with the Greek people against the “German capitalist machine.”

The group also said it riddled the residence of the German ambassador with bullets before dawn on December 30 last year.

They claimed it was a revenge attack in memory of 77-year-old Dimitris Christoulas, who committed suicide in front of parliament in the center of Athens in 2012.

Christoulas’ death became a symbol of the deepening despair over the worsening financial situation in Greece.

"As we sprayed gunfire at the hyper-luxury home of the German ambassador we imagined beside us the thousands of people who line up at soup kitchens … the unemployed, those working for 400 euro [a month]," the group said. The Popular Fighters also called on their followers to step up attacks during Greece’s rotation of the presidency of the European Union which started at the beginning of this year.

As the situation continues to deteriorate in Greece, the country has seen an increase in the popularity of both the far left and the far fight. One of the country’s most infamous, far-right parties the Golden Dawn is currently under investigation to ascertain whether or not the party is a criminal organization. Despite the controversy, the Golden Dawn has pledged to run in the European elections in May.

Recent polls show that if the Golden Dawn were to run in the elections now it would get between 8.9 and 10.3 percent of the vote.

Currently six of the 18 lawmakers, including the Golden Dawn’s leader, are in pre-trial detention pending an investigation into a wave of attacks on immigrants and political opposition figures.

RT correspondent Maria Finoshina said that many Greeks blame Germany for forcing the country to introduce harsh austerity measures that have pushed up unemployment rates in the country.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority published figures on Thursday that Greek unemployment reached a record high in November of last year of 28 percent. The figure is still higher among young people with over 60 percent of them out of work.

“People are tired, they don’t even have the energy to take to the streets and protest. They no longer believe that they can change the current situation,” said Finoshina, reporting from Athens.

Robert Harneis, journalist and author, said that there was a lot of “ill-feeling” among the Greeks for the German people.

“They know that a lot of the money that is given to the Greek government to “help the Greeks” – 80 percent of that money goes straight back to the German and French banks that unwisely lent money to the Greek government,” Harneis told RT.
Old February 14th, 2014 #6022
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Greek Judge Bans Investigative TV Show
ATHENS, Greece February 13, 2014 (AP)

Associated Press

A Greek judge on Thursday banned a leading private TV station from airing an investigative report into a deadly migrant boat accident, claiming it could compromise the secrecy of the ongoing official investigation.

Judge Antigoni Stamoleka warned Mega TV of "severe legal sanctions" if it broadcasts the report — or even continues to screen advertising spots for it — before her investigation is concluded.

Mega TV said the order was an unacceptable act of censorship, and insisted it would complete and air the report as planned during next week's episode of the popular "Protagonists" show.

"It would be a sad state of affairs if journalists had to secure judges' permission to investigate a story," said reporter Stavros Theodorakis, who presents "Protagonists."

The Jan. 20 sinking of a boat trying to smuggle immigrants into Greece from the nearby Turkish coast left six dead and another six presumed drowned near Farmakonissi islet in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The vessel was under tow by a coast guard speedboat. Survivors accused officials of trying to illegally return them to Turkish waters and botching the rescue effort — both which the Greek government denies. The European Union and international rights groups called for an independent investigation.

The order by Stamoleka, who is based on the Aegean Sea island of Kos, near Farmakonissi, came a day after international press watchdog Reporters Without Borders dropped Greece 14 notches in its 2014 global press freedom index, which Finland leads.

Economically depressed Greece now ranks 99th among 180 countries. The watchdog voiced concern at attacks on journalists by the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party, as well as the Greek government's closure last year of state ERT broadcaster.
Old February 14th, 2014 #6023
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[the commies are part of the System, Golden Dawn are the only true opposition]

KKE has always been the party of the stool: O race is to be no Golden Dawn - VIDEOS
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 21:27

When the stepchild of the more conservative right which turned into a "fanatical" Bolshevik October Revolution dreams and proletarian internationalism of the rich and safe neighborhood Ekalis, xernontas bile against the People's Nationalist Movement from TV's flagship domestic capitalism, then the Greek People can definitely feel proud for its consistency, reliability and solvency of the national and popular character of the Golden Dawn.

From fanatically mnimoniako "big" channel then, one whose administration has taken the 'democratic' decision not to give the floor to the representative of the People's Association-Golden Dawn but always invites a representative of the "anti-systemic" KKE, the apologitria heinous crimes Communism was presented by larvae of the Golden Dawn, requiring indirectly by the capitalist, liberal and post-dictatorship of psefdososialistika synetairakia, the by all means elimination of the Golden Dawn.

"The race is not to the Golden Dawn's not to avoid it. It is face to face fight. It frontally with the Golden Dawn, the fascists and the fasistako "said the familiar style rant thousand monkeys, the Bolsheviks of Ekalis.

The delirious style quaintness of eminently Associate domestic capital are cynical Soviet confession role of the communist party. Woe unto those few most ignorant and gullible, who are convinced that the Communist Party defends the interests of Greek workers and opposes the policy memoranda.'s MP Bolsheviks, put bluntly: the struggle of the party bosses informer (domestic and international) is to be no real threat to capitalism and usurers, the Golden Dawn!

The specific statements subordination to the imperatives of domestic capital, greeted course so gloomy journalistic decoys mnimoniakon of policies, and their allies in unconstitutional bow. Besides the KKE, proved the symmorfotismo towards the scheme, rushing to join in front of the Golden Dawn forehead which form the political crooks entire spectrum of Greek politics and the economic and social elite who oppress the Greeks.

We clearly agree with the safe in the warmth of Ekalis Member of the Party of informer: the race is face to face. On the one hand are the Mures of megaloergolavon public, the mizadoron of psefdoanthropiston of psefdoprostaton of functioning rule of law, liberal and Marxist rogue officers and misery of our people and on the other the clean faces of Greek Nationalists and hard investigational Greeks, from the tyranny of the Junta of the MoU. Which Junta of the MoU, avantarei temporal KKE, sometimes with stewardship of the House of KNAT and sometimes straight threats against the Golden Dawn, executives and members of the threats to which the "independent" justice of the Statute of rottenness and corruption deaf so provocative.

Since, the proletarissa of Ekalis he brazenly reason for trench warfare, it should be remembered that: the era of cans and wells Meligala have gone for good, so it would be wise mercy and advanced age, not to make Winsome fantasies. would also be much more honest to clash ideologically and politically with the People's Nationalist Movement, but knowing in advance where it will crash so it unleashes ridiculous threats hidden behind the doorkeeper of the local chapter.

In any case, is the biggest win of the Golden Dawn that revealed throughout the depth of the actual role of the Communist Party in the mechanisms of unpatriotic Statute. The fact that severed all ties to the party informer with previously victimized, people work and daily toil. Now left the Communist Party, the party ensconced unionists and illegal immigrants, for which the vote begging, tazontas privileges and "socialist revolutions", which will be led by the commissars of Ekalis like cinnamon.

Sad Bolsheviks, and inevitably you synetairakia your starter and fraud and leave the Greeks Nationalists come because it requires the Greek people. And if boldly invoke the trenches, hold your breath: the Vitsis yours Regime corrupt comes next May!

Golden Dawn to xevromisei place!

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Old February 14th, 2014 #6024
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[fakest poll ever reflects desperation]

H more fake poll ever: The fourth (!) Position the Golden Dawn for the municipality of Athens
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 20:24

And then woke up ... Not in your wildest dreams and psychedelics would not have thought the loser now nonexistent mayor of Athens that it would take 20% and was in first place, while the next mayor of Athens to the Golden Dawn, competitively Elias Kasidiaris is ranked 4th (!) with 11%!

The poll by Metron Analysis for Elli Stai gives the following percentages for candidates for mayors of Athens, which have nothing to do with reality:

Kaminis 20%
Kaklamanis 14%
Scurfy 11%
Sakellaridis 10%
Sofianos 6%
Kapernaros 5%
Amyras 5%
Allon 1%

Do not know / Refused 7%

To have even the slightest connection with reality these rates of two things happen: a) The rates of the furnace and the Kasidiari have changed, that 20% is the percentage of "Greek Dawn" for Athens and 11% of the furnace. This may be true, although the 11% Kaminis not collect anything!

b) The survey was conducted among strains of Staff furnaces, although there again the candidate of the Golden Dawn would have a higher percentage.

