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Smile How do you dress in real life ?

I think one of the most interesting points when it comes to people with our political conviction would be how they "present" themselves when outside . .

Just wondering . .Do you dress in stereotypical 'right-winger' manner ( as is often propagated by the media ) or what ?

Surely not every so called 'right-winger' runs around wearing skinhead look , displaying a t-shirt saying "Proud 2 B Aryan" or something . .

However , we are a 'special case' when it comes to society . .

Other people follow blindly , most of us , I think , understand the world better than the folks who have been blinded from reality . .

So . . wondering . .How do you "present" yourselves ?

As for me , when it comes to dressing , I do not wear any of the so-called "stereotypical" right-winger stuff . .

I never was a skinhead ( have nothing against them though ) , I more or less dress "ordinary" ( in a well-understood manner ) . .

TBH I dress in a way that people respect me . .

Mostly non-political t-shirts , hoodie , sneakers , often even biker-sunglasses and my hair , which I currently wear at about shoulders lenght I often have tied together . .

I should add that I currently wear a goatie beard which , pretty much like my main hair , is , from colour , "dirty blonde" . .

So what might one figure out by these looks ?

A "person who stands for something" ?

Up to them . .

Since "dirty blonde" is my natural hair colour ( pretty much like the guy pictured . .)

. . maybe some might figure from it which I in a way emphasize by tieing it togeher and by my goatie of the same colour that Aryanism is important to me ?

Anyway . .

I know true blondes are seldom today ( those who have their hair coloured are more often ) , yet , as an old saying goes . .

"Blondes have more fun . ."

J / k , guys . .

So , your style of dressing ?

Care to share ?



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