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Default Victim Playing

This term should be mentioned as often as possible whenever the "Holocaust" is mentioned.

Victim playing is the fabrication of victimhood for a variety of reasons such as to justify abuse of others, to manipulate others, a coping strategy or attention seeking.

By abusers

Victim playing by abusers is either:

diverting attention away from acts of abuse by claiming that the abuse was justified based on another person's bad behavior (typically the victim)

soliciting sympathy from others in order to gain their assistance in supporting or enabling the abuse of a victim (known as proxy abuse).

It is common for abusers to engage in victim playing. This serves two purposes:

justification to themselves as a way of dealing with the cognitive dissonance that results from inconsistencies between the way they treat others and what they believe about themselves.

justification to others as a way of escaping harsh judgment or condemnation they may fear from others.
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The whole Jew front aka "ex-second-class" citizens plays the victim card against the White man.

These are their arguments when they try to gain pity, sympathy or to evoke compassion and thereby get something from the White man.

The White man stole the land of the indians.

The White man enslaved the blacks.

The White man holocausted the jews.

The White man oppressed the women.

The White man discriminated against homosexuals ...

Caring, conscientious and brainwashed people cannot stand to see anyone suffering, and the Jew front manipulator often finds it easy and rewarding to play on feelings like guilt, remorse or fairness to advance their agenda.

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.

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