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Default Postmodern love

for more free info see ARYANH8.COM

The author does not take responsibility for those who choose to follow a M.G.T.O.W or degenerate
lifestyle but has penned these slight works to serve as a portrayal of the zeitgeist of the Kali Yuga.
The author recommends only a course of wisdom and prudent caution in all conduct with the female
Given the nature of the J.O.G legal system and bias against males whose livelihood may be threatened
by golddiggers or vengeful females who have decided their former man-slave’s use-value has come to
an end, prudence in all things is recommended according to the prescriptions laid out in Aristotle’s
Nicomacean Ethics.
Indeed it is wise to heed the words of the wise and such figures as Nietszche, Shopenhauer, Evola and
Aristotle are excellent sources to ponder upon in developing, polishing the pearls of one’s wisdom.
The ‘Sexual Strategy’ outlined in the handbook ‘The Iron Tablet of Odin’ provides a practical course of
action to take in all affairs of the heart.
In reading the following therefore know that these poor manuscripts are meant only as ‘perspectives’
shedding the light of truth on matters of love and lust and perhaps serve to better guide the aim of
cupid’s bow towards its target.
Give it to Beaver: a meeting of a traditional and a post-modern family
Traditional: Gather round family we are about to greet our long absent friends who have just arrived
from America. Unfortunately we have not had the privilege of sojourning to that wondrous land. Let
us welcome our friends. Here they are now I hear them knocking.
Post-modern: ‘Sup foo! Wha’s crackin loq! Jus’ playin’ wit chu homie y’all know dat! The chillin be
here now – line up now chillin! I said line up now! Well dey don’t wanna line up so I’ll make de
introductions: Laqueesha over der she just got her y’know whatcha call it ‘abortion’ – she be the first
one of the litter ain’t but 12 year. D’other chil’ she be not 9 yet – I think – and she flunking her grades
but dad o.k. she gon’ be jus’ fine once dem babies start coming! Sho nuff!
Over der dat be de man of de house – he rollin’ wit de Blackface crew an’ cashin’ in big money –
y’know what I’m saying! D’old man he done run off somewheres devil take ‘im and ain’t got no chil’
support. Don’t matter anyway he done no good fo’ nobody anyhow! Shee de state be a betta father than
he ne’er be.
T: Pardon me my good woman I believe you must have the wrong household for we are seeking the
company of an old acquaintance and we have not the privilege of knowing yours. A thousand apologies
but we simply can’t continue to dialogue with you as we must await the arrival of our good friends.
PM: Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout!? Ain’t you the Joneses from round the way? Y’all look like dey does!
T: I do apologize my good woman but our name is James and we have no knowledge of this group you
reference. Please excuse us while we wait for our dear friends. And thank you for your time.
PM: Sheet! (Walks off and door is closed)
PM2 (the proper family): Greetings friends! Here we are after our long absence in the Americas back
to the homeland of our ancestors. I would like to sit down and discuss our respective families good
neighbour. By the way how much did you pay for your house? Ours was within the highest income
bracket where we were staying and near the river. We had a large yard where the children could play
when they were little. By the way they are here with us now. They are teenagers now as you know
whereas they were young children when we last saw you. Let me introduce you: Jaden here is
attending high school and is first in her class. She is also on the debate team and is a champion of
human rights in the local multi-cultural club. She aspires to be a United Nations ambassador when she
attains maturity.
T: She sure is a healthy young girl. But my so many tattoos – surely those are a sign of…
PM2: Tattoos? Oh all the young girls get them nowadays! They are a way of demonstrating their
liberation from heterosexual white male patriarchy and proving to the world that they have nothing to
T: Indeed. She sure appears rebellious with all of her piercings and skimpy clothes.
PM2: Her civics teacher who is a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and head of the feminist community at
her school advises all the younger girls to dress down as a protest against the treatment of women and
girls as sex objects. By dressing down they demonstrate that they don’t care if they are treated as sex
objects because they transcend the norms of a rigid western patriarchal society.
T: But surely such a society is what enables them to ‘dress down’ as you would call it…what societal
form would you prescribe in place of this ‘patriarchal’ one as you call it.
PM2: Surely you jest! Only one remains, which is an egalitarian society wherein the boundaries
between races and genders are broken down and substituted with a rainbow reality of love and peace.
Such is the goal our dear daughter is striving to manifest. She has always espoused goal of a
universal humanity genuflecting before the earth mother as their most gracious god and mother love.
T: Sounds very Christian this utopia of yours: (presumably those spoken of as human) somehow
equalized in terms of the division of labour; all selflessly sacrificing their own personal selfsatisfaction
for the ‘earth mother’ as you call it, an idealized concept of materialistic naturalism which
is endowed with female qualities to bind the brainwashed slaves in happy obeisance to an abstract
matriarchal god-form.- If not Christian then at least communist.