Anyway these rates exceed the limits of absurdity and totally unworthy. If they think that such ridiculous tricks will fool no simpleton, is deeply benighted.

You will not tire of repeating: The Golden Dawn and in local and regional elections will scan and regions and major cities of the country will become white and blue! Whatever make of May is coming!

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Old February 14th, 2014 #6025
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Print Tomorrow National newspaper "Forward" (Sheet No. 34)
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 19:23

Read the 34th edition of the newspaper "Forward" circulating:

- Coming in May rockets wrath
- NG Michaloliakos: Elections - The Mafrogialouroi is here!
- Feathers and ... down the Mind SOD - Favourite the Kasidiaris
- Tribute to Northern Epirus
- REPORTAZ Kefalonia: Who warmly welcomed by residents - said no to government perantzades
- The positions of the Nationalists on national issues
- How Samaras tricked Tzitzikosta - Kaklamanis
- Dubbed fascist and Clooney
- Afraid power SYRIZA
- Decreased by 60.000 Greeks: Memoranda, low birth rate and exodus of the new shrink Greece
- Loot Gypsies in Lixouri
- After selling off Cyprus and Macedonia

The Journal FRONT is a new voice in the field of print media, one voice committed to traditional values ​​of Hellenism. Focuses on national and social issues and themes are layered: National Defense, Geopolitics and geo Armed Forces, Crime, Illegal Immigration, Economy, Politics, Culture and History. The Journal FRONT aspires to express every Greek patriots to become his own voice and say Truths mass media conceal or distort.
Weekly National Journal FRONT - The Voice of Truth

Print Tomorrow Saturday, February 15 and Saturday 1 euro

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Old February 14th, 2014 #6026
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[a paper runs a poll, finds Kasidiaris coming in too strongly, deletes the poll]

Lamogia from "Step" scanning the Golden Dawn polled, corrupted data and finally cut!
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 18:36

Remember that once were " Free Step "!

Yesterday started a survey in the center-left newspaper "To Vima" on people's preferences for the name of the Mayor. The poll had put the names of all the announced candidates so far and invited people to vote.

The results of the poll, with 557 votes counted, ie a sufficient amount of votes and normal poll was not liking the leadership of the newspaper. Specifically, although the questioner source was left, Kasidiaris agonist, was in second place, after his chosen newspaper and left the furnace.

What was the decision taken by the newspaper, after it became obvious that the poll does not go as you wanted? Remembered the time as "Free Step" is strongly on the side of the conqueror or the time as "Step" stand by the side of the military scheme.

So the poll was removed summarily, because to paraphrase the words of Lenin's favorite "if democracy is not efficient meshing, so much the worse for democracy." If the intention of the Greek People directed against the interests of contractors, then cut the polls and the government undertakes to characterize his chosen Greek People, "criminal organization."

Here is picture of the poll before censored 'democratic'

Of course, before reaching full censorship had another ridiculous trick. As our friends complained dozens of Golden Dawn and found themselves, when someone was voting for Kasidiari vote went to Kaminis!

A little later, when some Fellow vote for the candidate of "Greek Dawn for Athens", the votes of Kasidiari reduced!

But even so the speedo went crazy and could not administrators to cut other votes from the Golden Dawn and distribute them elsewhere, where at the end and cut the entire poll and slept soundly ... By May of course, because everything and make the coming May!

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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Seeking Justice - Soon the truth will shine!
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 15:39

The Judicial Council of Athens, with the no. 250/2014 rejected the application of the agonist Elias Kasidiari exempting the investigating judge of the Court of Appeals and Klapa Dimitropoulou , handling the case of the "Golden Dawn"

According to the decree, there have been no suspicion of partiality in the exercise of its investigative duties of Messrs. Investigating judge, nor have made procedural steps under investigation linked to specific political stance. Also consider that the Judicial Council is dismissed as illegitimate request for exemption to which the applicant alleges that the judicial function has specific political beliefs. These are some of the points listed in the Indictment Appeals Council.

Without going into further analyzes and thoughts will only say that, apart from legal and other formalities, if there was any elementary ethics on the part of the investigating judge, in particular Ms. stolen, it would impose a boycott of the particular case.

There is indeed associated with a particular political entity, not just a fan-level voter and being an investigator in a case involving rival ideological institution. This and nothing else, is the key element that should lead to Messrs. Investigating judge to choose another attitude: of refraining from specific questioning.

On the whole investigative process so far, a process which thus evolving beyond the political part, has led to criminal-express characteristics that have forgotten everything you knew about Criminal and Criminal Procedure! Seems that most clearly biased and placing there unfortunate that the political views Judicial Officer ultimately affect the outcome of a case.

What will happen, no one can know. But what is true, not only in legal terms, but in all aspects of life of people, is that in the end truth and justice always triumph!

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Old February 14th, 2014 #6028
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[GD response to yesterday's press freedom article]

The rigged SMEs are targeting the Golden Dawn are presented as "victims"
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 14:42

A completely unknown organization, "Reporters Without Borders" puts the Greece in the penultimate position of the EU relating to freedom of the press.'s position is due within the organization, "both at the close of ERT and also the safety of journalists because both attacks on the coverage of the protests and the targeting of the Golden Dawn."

We saw this one, then. In fact, referring to the Golden Dawn. They write that "the situation surrounding the safety of journalists has worsened with the rise of neo-Nazi party GOLDEN DAWN. The leaders and supporters are targeting journalists openly, physical attacks are systematically increasing threats murder."

Here we have an incredible distortion of reality and an immoral show audacity of this organization. If there is a targeting this is doubtless the GOLDEN DAWN by almost all domestic SMEs that play the game of government.

The media is what sigontaran dirty government plan against GOLDEN DAWN, to publish blatantly lies about "whole arsenal", "3.000 embattled commando ',' Paid 700 employees ',' bundle of money," slaughters lamb "and other Similar nonsense which willingly wrote.

Who can forget, also, sad innuendo some of who may have been the perpetrators of the murder of George Fountouli and Manos Kapeloni; Who forgets that a few days only, dubbed "neo-Nazi German Greek from Yannitsa? They write these miseries, tainting consciousnesses attempting moral castigation, pushing for legal proceedings over to these various lies and have the audacity and impudence to talk of "targeting" and "threats of murder." Really, how they interpret them?

To respond to their lies and their xemprostiazoume for those seen as a threat? Oh well, they think they addressed? They have realized that their world is sick and does not believe a word of the mud that shoot at the GOLDEN DAWN? There ashamed act as "lovebirds" of the government and not only replicate the cabal that has set up against us but refuse to accommodate our view?

The questions we have, of course, rhetorical and demonstrate that the system of power and antinational unpopular barbarism has the full support of SMEs.

George Handy

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Old February 14th, 2014 #6029
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,342
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[GD speaks about how the System and its marxists have poisoned the youth through the state school system. Of course, GD aren't anti-system in this regard, they just want their own people installed as teachers. Still, these ideological lessons are the most important thing GD publishes - we see that GD has the whole package: street politics backed up by a through-through political strategy, but even more than that: a thorough intellectual understanding of how we got into this mess. Conservatism is happy within the system, it's more or less a sort of whining, like a bitchy girlfriend. What Golden Dawn offers is something radically different and opposed - a direct competitor with The Whole Thing - politics, media, education, culture, etc.]

The Afypnisis of Greek Youth of the mire of the current training
Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 7:28

The Afypnisis of Greek Youth of the mire of the current training

The fortunes of the nation from 1974 onwards, as we know, the politicians took the dictatorship, who presided psefdoethnarchi of them came at the end of "damned seven years" and welcomed them with palm leaves and branches of the Greek people cheated. A few days after Cyprus entered the foundations of this newfangled "democracy", which like the bridge of the Arta relied on the blood of our brothers who died because of "the Cyprus lies far" of the "national leader".

