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Old June 11th, 2017 #1
Ted Ferguson
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 47
Default How Was the White Race Created/Evolved?

We're susceptible to sunburn, which to me implies cold-weather "incubation". I just wonder how. I've heard one theory that whites evolved away from blacks but for some reason I suspect that some white de-volved INTO blacks, somehow. IDK. I have a keen interest in this type of thing but honestly lose patience with voodoo and bullshit. It seems to me that the archaeological record ought to at least give us the "broad strokes", plus DNA ought to fill in a lot of the other details, however first the mud people hide all the science because they don't want the white race to know that it's inferior genetics and not "racism" that is the cause of their substandard performance, but then once you get into "white identity" circles online, there's a whole host of obviously mentally disordered people with crackpot theories seeking others to reinforce them.

I watched, or tried to watch, a Youtube video yesterday titled something like "Ancient Technology We Still Can't Figure Out" and it was like 20 minutes long and I skipped through it real fast. Every time the narrator ran his pie-hole about something that had nothing to do with "ancient technology" I skipped a minute. 30 seconds later the video was over and that's when I realized these people make their retarded and extravagant claims as bait to lure the unwary into their mental trap of retarded drivel and bullshit mostly because they are lonely, and also because they are highly mediocre and have no other way to feel like the are competent and capable in doing anything substantive, so they become world-class experts in their highly specialized form of bullshit, and finally because they are nutters and love to hear the noise of their own blabbering, echoing around in their empty craniums.

I say all this as a warning to "those kind" of people. By power of internet language, I'll eviscerate you, loop your still-warm intestines over the nearest tree and hang you from it while forcing you to sing "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" by jabbing you in the butthole with a stick every time you stop singing. I'll video the whole thing, and upload to Youtube and THEN I'll buy your mom a laptop, help her connect it to the internet, and we'll sit down together on her couch, in her living room, and watch her son's final moments of being hung from a tree and choked to death, from his own, warm intestines while singing "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" while getting poked in the butthole with a stick. She'll weep with joy to discover that her son, after decades of her fervent prayer (to God, and not "Odin"), finally accomplished something noteworthy with his life.


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