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Kind Lampshade Maker
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Kind Lampshade Maker

Originally Posted by KellyThorensen View Post
...I refuse to give any money to companies that support gays or minorities...
GM is run by Dorks. They had countless chances to use valuable intellectual resources wisely and have blown (no pun intended) nearly every chance. As the dollar was 3 to 1 against the former Deutsche Mark, GM could have started importing components and drivetrains from their Opel affiliate, to enhance their thrifty model palette. Now, they even resorted to selling Opel, leaving themselves with one less state-of-the-art engineering studio. So, what are they doing now? Producing Opel designs, in dog & cat-eating Korea to sell in the U.S.
Even 3rd ranking Chrysler used to build vehicles with Mercedes drivetrains for the U.S. market, before Merecedes pulled out of the affair because of non-related issues
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Mr Murray
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Mr Murray

I can't believe anyone who's a regular poster here would drive anything other than a VolksWagen.

In silver and black of course.

67 rs/ss best camaro, advertising, camaro, chevy, general motors, queers


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