Blame our compatriots politicians kleptocracy because there were dishonest, immoral and thieves. Unfortunately for us it's really the lesser evil they have done in the Greek society. Two examples of inclusive and vathytitas destruction brought about by the presence of politicians in the Greek society is the following. The first is astakopolemos whom he delivers the party ' Young "at various bars of Mykonos. The second illustrative example comes from recent statements by Professor Christos Giannara a TV show on a question raised by the students of the day after the tragedy Imia. One day after the tragic events Imia, Professor Giannaras, which in any case can not be considered a nationalist or 'fascist' put its students the following question: "Ultimately what would you prefer? Freedom with struggles and sacrifices or wellbeing with slavery?'. The response he received was really daunting, since the vast majority of students responded spontaneously that they would rather be a good time in slavery.

Of course these two examples pale front actually, which is really grim, regarding the Greek Youth and the effects this had in 39 years kleptocratic training. Just the number of dead youths from drug use in our country is a strong basis to say that the education system of the new regime, flopped on the role that was supposed to have.'s Education system supposed to arm young people with the necessary for life ideals, knowledge and standards. The teacher - a teacher is supposed to be the model wants to portray our society for young people. Unless you consider that the scheme actually approve the situation he is currently the Youth Greek youth as they are today, so we can easily conclude that it is not a coincidence the simultaneous onslaught of drugs and the existence of universal stateless liberalism or Marxism in one country.

The educational system of a Member supposed disseminates children the value system, through which they will live and submits them as templates that the system considers as successful. Which in itself is ridiculous, though Golden Dawn does not see it that way. Places not as teachers people who hold to the teaching of subjects and also have national consistency words and deeds, in order to teach. In the educational system of Greece 2013 we see that these are precisely after the system has placed marxizontes ha, marxionettes - marxist puppets of the ideologues operating the state, the vast majority of professors and teachers, as wolves guarding the sheep. Although one doubts this can check it on the recommendation of OLME and ILO, where leftists and amerikanokommounistes run, despite the complete absence of the actual society.

Marxists instill in children from a very early Marxist - materialistic poison, trying to make prey of capitalism and antifysikou lifestyle, ie to destroy. In their effort helper and partner have the same civil state, which has lavished funds, jobs and infrastructure in order to disperse the Marxist poison children. This is the inherent problem with public schooling, one of the most destructive innovations of the last 200 years. Typical example is the book "history" of Repoussi that characterized the Destruction of Smyrna 'crowding the beaches "and arrived in elementary schools in the country with the blessings of the then Government SW. Moreover exemplifies this dispersion in positions - key people of CDRSEE financed by Jews Nimitz and Soros, to rewrite the history of Greece. For this institution deserves to make a parenthesis to describe the rapidly ethnoapodomitiki action. We need Aryan Textbooks.

The CDRSEE (Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe), funded by Soros through Skopjan annex his company, Open Society Foundation. Beyond the Soros funded by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (rather than in Turkish) and contains an appendix that deals with writing the "common Balkan history" as affirm. One of the books issued by this center is anti-Greek the "History Teaching in South Eastern Europe", whose preface written by Christina Ring, Professor of History at Panteion University, and vehemently antichrysafgitissa. Let's look at an excerpt from the preface of, to understand the spirit that runs through this 'book': "Some terms have been introduced to describe historical events or historical periods reflect negative attitudes. This is the case of 'Ottoman yoke' or 'Ottoman occupation "- gradually disappear from the books - and other conditions that can not be discussed here.. In the same book, it should be noted, and has published the infamous Thalia Dragona ...

The left exploiting the attempted apoideologikopoiisi who attempted the Right to Education, seizing positions - keys in universities and schools, thus managing to operate simultaneously and have the productive and the executive arm within the Education. Same in every western/white country. Because what leftists teach is against the interests of the majority, it can only survive where it maintains monopoly and can obtain funding by coercion, rather than thru the persuasion necessary in the market. You aren't forced to buy stuff from Walmart. You are forced to buy from your public schools - whether you have children or not, whether you teach them at home or not. You pay, the left plays. That's the golden rule. Right side enjoyed instillation of materialistic poison children, since this will inevitably lead the youth kick capitalism and counterfeit material eudemonism. The Left took to kill the ideals of Greek Youth and the right to "finish the job", leading children bondslave the pyre of Moloch, the god of material tafromorfou eudemonism.

The failure of this plan coordinates destruction of Greek Youth, certified by the existence of still brilliant young people who not only ignore the core of our National Anniversary, but err even in outline the contours thereof. On the other hand, however, there is a complete politicization of education by trying to instill ideals antifysikon children, despite proclamations to the contrary of "right." In textbooks we have seen promoted directly to the anti-national propaganda, be called FYROM as "Macedonia "be direct promotion of political parties of the left - apart from the promotion done by Marxist professors - to misrepresent our history and generally promoted the ideas of the ruling regime pagkosmiopoisis, such as pan-religion and gradual, but decisive, relinquishment of Greek morals, customs, traditions and texts from the curriculum and beyond. latest is that not even the media contribute to the education but anti-educational work resulting from the Ministry of Education - prima facie - and foreign centers decision-making, essentially. Even gym class has even slandered, initially by the media and then apokathilonetai of the school curriculum. The same thing happened in the course of music, religious and Ancient Greek. First lesson contains even nuggets of clannish and Sacred Tradition we must either mutate or even be lost if it does not serve the new mission of education, which is the delivery of new production lines capitalists.

The scheme Considers Education as a tool in order to integrate them within the new. To be fair and correct, we can say that this is not a new conception of a mind or a decision center. It was always thus and always thus will be, regardless of the form or texture such scheme. Even if realization of anarchist ideas, where theoretically there will be status and power, there would Literacy and conveying ideas in context - perhaps - laid down by M. Bakunin in his book "God and the State", which is a clear entrenchment for what should be science, what their status is and how it is given culture, ie the ideas of status quo at all. Cornelius Castoriadis, aka Marxist philosophy, goes even further by referring to the formation of man, which is not limited to school, but says that "education starts a man from age zero and reaches the age omega, ie when will die, ever formed this man, "while as vectors of education considers everything citing Plato and saying" even the walls of the city educate people and I think this is a terribly important and heavy truth. "

Of course all this is obvious, but one can not help but remember the hypocrisy of the regime and the channel when the Golden Dawn chose to do lessons, not policy, but Greek mythology and history to children. Megalodimosiografoi Then, as they are used in each case katakerafnonan the Nationalist People's Movement for alleged "hate lessons" and never said anything when the Communist Party exercised political propaganda in schools and organizes workshops teaching of proletarian internationalism in kindergarten children. hypocrisy, however, stems from the fact that Communists, substantially in these courses did systemic propaganda, after what internationalism, what globalization ... He antinational wolf wearing different sheepskin. We, therefore, imagining and the theory and the practice can conclude that whatever regime emerges through the Education, and in general, his ideals, in order to create new loyal to the regime and ideals, within the statistical error of course.

This is a necessary, for each scheme, a process ensures the longevity of. In this stage which is where the system is characterized by ideas of globalization and all implied unpatriotic and anti - traditional values ​​requires, have the curriculum currently implemented in schools and the curriculum needed to convey them these values. This process is paramount to their interests, since the consistency of the new globalization, whether it is expressed through anarchism, communism or liberal indifference, it is necessary to consolidate trapezokratias and corporatism. All this is understandable, really incomprehensible and hypocritical is the impeachment and the war against the regime of tagon nationalism, when they want to switch Education in National Ideals and teachings, such as the teaching of morals, traditions and customs of our people, disengagement of history teaching by pagkosmiopoiitikes blinkers, wishing the Removal and general education as tracing always timely checks Colossus of Thought, as Plato and Aristotle.

Indicative of that encounter history Marxists and liberals tagoi of modern education in Greece, is the following excerpt from the interview left philosopher Kostas Axelos on Nicholas Svorono, the only man who has deposit flowers at the statue depicting the face of , in the grounds of the University. Responds So Axelos on Svorono: "The Svoronos was orthodox (pp. orthodox Marxist sense). I found a text of Marx against the Revolution of '21 where he said that "would undermine the Ottoman Empire and strengthen the Tsar." He says: "Where the dig?" Reaction History ... ". Commonly, anything not conducive to the theory or the purposes of propaganda, political or educational, must either disappear or be obscured or distorted and directly.

