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Old January 6th, 2022 #1
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jewsign Tyrannical kike vampire "judge" (((Harvey A. Silberman))) threatens to deny man time with his child if he refuses the jewish clot shot

Flanked by their lawyers, the divorced parents hashed out an agreement outside the Pasadena courtroom and returned to inform the judge: They had agreed their young son would get the COVID-19 vaccine.

"Absolutely he needs to be vaccinated," Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Harvey A. Silberman said.

Then he asked the parents: "Are the two of you vaccinated?"

The mother said yes. The father said no. "Sir, you better get vaccinated," the judge said, according to a court transcript. "Or you could very well lose time with your child unless you have a medical reason not to."
Smash jewish supremacy. Smash globalism. Smash ZOG. Use ad blockers at all times to starve off the (((beast))).

clot shot, covid-19, genocide, jews


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