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Originally Posted by Steven L. Akins View Post
I think the public basically falls into two categories - conservatives and liberals.

Nothing we can say or do is likely to change a liberal's mind because they are committed to supporting everything that most of us are against - the very things that the Jew promotes in their efforts to destroy us as a race: integration, feminism, homosexuality, immigration, environmentalism, diversity, etc. Those are all liberal causes.

On the other hand, I think conservatives are more susceptible to being swayed in our direction. Sure, most of them are brainless, church-going, patriotic, Israel defending bozos, but at least they are interested in preserving some of the same things that WN want to preserve.

Conservatives should be the people we focus on in our efforts to expose the Jews for who and what they are. Conservatives just need to be exposed to the facts; it's our job to do that. That should be our work and the primary focus of our efforts.
Good point but sad to say it seems that the libtards far outnumber the conservatives by a great deal.

I guess when and if the shit hits the fan those in the *know* will be far better off then the brain dead libtard zombies.


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