Coming finally to the question of reform of the Education of the current mess, we need first to show clearly the aversion towards our selfish and morbid minds who brought literacy to the current plight and secondly to close our ears to the complaints above about " recruitment "since no" recruitment "is worse than their own, which pushed the youth into the pinch, hooliganism and indifference. Substituting solvents on Education prompts and commands them, we have to bend over backwards for the further again to the ancients - except timeless - colossal beacon of Intellect, as Plato and Aristotle, the understanding of which will be a guarantee of success, as is the case in a number of successful educational institutions abroad.

The Education, according to Plato, is "the great," the foundation upon which we will set our subsequent clearly described the ideal state, after converting the soul of people from the area of ​​the scene in Being. That starts from specific racial and genetic predispositions of humans and results in Integrated Citizen in whatever profession, duty or responsibility he or she has to always serve the community, as defined by the Democratic Community. Plato, of course, agrees with the "politicization" of education, having respect to the Laws of the State and to defend them against any threat is paramount, and even Hades and Death, presented in a pleasant way, so do not put to the test the prowess of guards (State 386 a, b), who have under their responsibility to defend the homeland and the Laws thereof. Certainly, it is worth noting that the "politicization" espoused by Plato bears no relation to the "politicization" that currently impose the scheme, which is directly and specifically kommatikopoiisi marxistopoiisi but profess his stepfather convey eternal values ​​and the emergence of the predisposition of the Greek Youth for greatness like this comes straight from the blood line that connects modern and ancient Greeks.

Music, poetry, gymnastics and mathematics are particularly high in the Platonic education. Regarding the arts Plato discusses in depth the teaching, basing his thinking on the values ​​upheld by the poetry and the sister of music. So long as it rejects blanket whole genres of poetry, culminating in dithyramb and the epic, which celebrated the morals and virtues of heroes and gods, while the crosshairs of criticism does not escape nor Homer. In music no favors harmonies "Dorian" and "Phrygian" type, the first of which is characterized by the bold character and the second for the penitential character.

Characteristically writes in the state (399 ab) the true one "could be matched mimics the sounds and intonations of a brave man in battle" and the other "the man who makes something peacefully and not by force."

Aristotle for his part considers humans 'inherently political', so it considers the application of the policy, since it has as its purpose the creation of civil users. We quote from Aristotle's Politics: "Four is about the kinds of courses that are used to educate young people: letters, gymnastics, music and drawing the fourth who teach some. The grammar and the drawing are helpful because they teach and serve many needs of life.

Gymnastics because it contributes to the prowess. Regarding the music one could formulate questions today why taught, since in the current era most use it for fun. The ancient but lawmakers were appointed as agent of education because the very nature seek, as we have said many times, the man can not use only properly work time, but passes well and the time of rest. Because the nature, to say it again and again, is the beginning of all things."

We, therefore, look upon one principle consistency of views between the two titans of ancient thought, as one also in principle disagreement with the current educational system, which disseminates children antifysikes authorities and eliminates from the curriculum concepts as Homeland, the manners and customs of our people, for the sake of lathroeisvoleon, but also external commands. These two men, apparently showing differences in the educational system we envision, as for example with regard to poetry, but the resolution of such disputes is not our purpose, since we have to deal with most topical problems like this antifysiko, unpopular and anti-national system and plan for the education of young people. An educational system that considers the exercise as "military training", the proper teaching of History as "teaching hate" and the arts as something unnecessary and useless to enter in the new labor market, ie the millstones of modern, inhuman capitalist system, unless it is Marxist poetry. The same patriotic - nationalist, like the palms or Sikelianos rarely taught.

It is clear, therefore, that it is necessary to shift to an educational system more humane and Greek. Been a long time Marxist domination in classrooms and time sovereignty stateless liberal right at the Ministry of Education. We should not forget that in this format was adopted and the notorious book Repoussi under this scheme was released for the first time this year book that mentions FYROM as "Macedonia." Healthy patriotic forces of this land should no longer possessed feelings of guilt towards internationalism and globalization and anti-national hurricane that tagoi their launch. If we accept the regimented definitions want anything anti-national to be called "progressive" national and anything to be called "conservative", then forge that the time has come for a conservative revolution that would sweep away the present anti-national status quo and will save the Greek Youth of the devastating consequences of the modern education system, which has proven to fail miserably.

Costas Aleksandrakis

Read more in the sixth issue of the journal "Meander" circulating

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Which country speaking Marxists?
Friday, February 7, 2014 - 7:28

"Moreover blame the communists that want to abolish countries and nationality. The workers have no country. You can not take from them what they have not."
Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

As the latest model 'Marxist patriotism "could be considered the case of kastrikis Cuba and the general influence which it subsequently in other countries in Latin America with today's leftist governments such as in Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) and Bolivia (Evo Morales). Perhaps a picture is enough, as the "iroopoiimenou" Argentine, starring the Cuban communist insurgency Che (Ernesto) Guevara as is known in many signed by the following motto: "Fatherland or Death ("Patria o Muerte" ). If even-to use and a home-example, consider and steeped "patriotism" of the communists during the Greek Civil War, then one could conclude that the Marxist-internationalists-although clearly, using patriotism as an excuse and to gain resonance and shoulder Faith in masses
The "homeland" So, Guevara, and Marxists in general (ie the constant to which they profess faith), is none other than the physical display of Marxist utopia-or effort to it: such was the USSR of the Bolsheviks "Hometown of all Marxists," especially during the Stalinist period-but until the unconditional surrender of the last-Maoist China, Cuba kastriki coke.

Alexander Hawk, Golden Dawn Magazine June 2007

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Hands feds: CYPRUS IS GREEK!
Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 7:28

If vile and despicable statement psefdoethnarchi Karamanlis' the Cyprus lies far "is the beginning of the Cyprus tragedy, the policy statement puppet of foreign Samaras on" Greek Cypriot community "in Cyprus, is undoubtedly the foreshadowing of the death sentence of Cypriot Hellenism.

And while the militant mass deception soothe the Greek People silly quarrels of party nominations unconstitutional arc light of municipal and regional elections, the anti-national regime, the junta Venizelos Samaras signed the surrender to the Turks of Cyprus, under the general sell-off, the which has been implemented in the vulgar pretext of economic hardship because of the memoranda.

Once, just a few decades back, the cruelty and arrogance of the British colonial accept continuous and mercilessly attacked by Grivas Digheni children, mythical EOKA fighters. The British Empire then forced to crawl to the dialogue table, shocked and demeaned a handful of militants, which demonstrated the cowards and ignorant that only Justice is the sword!

A few years later, LEVENDOPEDO EOKA B punished exemplary bully Turks, putting off plans scheming British summarized in the traditional British practice of divide and rule. In 1974, the Turkish atrocities impinge on the steely will of ELDYK lions, lions vowed to keep the Turkish invader and fulfilled their oath in full, despite the countless betrayals of the then political leadership.

What is gained and what remained Greek in the battlefields and thanks to the power of Greek Sword, since discredited by the liberal and Marxist scheme of the new regime, they are sold out today by the signatures of a political leadership naturally and deliberately antinational.

The People's Association-Golden Dawn, warned from the first moment of the signing of Memoranda of submissives foreigners, that the goal of the enemies of our people is not just the economic misery of the Greeks, but especially the sellout of Greek homeland, which currently certified so raw and clear.

With style thousand Cardinals, the president of homeland mongering and psofodeous array of SW-which is just as treacherous PASOK Antonis Samaras called for a broad national consensus on the implementation of anti-Hellenic federation plans to Cyprus! Characteristic of 'patriotic' consistency of the President of the Southwest is the fact that the vicious communist AKEL-Cyprus, publicly expressed his support for the gravedigger of Cypriot Hellenism Anastasiadis. Simply put, the party factions psofodexias in Greece and Cyprus cooperate with the Bolsheviks on the basis of service and brazenly illegal claims on Turkish Cypriot territory under the high supervision of amerikanosioniston always.