PM2: I won’t stand for being called a Christian! Nothing is more abhorrent to me than to be included in
or compared to that group of patristic, violent totalitarian authoritarian personality types. The very
notion makes me ill. However communism though it failed in past instances was and is a workable
idealistic philosophy worth another try. I truly believe this and look forward to its success.
T: Very well comrade we shall see what eventuates in this world once revolution begins. As to wealth
redistribution I was quite nonplussed to bear witness to a large number of homeless yesterday.
PM2: Homelessness! Truly a sad state when the world is the home of all. Wealth clearly must be
shared and our family does its part – it’s the least we can do with our vast fortune. We donate to
several charities and love to bring joy to those in need.
T: Why then is there poverty in your own town and in mine? Where does all of this redistributed wealth
go? There are many who still have nothing.
PM2: It is given to those who are in real need – those in the third world who deserve a chance. Most of
those who are local homeless are there for a reason.
T: And that would be…
PM2: They are on drugs or from the lower classes and typically drunkards or work-shy. They are given
plenty and yet still have nothing – their own fault.
T: I doubt they are all on drugs but if they are that should be remedied not encouraged or ignored with
all of the wealth to be redistributed drug addiction would be a thing of the past – if it were justly
distributed as most charities simply abscond with most of the proceeds for alleged administrative fees
and send the remainder to third world countries so that they can conceive larger and larger populations
which not only can’t be sustained by technological means nor should be, but can’t be sustained in
terms of the natural environment either. Hence the feeding of the third world is to feed a problem
which simply exacerbates over time. The more they are given the more chaos and destruction will
PM2: The world can sustain billions more.
T: Should it? Is it not the contention of environmentalists that there are already too many mouths to
feed, too many ‘consumers’ they say, and that the global population requires a decrease not an increase
of current numbers?
PM2: That may be so but still – they are an innocent group who deserve our help surely. T:
Perhaps it is nature’s contention that they are not so deserving…?
PM2: Here is our son fresh out of summer camp! It is a special camp where young men – he is 14 –
go to learn to tolerate and understand the different cultures which so enrich our lives.
T: Cultures that are Trojan horses within our society and which proliferate as so many cancer cells: the
rape culture of Muslim males, the gang culture of blacks and Asians – the list goes on.
PM2: Not so! This summer camp – only for the elect of course – espouses an inclusive philosophy of
diversity in which all are one and celebrate each other’s differences in a holistic framework of
harmonious love and peace. Our son was very pleased to discover that he is a homosexual and that he
simply was suffering under the hegemony of repressive white male patriarchy that structured his
developing self-understanding into a rigid mold that had to be broken. He broke that mold this summer
with his new lover Sam Goldberg. The camp counsellor was very eager to superintend their
togetherness – her name is Sally Reitman.
T: Sounds like a very Jewish gathering.
PM2: Well I’m not sure they were religious – but maybe? In any case our son has become a crusader
fo homosexual rights. He refuses to be repressed in his sexual exploration and self- discovery by the
patriarchy. In a way this is his form of rebellion against the tyranny of this planet.
T: Which would that be?
PM2: Why the fascists of course! - The authoritarian personality type which is biologically inherent in
all white heterosexual males. It is the reason why I had got a vasectomy – to discontinue any possibility
of procuration so that the hated white race will cease to conceive white people, given their inherent
tendencies towards aggression and hegemonic oppression of visible minorities and women as well as
the various genders. Oppression of all kinds will cease with the white male of course – it is inevitable!
T: But what about Jews – don’t they have these same tendencies given their involvement in the slave
trade of both whites and blacks, their fomentation of the major wars of history as well as their
economic enslavement of the world’s people through their banking system? Not to mention their mind
control through the media that they control, as well as all major publishing companies and academia
which they have perverted to suit their political ends.
PM2: That’s anti-Semitism! Whatever power Jews have in the world is probably gained through hard
work and long suffering. Why would they have suffered so much in the holocaust if they were the
cause of global strife? Couldn’t they have put a stop to that madman Hitler?!
T: That would be a lengthy discussion. Consulting any revisionist historian would answer any questions
you might have on these issues.
PM2: In any case I’m sure whoever is controlling society is very cunning and that white male privilege
is the ultimate factor.
T: Where is your wife?
PM2: Oh we choose not to call it that as we have never formalized our relations. We like to keep an
open relationship – more inclusive that way you see. We choose to live apart though I volunteered to
take custody of the kids until they are of age. She is just too burdened with all of her duties as a public
administrator and part-time professor at the local university teaching gender studies. She can manage
though as she has a live-in girlfriend who was born in Somalia who helps her with the duties. They
were together during our living together until we decided to choose separate dwellings as a means of
preserving a safe space for each other. I not wanting to exert patriarchy over her nascent relationship
with her Somalian lover – whose name is Freki by the way – decided it was best to relocate within our
university town. The children of course were educated so that they would come to appreciate that pure
love can only come in homosexual relationships as heterosexual relationships are by their very nature
oppressive forms of patriarchy. Hence our son has become an embodiment of this pure love of platonic
T: And yourself – how are you doing? Have you written your book of poems yet as you had
communicated to me over the phone some years back in our brief conversation of those times?
