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jewsign we really should be doing something...?

ive done all i can but i give up trying to get these fucking insects to open their eyes and show interest in something other than staring at their phones. the people here in california are so fucking mindless its amazing. you can smash someone in the face with facts thats are so monumental and life changing that their brains just dont compute and id sooner catch a hate crime than any of these fucking dipshits being able to understand the seriousness of the treachery being done on part of the jew beast.

but the media is pushing real hard lately about this civil war bullshit on the 2nd or after the election whos knows. its all just a cover for the predictable genocide the jew beast lusts for.
we are being misrepresented by the jewish media press and jewish diplomatic service and we need to get these jews out of our government .

and to make matters worse you cant even say a fucking thing on here because those cocksuckers are on here more than any of us are and they fawn over every slur its so funny trying to find this site its on the 4th page after a shit load of other pages its out of control
"racists white supremist nactionalist jew hating anti semites satan whorshipping devil monger white power far right fucking jesus christ how many words can the jew beast come up with to mean the same fucking thing already we get it i accept and am unashamed that i fucking h-a-t-e the jews first and foremost and hitler will have his fucking justice

sorry i cant start going down that road i get fired up
but seriously we should be doing some shit.
completely non violent non threatening totally legal shit btw
and nothing else. o.0
oh yeah im in Los Angeles by the way we need to get a fucking horde of woods and blitzs some shit. you know like the crepe?

the kikes want wa. r


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