Behold lightening before us in all its magnificent depth ethnokapili array of national bidders. Behold the "enlightened" of the leader, who talked about the elections 'patriotism' to defraud the ignorant who insisted to trust a party which competes PASOK in corruption and national crimes.

In any case, everyone can now understand the deeper relevance of illegal political persecution of the Head and Members of the Nationalist People's Movement: the pseudo-democratic wanted the field open to put the final straight destructive for the Greek Nation plans. And the bully them, has arrived at this point to accuse PRODOTES Nation nationalists for "high treason"!

United with the journalistic and political establishment starter and corruption be brought against the Greek Nationalist Movement, the political struggle of the People's Association-Golden Dawn must now be intensified, now that Hometown delivered into the hands of enemies thanks to signatures political puppet unconstitutionality of arc.

The National Resistance ceases to be a brave political choice in favor and converted everything Struggle for holy and sacred Hellenism. Association The Folk-Golden Dawn, would not spit on the graves of the fighters of EOKA, the People's Association-Golden Dawn will not spit on the graves of soldiers ELDYK but will fight with all his might for the vindication of the Titans sacrifice.

When politicians crooks unconstitutional arc, the anti-national junta Venizelos Samaras and anti-Greek parties left open the backdoor in Barbati Turkish invader, then the universal prevalence of politics Nationalist People's Movement becomes historical, ethnic and social necessity!

In that regard not, the despicable requirement Samaras national consensus clearance sale Cyprus, the response of the Greek Nationalists will express booming and echoing from Pentadaktylos and occupied Kyrenia by the Aegean Sea and the River Ebro:

Hooray Compound!
Evangelos Karakostas

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[ideological text]

Vae Victis!
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 7:29

The tyrannical regime which dominates the Fatherland, a fast pace in the implementation of anti-national projects that bear the stamp of international usurers. Economic misery extends to increasing width of the working classes, our national wealth is bartered against Winsome fee, while recently received the dramatic news of the shameful betrayal of the Greek Cypriots.

The leaders and media propaganda homeland mongering right, they applied hitherto effective tactics against categories of left and PASOK, to defraud Greek patriots. Plus, every argument has been refuted a psofodexias and so amply proved, yet striking, that liberal faction is equally-if not more guilty with anti-national forces of PASOK and the Left parties.'s crimes are the irrefutable and undeniable witness to the above: government cooperation with PASOK, continued mnimoniakis policy, maintenance of existing and granting new privileges challenging the oligarchy of wealth, selling off public assets to foreigners, traitorous acceptance of anti-Greek plan "settlement" of the Cyprus issue.

This is only what has already become known as post and others, for which the Junta Venizelos Samaras had pre-agreed. And the preliminary agreement, is the cue to start the livanisma the political leadership of our wretched homeland, means cheating abroad, covered with the mantle of "validity and reliability". Substance, dithyrambs foreign for ' successes "of the Junta of the MoU is to reward domestic submissive for the betrayal of our people, to reward valuable international moneylenders services.

To understand the heavy damage done to the Status of vicious and corrupt, the entrance of the People's Nationalist Movement in the Greek Parliament, enough to wonder what would have happened these last almost two years, if the Golden Dawn was absent from the center validation (and not making) of government decisions.

Requires only elementary logic to realize everyone that the level of wages and pensions were already at 300 euros, that the middle class would have already been razed, and that the last inch of national land would have been sold out to foreigners (as sold out marinas Turks and harbors of the 'patriotic' SW), that the energy resources of Greece would have a pooling with "good" neighbors Turks, that would have closed the concession of the name of Macedonia in Skopje cheats, how we were already in negotiations with Turkey and Albania and Thrace Tsamouria respectively, that each Hassan would have taken the Greek nationality and of course will vote for the parties of unconstitutional arc while the "antiracist" law would cause to bend any kind of National
Resistance massive invasion of African and Asian immigrants flood.

All these were prevented, directly or indirectly by the presence of the Greek Parliament of the People's Association-Golden Dawn. This is the cause of rabies unpatriotic forces of all political hue and texture in the Greeks Nationalist Movement. For this reason, arranges unconstitutional scenarios with the potential to put out political action the Golden Dawn.

And if today's legal culture of the 'democratic' Greece resembles the corresponding Uganda, in a desperate attempt certain morbid brain of psofodexias anti-hellenic faction, what is prescribed for the future is a society modeled on Bangladesh and Somalia.

The leaderships of the parties undertook unconstitutional arc contracted to serve the interests of international usurers and Zionist organizations require to define the political life of Greece. However, committed the fatal error of despising the Greek people, who did not show in any case willing to be convinced that it has anything to international fraudsters who get rich through usury. Slavery interest may well be appropriate to psofodeeis party leaderships gang type SW , PASOK, SYRIZA and KKE Tourism Services, but not at all befitting a proud people who learned from his ancestors to fight to the end for Freedom. Here's why the Golden Dawn embraced by the vast majority of ordinary Greeks and hated by those gangs who plunder our national wealth and funds of the State!

Precisely because the Popular Will is clearly expressed in the strongest tone, not rigged polls but in every aspect of everyday life, let's not deluded officials responsible for leading and misery of the Greeks: the scales with the "gold" among us, our promise and our promise to the hope of worship, we respond with the sword that will restore the National Order!

No truce So, the National Struggle! That today bartered with signatures traitors, tomorrow will be won over by the National and Popular Country. Two conditions are required to achieve the prosperity of our people under such a state: first, to crush the anti-national regime currently dominates and secondly, to preserve at all costs the uninterrupted, unbroken and adiasalefti Unity of Greek People. Guarantor of both these conditions is only a Movement: People and the Nationalist!

Evangelos Karakostas

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Local Activities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Cold Faucet, Trikala, Ptolemais, competitively Alexopoulos
Friday, February 14, 2014 - 8:28

Crowds Wednesday afternoon at the offices of T.. O. Athens, attended an interesting talk agonist Elias Lentzos on the left that is worthy of rotten political crutch katestimenou.O agonist Elias Lentzos a literally bombarding elements and events established the dirty role played by the left in the political life of the country with tolerance N.D.kai of the PA.SOK. from 1974 until today.

Diligiannis 50, Larissa station
Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday: 19:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Speech Anthony Gregou in T. C. Thessaloniki

Despite the warfare system towards our movement, but also the climate of terror that attempts to cultivate this, our offices were crowded once again. All efforts have resulted in the gap, showing how what to do and can not demoralize the Greek nationalists, since our offices across the country, but also the concentrations we see constantly new world to thicken the ranks of CHRYSIS DAWN.

First reason got agonist, Michael Tsakiris, making an extensive report in the upcoming local elections, and their significance for the future of our country. He clarified that the Golden Dawn or through the cells of Honor, or outside of them will normally participate in municipal elections and by whatever method the coalition tried to ban the ballot, our Greek Nationalist Sunday election will find the ballot paper, which supports Golden Dawn.

Finally, in step climbed MP First District Thessaloniki, Anthony Gregos agonist, which primarily stressed the indissoluble unity of the GOLDEN DAWN and conveyed the message of the Chief from prison, urging all Chrysafgites and Chrysafgitisses in uncompromising fight with tons to rising more than ever. Also went to a parliamentary report everyday with The whole of the parliamentary group of the GOLDEN DAWN progressing daily topical questions. Once members of other parties enjoying their hefty salaries, without doing anything, the members of the GOLDEN DAWN even from prison continue their work ... the work for which they chose the Greek people, to represent him. Another manifestation of the movement of Greek Nationalists closed as it deserves to everyone at attention to sing our National Anthem.

Kazantzakis 4 adjacent courts
Wednesday and Friday 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Tel 2310 521842 and 6970 138893

Speaking at the offices of Kria Faucet

In the crowded offices of T. C. Cold Faucet held Saturday speech and information on current developments. Agonist Sahinidis libelous publications mentioned in the "Nation" to T. C. Pella - Imathias and economic issues. Agonist Tsioulos talked about his fellow having custody and stressed that nothing flexes Nationalists.

