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Ted Ferguson
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Default My Thoughts on Comey

It's been blaring for days in the next room.

I start off with a couple of "known variables". First you don't get to become, and remain, the Head of the FBI without having mad skilz. (You see where this is going, right?)

So if you are playing Tony Parker 1 on 1 and you discover that you are WINNING, you don't stand there with your sagging beer belly and your jowly expression of befuddled wonderment and suddenly have the epiphany that you've MISSED YOUR CALLING and you are the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER.

So then why would these jackasses on Fox News, CNN and MSLSD assume that FBI Director James Comey doesn't have mad skilz at being the absolute world champion at Law Enforcement and Bureaucratic Maneuver. You aren't qualified to play the NBA, what makes you (the Public, particularly those retards on MSM) think they can even KNOW what Comey is up to.

So that's thing one; respect. Gotta have it. False sense of security is more dangerous than anything else.

So all my assumptions are predicated on the idea that Comey knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and if Trump is "Winning" then Comey is the reason for it.

So I'll just cut to the chase here. Comey made that "documentation" of his meeting with Trump for the express purpose of committing a crime. There's no doubt here. Federal employee on Federal time in a Federal vehicle using a Federal laptop documenting an official meeting with Comey's boss, the President of the United States. It didn't start off "Dear Diary, That President Trump is sure mean! Signed, Little Jimmy Comey."

If Comey is lying (and I think he's lying) it's not about the "what" facts of the situation, it's about his own motivation to explain what he's done. And none of his "why's" add up to me. Trump says "You better hope there's no "tape" of this meeting." and somehow that compels Comey to DO something? That makes no sense. Plus you and I both know that, at that level, both of those guys had recording devices going. Please. Don't be stupid. Obama's personal J. Edgar Hoover meets Trump: Destroyer of Worlds and Instrument of Death, and neither of these guys AREN'T going to record the meeting. Nixon recorded his "criminal" meetings 40 years ago. NewEgg sells tiny 1080p cameras for $35 dollars. So let's just assume both sides had hi-res video of the whole thing.

So then what's this stuff about Comey "documenting" with is two busy index fingers, hunting and pecking in a moving Federal vehicle? He's preparing to commit a crime, is what this stuff is about.

So right, your sitting there in your tighty-whities and you are wondering "WTF is this guy about, proposing to me that the Head of the FBI, James Comey hisself is deliberately putting effort into committing a crime. But why, WHY? you wail, "It's just so WRONG!"...

What do people, particularly white-collar people do after they commit a crime and then are called into some kind of judicial proceedings to be held to account? That's right they PLEAD THE FIFTH.

So while Congress "investigates" Comey and his "minor infraction" "leak" of (totally irrelevant and bullshit information that means nothing to no one, that's how I figured this all out), Comey having obviously committed the crime (he's already confessed to it before Congress) not only pleads the 5th about THAT crime, he...


Pleads the 5th about EVERYTHING.

Now you wake up. Hurumph? Whaa? Brzzitmuzzle? What "everything".

He was Obama's stooge for 8 years, imbecile. What do you think "everything" is.

Obama's surveillance of American citizens
Obama's surveillance of the Trump campaign.
Obama forwarding the results of all of that surveillance to the DNC (dead Seth Rich?)
Hillary's "Pay for Play" scam giving foreign governments access to the Secretary of State in exchange for contributions to the Clinton Foundation
Hillary's "Ooops I can't figure out how to use this gosh-darn Blackberry" private email server that "accidentally" gave who-knows-who access to all of her classifed information on demand. (I personally think the Russians hacked that dumb cunt's Server and that's why she hates them so much.)
The DNC screwing the Bern-outs and Bernie out of electing him the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Plus, let's not forget the Republicans are just as bad, or worse. So we should all assume that Comey had the goods and a taste of the action (just enough to wet his beak, as they say) on them as well. And also the Trump campaign. I mean, think about it. If you could drag J. Edgar Hoover out of the grave, slap some makeup on him and put him on the witness stand, what kinds of questions would you ask him? THAT is what Comey will be facing. So choice "A" is to answer questions truthfully, and expose everything, "B" is plead the 5th and make everyone wonder what Comey did that was illegal, or "C" commit a minor crime, plead the 5th, everyone thinks they know what crime he committed, why he's pleading the 5th and feels good about that nice man who made a small mistake and now he's sorry and so he's forgiven and the whole thing goes away forever.

Some hard-right wingers will try to give him immunity. It will fail. There's just too much to hide. It's too deep, it's too pervasive, there are too many elements of the government that are too complicit in too serious of a conspiracy and I think it's entirely possible if the full scope of what's being covered up, civil war would immediately result.

Who killed Seth Rich?
What about this uranium deal with Russia?
Why are the globalists demanding war with Syria and ISIS both, while the Syria/Russia coalition is the only effective check and balance against ISIS?

I mean seriously. When there's government money floating around and Democrats are obviously helping themselves to it and the former Director is falling on a small pen-knife to protect them, you just KNOW that the lion's share of that government money has been "awarded" to the military industrial complex and the neocon patriotards.

Okay so maybe a lot of that is flaming crap. My main point here is that Comey is playing a deep game with a high level of skill and not making any mistakes, and although he is telling some of the truth about the facts of the situation, he is completely lying about his personal motivations and the reasons for why he has done what he has done. That's the dissonance, that "splinter in the mind" that's been bugging me. He's lying, but not in the way that most people think.
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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

What made you think that this was the right part of the forum to post this?
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Ted Ferguson
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 47

Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
What made you think that this was the right part of the forum to post this?
I have a few hairs around my asshole that have evolved at an exponential rate, such that they have acquired full sentience, and the ability to communicate with me via telepathy.

Sometimes they are wrong, due primarily to being in such close proximity to an asshole, but they are usually right, and so when they tell me things, I pay attention, and when they give me advice or instructions, I usually follow it. So (and thanks for asking), I was telepathically told to post this thread here, by the sentient hairs right next to my asshole.

Should I tell them they were wrong? Exactly where should I tell my asshole hairs this post belongs? Since you seem to know, maybe you could become one of my sentient and telepathic asshole hairs? There's always room around my asshole for another sentient and telepathic asshole hair, and somehow I feel like you'll fit right in with the others.

Last edited by Ted Ferguson; June 17th, 2017 at 11:45 PM.


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