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Old 2 Weeks Ago #1
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Default Michigan businesses in uproar after city decriminalizes public urination, defecation

"Kalamazoo, Mich., business owners are furious after city leaders voted to decriminalize public urination, defecation and littering, among other offenses, all under the guise of “equitable changes.”

Becky Bil and Cherri Emery spoke with “Fox & Friends First” host Todd Piro on Thursday, relaying their concerns about the devastating impacts that could result.

“I don’t have a horrible time outside my shop particularly … but my neighbor has had human feces outside his door,” Bil said. The Pop City Popcorn co-owner also stressed her neighboring store owner’s struggle with an increase in littering, a struggle she says continues despite ambassadors coming to the area to help clean up.

Emery, who owns a chocolate and coffee shop in Kalamazoo, said she witnessed the consequences of lenient city leaders firsthand.

“One day, we kept smelling something in the back of the store … and it was human feces,” she said."
Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
Old 2 Weeks Ago #2
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Question whats the problem?

sheeet, when a nigger gots to go he gots to go bitch

'He who knows the truth and does not speak it is a miserable coward' ... Julius Streicher
Old 2 Weeks Ago #3
James Radov
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James Radov

when they say a place is shithole they really go with it..?

Probaly in the capitol of nigger-amerikwa, Detroit, aka Detoilet
thats not even an issue with amount of dead niggers and ruined city..

why do they qualify it though "Business Owners"..
propaganda effort.. so other than "Business Owners' [not employees] everyone else in the Zoo is perfectly fine with homless or nigger or whover shititng in the street?

That the state with leftist commie cunt governor Gretchen.. this is one more way she shows how much better than Trump she is and totally should have been there instead of kamala...

The real question is.. will this increase immigration from India...


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