Alexander the Great (across from city hall), Cold Faucet
Central Square
Saturday: 18.00-21.00

Speech in T. C. Trikala

Held on Saturday 8/2 in crowded, so once again, the offices of T. C. Trikala speech - Update on current political developments and local elections.

Reference was made in all aspects of the current political events and issues relating to our movement. Also, there was extensive reference to the upcoming elections, and local and regional elections, in which the Golden Dawn will be present.

In Thessaly, the Golden Dawn will participate in the elections with the combination of "Greek Dawn for Thessaly" with candidate Prefect political prisoner MP, agonist Panayiotis Iliopoulos, whose notification message of his candidacy, was read to attendees and fellow friends of the Movement. The Golden Dawn will give you all the political battles and will continue unabated Match of until our Homeland to be released and to throw off the shackles of.

T. C. Trikala
Kapodistrioy 10, 1st Floor
Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 to 9 pm

Action Ptolemais

The Core Ptolemais-Eordaias People's Association-Golden Dawn held informative action in the town of Ptolemais Tuesday, February 11, 2014 in the afternoon. Dozens of fighters from Ptolemais and other areas Eordea and Law Kozani distributed informational material, newspapers and flyers in the town market, shops and passersby. It literally disappeared in a few minutes hundreds of newspapers and other publicity material had. The response was very enthusiastic and extrovert, hundreds of people approached us and asked us to continue our struggle, supporting the positions of the People's Association. In the discussions we found that the contrast is universal in the world of Ptolemais persecution of the regime and the imprisonment of our comrades. Our citizens were asked to continue to fight against the rotten political establishment, to the place from xevromisoume lamogia that have ravaged our country and expressed their support to the Golden Dawn in the upcoming elections and regional elections.

The Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos in cutting the cake the hunting club Larissa

In standard cutting of the traditional New Year's cake the hunting club Larissa Prefecture, attended MP Larissa, competitively Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos, Saturday, Feb. 8. Agonist Alexopoulos was received warmly by Larissa hunters, while noting that after receiving their thanks on that question was tabled in parliament. Finally, on the sidelines of the event had a very friendly conversation with General ret and Honorary President of the Greek Club Commando, Mr. Elias Venizelos (pictured), who also openly declared its support for the Nationalist People's Movement of the Golden Dawn and its status as a staunch supporter.

The Chrysovolantis Alexopoulos the annual event of the Association of Families of Larissa

In a special event attended by MP Larissa People's Association Golden Dawn Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos, Saturday, Feb. 9 at Hatzigiannio Cultural Center, where he held the annual event of the Association of Families of Larissa and Vicinity.

In a crowded room held the customary cutting of the traditional New Year's cake of the Association, as well as the awarding of the children - members of the Association, which excelled in their performance, achieving admission to Higher and Technical Institutes of the country.

Agonist Alexopoulos thanked the members and management of the association, said he would always located next to a large family, with both his presence in parliament, and practice and materials at any time and moment. He clarified that the People's Association GOLDEN DAWN the large family is one of the most vital cell of Greek society, as well as a testament of our Greek Orthodox Faith.

Note that on the sidelines of the event after receiving the congratulations of many people, while honored in person some of the honored exceptional students.

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"In no circumstances should anyone reduce the effort or support given to coming BNP activities"
- John Tyndall,
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[what Kasidiaris will do when elected mayor of Athens]

The first programmatic positions for a "Greek Dawn for Athens"
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 19:12

Το πρόγραμμα της Ελληνικής Αυγής για τον Δήμο Αθηναίων - YouTube

Extract from the speech of the candidate mayor in the presentation of the ballot Greek Dawn for Athens. Agonist Elias Kasidiaris presented and analyzed the key positions which will go it the combination of the Golden Dawn.

- Briefly mention the linchpins of the program.
- Audit the finances of the municipality
- Halting the poverty and indigence
- None homeless in the City of Athens
- Fighting crime

Even before it even starts the campaign period for the municipal elections, the effect is unspecified: Nobody can stop the march of the Golden Dawn for the win!

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Here it is with English subtitles

Don Black's Stormfront ''Russians''
Russia Insider
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Default Nigger with shirt Greece is horrible + poll


Monday, February 17, 2014

Poll ELECTION City of Athens

Mars Spiliotopoulos 12 (0%)

Kaklamanis 46 (3%)

Gabriel Sakellaridi 72 (5%)

Nikos Sofianos 8 (0%)

Claus Kapernarou 116 (8%)

Elias Kasidiaris 1038 (75%)

George Kaminis 34 (2%)

NOT VOTE 37 (2%)

WHITE / CLEAR 17 (1%)

Vote on this poll
Votes so far: 1380
Days left to vote: 53
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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
Here it is with English subtitles
Great stuff...
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Greece - Nazi Sunset Golden Dawn - 54 min (17 February 2014)

View Trailer
View transcript

Buy Download

Across Greece, villages that were destroyed by the Nazis and Greek collaborators are voting to give Neo-Nazis power. Tracing the direct line between Nazism and Golden Dawn, this film is a unique insight into the party.

"Agony. Seeing the houses on fire from the windows", recalls a witness to the 1943 massacre of Kalavrita. 700 men and teenage boys were executed. There were only 13 male survivors. "Things were so cloudy, so unstable that anything could have happened", is how Alexandros Giosmos from Golden Dawn tries to explain away his father's collaboration with the Nazis and alleged involvement in war crimes. Despite his protestations, Greek collaborators like Giosmos's father were in fact deeply involved in the Nazi desecration of Greece. In another massacre in the region there were the same tales of shootings and everyone being burnt alive, but this time it was different. "The assassins were Greeks. I didn't see any Germans kill." Despite members of Golden Dawn having such a strong connection to this brutal legacy, in the locality of Kalavrita their support base is rising from election to election. How is this possible?
Nikos Thomopoulos

(Ref: 6039)
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Yana Prokofyeva | 17/02/2014, 12:49

"Golden Dawn" for a Far-Right European Coalition?

Europe is witnessing an alarming rise in the influence and cooperation of right-wing parties in a number of member states. Although their power is limited and the parties are prone to division, in the context of financial and political uncertainty in Europe, there is the potential for their power to develop. To halt this growth, European politicians must stop using Brussels as a scapegoat for national problems and build confidence in the EU once more.

On 18th November representatives of several European nationalist parties – the French National Front, Italian Northern League, Belgian Flemish interest, Dutch Party for Freedom, Slovak National Party and Austrian Freedom Party of Austria, met in Vienna in order to discuss the possibility of forming a coalition ahead of the upcoming Elections to the European Parliament. This meeting followed the announcement made on 14th of November by Marine Le Pen - leader of FN and Geert Wilders (PVV) about their intention to form an alliance. Will this alliance last and be successful and if yes, what consequences it may have for the EU?

According to European electoral law, in order to set up a political group at least 25 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) from at least 7 different EU Member States are needed. As the polls in a number of countries demonstrate, the rising popularity of extreme right parties, the shaping coalition is more than likely to have 25 MEPs. The alliance currently consists of six countries – missing only one to meet the legal requirements – but it is hard to predict who will join it: openly neo-Nazi parties like Jobbik (Hungary) and Golden Dawn (Greece) are not even considered while others, such as the Sweden Democrats or the Finns Party have not commented on the subject yet. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has already ruled out the possibility of cooperation.

Will nationalist parties' cooperation last?

Many experts remain sceptical about the capacity of extreme right parties to unite on a stable basis. The European Parliament has already seen quite a lot of such short-lived coalitions (like The Technical Group of the European Right, EURONAT, ITS etc.). It can be explained by several factors.

The first of them lies in the very nature of nationalist parties. They attach paramount importance to national agendas and have trouble accepting anything foreign. Their extreme focus on their countries' interests usually does not help finding common ground with other parties either. Consequently, the divergences in their political programmes can have a dividing effect, preventing them from collaborating. Let us take, for example, the two parties that are currently pushing for the creation of a coalition: The Party for Freedom and the National Front. PVV is strongly pro-gay, while NF is against gay marriage (its leader is seen as homophobic); and whereas Geert Wilders openly expresses his support for Israel, Marine Le Pen demonstrates anti-semitic views. According to Marine Le Pen, different opinions exist "even in marriages", but we are yet to see how long this alliance will last.

Reasons to believe in an entente cordiale of nationalist parties

The key problem is that right-wing parties are not only united by their hatred of the EU alongside with their anti-immigrant discourse. In addition, their leaders have become less ideologically stubborn: nowadays most of them are comparatively young and pragmatic, willing to yield power and quite ready to compromise. Altogether, the situation is potentially dangerous.

All these Eurosceptic parties claim to advocate an alternative to Europe". They want to preserve the common market, but to abolish the euro, common border regulations, the common budget and the supremacy of EU law.

Is there real danger for Europe?

At the moment the EP already has one parliamentary group consisting of the eurosceptic nationalist parties – Europe of Freedom and Democracy, presided by Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP. It does not have much influence (35/766 MEPs), has not done much so far and does not really try to change things (for instance, according to Vote Watch Europe, Nigel Farage participates in only about 46% of roll-call votes, which places him 746th). However, if Le Pen/Wilders' right-wing bloc proves to be as popular as polls predict, things might change.

There are all kinds of predictions, ranging from 15% up to one third of casted votes. According to the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur, about 25% of French are planning to vote for Marine Le Pen at the European Elections. Taking into consideration that European elections are generally characterized by a low turnout rate (40% in 2009) and strong support for radical parties, (voters do not make a choice between right and left, but between pro- and anti-European), the eurosceptic coalition actually has a great chance of success.

What is to be done?

Although we have to admit that the increasing influence of nationalist parties is to a considerable extent related to the European debt crisis and the dissatisfaction of a large number of people with how their governments are managing it, dealing with the crisis is far from being the only thing that mainstream parties can do.

First of all, politicians should talk more about Europe. For now, only opinions that are critical of the European Union are broadly highlighted in the media. Nobody explains how the EU works and what its advantages are. The extreme right parties are not even offering an "alternative" view, because there is no mainstream one. Incumbent governments are afraid to formulate clear visions where the European project is going – and if they continue like this, it will arrive at a Eurosceptic impasse. Because Europe is something imposed on unwilling people.

What is more important, politicians have to stop use Brussels as their scapegoat. Most people perceive Brussels as a faceless technocracy, imposing laws on their poor, powerless governments. We all know that this is not true and that national officials are largely responsible for the decisions taken on the European level: the European Council and the Council of Ministers both consist of national representatives (heads of states and high officials respectively), and the directly elected European Parliament represent the voters. The only body that is supposed to be impartial is Commission, which only has a legislative initiative and does not adopt laws. So in order to prevent Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders from "fighting this monster called Europe", we just have to dispel the myth about the EU being one.

Yana Prokofyeva is a little apparatchick in the making student at Paris Institute of Political Studies, in the Master of European Affairs. Before that, Yana studied at Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) where she started specializing in European issues.

The European Stu*dent Think Tank (EST) was foun*ded in 2010 to serve as a plat*form to inform stu*dents about and involve them in the EU policy-making pro*cess.
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Tsipras front confronts EU brutal austerity

Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:8PM
By Dr. Webster G. Tarpley

Washington DC, February 17, 2014 – Can an effective European-wide political front be quickly improvised in opposition to the brutal austerity policies dictated since 2008 by the infamous Troika of the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund?

This is the question which will be answered between now and May 22-25 in response to an effort led by Alexis Tsipras, who is also the candidate for prime minister of Greece put forward by the Syriza left party. Late last year, Tsipras was officially nominated as a candidate for the presidency of the Brussels European Commission by the European Left Party in the context of the upcoming elections for the European Parliament. During February, Tsipras has taken his campaign to the Netherlands, France, and Italy, with further appearances planned in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ireland, Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain.

Thanks to this campaign by Tsipras, there is now new hope, after years of fragmentation and impotence, of assembling a coherent European-wide programmatic alternative to the three headed Cerberus of European austerity, deflation, and anti-worker measures.

As he steps onto the European stage, Tsipras’ authority is bolstered by the unique success of Syriza under his leadership in recent years. As of now, he is well on his way to becoming prime minister of Greece. In late November 2013, Syriza passed several percentage points ahead of the ruling New Democracy party of the current Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who had was installed in Athens by the Troika as its austerity enforcer. So far, this lead has held up.

Tsipras has pointed out that the success of Syriza in the 2012 Greek parliamentary elections led to the partial collapse of the discredited social democratic PASOK party of the Papandreou family, and he is predicting that the New Democracy, which has presided over an increase of Greek unemployment to the record depression-level high of 28%, will collapse in the next election -- which could come at any time between now and 2016. If New Democracy is in trouble, this parallels the recent split of the Berlusconi party in Italy, and factional warfare among US Republicans.

Tsipras starts with an uncompromising rejection of neoliberal austerity measures of the type which have so obviously made the Greek crisis much worse. He takes a strong stand against the Troika and its so-called Memorandum, referring to the letters of intent submitted by the Greek government to the International Monetary Fund, detailing the various budget cuts, mass firings of public workers, and reductions of public services which Greece is supposed to carry out in order to secure the position of the zombie bankers. Needless to say, the political parties which have most reliably tried to enforce the IMF dictates are those of the so-called Socialist International (or Second International).

An International Conference to Reduce Debt, Launch a New Deal

Across all of Europe, but especially in the southern tier and among nations who have undergone bailouts by the troika -- including Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus -- national debt represents a crushing and unmanageable burden. The bailouts have not helped the national economies, but have been designed solely to save the zombie bankers from insolvency.

Tsipras’ answer is the convening of an international debt conference along the lines of the London debt conference of 1953, which dealt with the residual debt of Germany left over from World War I reparations under the Young Plan, and other payments. Germany’s creditors agreed to cancel about 50% of the country’s outstanding international financial debts, while rescheduling payments for the remainder over 30 years. Some payments were postponed until such time as the country might be reunified, which did not happen for almost 40 years. This result helped foster the successful of the West German economy in the years after 1953.

An international debt conference of this type held today could have highly beneficial effects on the world economy. Even some financiers are prepared to concede that haircuts and debt write-downs of debt are inevitable. In addition to reducing the debt burden on many European countries, the conference could be used to promote international bans on the most toxic derivatives, such as collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps. It could also become a vehicle for at least the partial de-privatization of the European Central Bank, by forcing this institution to open a credit stimulus window offering trillions of euros in financing for job creation in infrastructure, education, and science. African countries, Eastern European countries, and indeed a wide range of states from around the world might be interested in attending.

Tsipras also calls for a post-writedown New Deal of development investments to revive the stricken economies and allow them to stay viable into the future. (We note that if private bankers should refuse to make these investments, then institutions like the European Central Bank will have to be pressed into service.) Tsipras makes clear that if European bankers and the politicians they control, such as Merkel, refuse to cooperate in common-sense reforms, Greece and other countries would reluctantly have to resort to unilateral debt cancellations.

Unilateral Debt Moratorium Only If Creditors Get “Violent”

In a recent interview with the Greek leader we read: “Tsipras said German Chancellor Angela Merkel would come to realize that an organized debt write-off was a more sustainable solution for Germany than continuing to pour loans into countries that could never repay them because austerity policies were causing endless recession. Asked whether a Syriza-led government would unilaterally default if other powers refused to negotiate a debt write-off, Tsipras said he would prefer to avoid unilateral action, but Athens might have to declare a moratorium on interest payments. ‘One weapon we could use if our partners are very, very violent (tough) is to stop repaying interest in order to finance the Greek economy. But this is not our intention,’ he said, speaking in English.” Paul Taylor, “Greek leftist seeks negotiated debt write-off,” Reuters, February 4, 2014)

In an op-ed published in Le Monde of Paris, Tsipras mocked German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the “Sleepwalker of Europe,” urging her to realize that her characteristic methods of deflation and ultra austerity are failing everywhere, and actually represent a threat to Germany’s economic future as well. Tsipras is thus not a priori against the euro, and this sets him apart from the right-wing populists. In Rome he stressed that Europe is the battlefield where the class struggle of our time is being fought out, whether individual leftists like it or not. The European nations are interdependent, and the need for solidarity among them is greater now than at any time since World War II. The Tsipras list, he indicated, will defend Europe against conservatives, neoliberals, and pro-austerity social Democrats. It will not be the Europe of austerity, but a humanist and humanitarian Europe, concerned about the lives of immigrants.

In France, Tsipras will receive the backing of the Parti de gauche, led by Jean-Luc Mlenchon, who took about 11% of the votes in the first round of the last French presidential election. In Germany, Tsipras should be supported by Die Linke, which got almost 9% in last year’s general election. In Italy, there are no left wing parties in the 8 to 10% range, so Tsipras will have to rely on an ad hoc list including such figures as Guido Viale, a former leader of the anarcho-Maoist Lotta Continua, and Barbara Spinelli, the daughter of a leading Eurogarch and European federalist. Dubious figures like the anarchosyndicalist Toni Negri, formerly of Potere Operaio, are also circling in hope of increasing their own gate receipts through the prestige of Tsipras.

In introducing Tsipras in Rome, Viale stressed green and ecological themes, which Tsipras would be well advised to soft-pedal. Tsipras has shown great dexterity in purging Syriza of discredited leaders responsible for past defeats. Over time, he may be able to apply the same talents to the mixed bag of figures who are now joining his effort. In any case, European voters need to look beyond individual personalities or even individual national parties to recognize the urgent historical necessity of what Tsipras is doing, and support him wholeheartedly.

It is notable that Tsipras does not waste much time reciting the usual impotent litany of radical environmentalists and ecologists, whose concerns are often viewed as diversions for the affluent by desperate working families fighting for survival in this depression. Environmental concerns are quickly mentioned, but they get short shrift. That rhetoric will be largely relegated to the right wing European Greens. In this way, Tsipras can avoid the Malthusian blind alley of “green jobs” based on primitive windmill and solar cell technology which has done so much to cripple the left wing of the US Democratic Party. Tsipras must also take care to steer clear of the anti-infrastructure demagogy pedaled by the Italian Beppe Grillo and various anti-development or atrophy economists.

The Tsipras candidacy represents an important contribution to the potential success of the mass strike wave of 2014-2015 in Western Europe and North America which is now getting underway. It is a key step towards the creation of a European-wide anti-banker movement to seize control of the European Central Bank and to mobilize the credit-creating power of that institution for a vast infrastructure and science program capable of creating the 40 million new productive jobs Europe needs to exit from the current economic depression. Same old failed Keynesianism, Tarpley's an idiot. Does Greece not need to reform its government? Spending more diluted money isn't the answer, it's the problem. At some point, Greece is going to have to look in the mirror.

The Competition: Eurogarchs and Eurocrats on Parade

The outgoing president of the European Commission whom Tsipras wants to replace is the Portuguese Jos Manuel Barroso, a Bilderberg stalwart who traces his political lineage back to the fascist Salazar dictatorship which ruled in Lisbon for half a century up until 1975. Tsipras will be running for EU Commission chief against an array of the Eurogarchs and Eurocrats who have fought any vestiges of European social and economic justice left over from the Treaty of Rome, in line with their toxic neoliberal and pro-financier ideology favoring a Europe of the banks and cartels.

A leading adversary for Tsipras will be the current European Parliament president Martin Shultz of the social democratic block, a current which is in the midst of a hard pro-austerity and anti-worker right turn. The flagship German SPD has just entered a grand coalition government with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leader of the austerity Valkyries. In France, the socialist President Franois Hollande has totally repudiated his anti-austerity promises, and is launching new attacks on the standard of living of French working people, even as he promises to cut taxes on banks and corporations, to say nothing of planning a new Middle East war with Obama. In Italy, the vaguely socialist Democratic Party (which contains the remnants of the old PCI) has just the propelled the pro-austerity Mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, into power – a politician notorious for his opposition to unions and his plan to make Italy a hire and fire labor market on the worst American model.

Also in the running for the post of EU commission president for the Malthusian European Green Party of Germany will be Ska Keller, a former punk-rock devotee and opponent of coal mines in Brandenburg, and Jos Bove, the veteran anti-globalization activist who now likes to present himself in typical Rousseauvian fashion as a peasant. Only about 22,000 voters took part in the European Green internet primary, suggesting dwindling support for this right-tending formation. Working families looking for help will not find it here.

The explicitly pro-banker Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) has nominated former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt of the Bilderberg group, who narrowly edged out current EU Commission Vice President and economic and monetary affairs commissioner Olli Rehn of Finland, also of Bilderberg, who has aggressively represented the interests of European zombie bankers in Brussels. Rehn will likely now be a candidate to become the EU’s foreign affairs boss the post currently held by the unfortunate Lady Ashton.

The biggest caucus in the European Parliament is currently the European Popular Party, which is dominated by austerity ghoul Merkel, whose favored candidate is Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, a tiny nation dominated by its offshore banking center. The candidate will be chosen on March 6-7 in Dublin. Austerity enforcers like Greece’s Samaras, Mariano Rajoy of Spain, Victor Orban of Hungary, and Donald Tusk of Poland are members of this grouping.

US-UK Media Tout Right-Wing Racist and Anti-Euro Parties

So far, the Anglo-American news media have focused their attention on the supposed momentum being built up by racist, xenophobic, and anti-European parties. There is indeed a European tradition of using the European Parliament elections for protest votes. In the hopes of wrecking the euro as a rival to the dollar and the pound, the Anglo-Americans have been touting the potential of a xenophobic block (or “brownshirt international”) around Marine Le Pen of the French National Front and the Dutch Party for Freedom led by Geert Wilders, who have come together on a platform of wrecking the European Union from within. Le Pen is indeed likely to benefit from voters horrified by the failure of French President Hollande, but forming a parliamentary group at the European level requires 25 members from at least seven countries.

According to University of Georgia professor Cas Mudde, “eleven far right parties will (re-)gain entry into the next European Parliament: the Austrian FP (long led by the late Jrg Haider), the Belgian VB, the Bulgarian Attack, the Danish People’s Party (DFP), the Dutch PVV (Wilders), the French FN, Greek Golden Dawn (CA), the Hungarian Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik), the Italian Northern League (LN), the Latvian National Alliance (NA), and the Sweden Democrats (SD)” plus perhaps the Slovak People’s Party-New Slovakia (LSNS), for a total of between 40 and 50 seats. (Washington Post, February 11, 2014) Attack, Jobbik and Golden Dawn are more or less explicitly fascist. The UK Independence Party (UKIP), while thoroughly xenophobic and reactionary, is likely to remain in splendid isolation.

Also standing alone so far is the anti-immigrant Five Star movement of Italian demagogue Beppe Grillo, who is attempting to resurrect his sagging fortunes with a breakthrough in the European elections. According to Marine Le Pen, Grillo sought contact with her with a view toward some kind of an alliance, but these talks broke down. These are the groupings which Tsipras has in mind when he condemns right-wing populist leaders who, like the Ron Paul libertarians in the United States, claim to be opposed to the banker-dominated system, but who in reality function as the “reserve army” of the financiers’ system. In Italy, Tsipras is likely to take votes from Grillo.

Unlike these politicians, who are eager to serve London and Washington by developing a strident anti-euro demagogy, Tsipras recommends a struggle against the bankers on the existing European battlefield, rather than first retreating into the national isolation of small states where post-euro resistance against J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs would be even more difficult.

The European Left won about 4.5% of the votes in the last European Parliament election in 2009. This was approximately the strength of the Synaspisms party (the forerunner of Syriza) when Tsipras became its leader. Within a few years, Tsipras’ 4.5% had become 27% on the way to becoming the largest Greek party. We will soon see whether this exploit can be repeated at the European level.


Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1946. A philosopher of history, Tarpley seeks to provide the strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. He first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human History Against Oligarchy. His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. Tarpley holds a Ph.D. in early modern history from the Catholic University of America. More articles by Dr. Tarpley

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