PM2: Yes I have and it is causing waves amongst the intelligentsia of the left. It is called ‘Tears of the
Downtrodden’ and is dedicated to the young negress who presented at the United Nations conventions
on racism. They are mementos of he who could never understand the plight of the voiceless, namely a
heterosexual white male.
T: But if this negress is voiceless why is she presenting to the United Nations? That surely implies that
she, as representative of her endless mass of putative victims, is being heard through being granted a
global audience? I see now why your poems are so popular with the majority and have such mass
appeal. Everyone loves a victim; it enables them to feel superior through a power dynamic where they
are the master, the recipient being the slave. Thus they establish themselves in a position of greater
power through conferrance of the object of desire upon that of they who desire – they exert power over
the recipient – giving in order to take.
PM2: Profound philosophy indeed but my motives are pure – I have nothing but love for all the
children of the world and look forward to the day when all will sing the international global anthem
under the rainbow flag of universal love and peace.
T: Shall we meet my family dearest friend? I have them awaiting us in the drawing room and they are
eager to meet you and your children.
PM2: Lead the way…
T: This is Johnny my eldest boy – he is but 15 and yet has become a nationally recognized chess
grandmaster having just won this year’s tournament in this region. He is also the captain of the
football team and will be taking his team to the pennant this season.
PM2: Barbarous sport! Such knuckle-dragging exercise is fitted only for the coarsest of brutes! And
chess! A game which is merely war writ small, a microcosm of that terrible macrocosm which shrouds
the world in darkness! Fie upon it! My young son would never partake of such crude combat – why,
he is a lover not a fighter!
T: Pity…but we must all make our mark; some through the mud and blood of conquest and war, others
through the mud of a different sort.
PM2: Hmmm…and who is this young girl? - Your daughter? But she is so old-fashioned-looking
caparisoned in a raiment of slavery with her dress and bow in her hair – veritable shackles of domestic
serfdom! Is this, comrade, what you are preparing your daughter for – to be the serf of a brute
shackled to a stove and existing only to be at the beck and call of the coarse lusts of a ruffian – for
what modern man would have tolerance for such inequality!
T: It is her wish to dress so – and I am proud of her choice. She is currently learning another musical
instrument along with her expertise with the piano – the flute, and has been making straight A’s in her
courses. She aspires to be a teacher of youth who she understands need much guidance in this
degenerate world. Observe – she and her mother have made a scrumptious pumpkin pie for you and
your family!
PM2: Look at my son he is continuing his sexploration – this time with the dog!
T: I must protest such vile acts in this house. Please, take your pumpkin pie and leave my residence.
PM2: (taking pumpkin pie and throwing it at ‘T’): Intolerant bigot! I can stand your attitude no longer.
Come children let’s go! Where is daughter? Son take a break from your exertions and let us look for
T: Where is my son? We must find them!
(Both enter into master bedroom and the son and daughter fornicating in the white sheets) Mother:
They make a perfect couple!

M.G.T.O.W. or Manliness? – A dialogue between Dudley Dooright (D) and Snidely Whiplash (S)
D: Hold Snidely Whiplash you base-born son of a cur – I Dudley Dooright, hero of the Mounties am
here – you shan’t get away!
S: Curses you got me Dooright – let’s make a deal: if I can best you in argument you must let me go
and continue my nefarious schemes of brigandage – deal?
D: Whiplash I know that I am in the right and no sophistries on your part would ever be sufficient to
best me – you shall have your debate! Now what topic is it that you wish to discuss? I need no
preparation for honed am I as a keen blade in the realm of all manner of subjects: philosophy, politics,
the sciences. Your feeble wit will undoubtedly be vanquished by my own.
Now speak up – what shall the topic be?
S: I propose, since we are forever brought together over that hussy you are forever doting on, that we
debate over the merits and demerits of they who are falsely called the fairer sex and strive to answer
the question as to whether they are worth the effort beyond mere sport, in other words to phrase it in
the form of a proposition: ‘MGTOW or Manliness’.
D: I refrain from dispatching you now only as I have given my word to honour this contract with you
for my Nell has never been nor ever will be infidelitous and though I at present have not received the
favour of her affections I know her to be merely shy, demur in her expression of the like for myself.
But pray, what do you mean by your proposition? What is ‘MGTOW’ and in what way is it
contradistinguished from ‘manliness’, for by the disjunctive form of your proposition I infer that the
two are in fact contraries.
S: As contrary as black and white Dooright! Yes as contrary as you and I though distinction is more
subtle and misunderstood in the popular mind which you yourself judging by your swaggering devotion
to your would-be paramour clearing replicate – their error that is.
D: Speak plain man – I understand nothing of this cryptic speech!
S: Very well Dooright what I mean is this: MGTOW is an acronym which denotes ‘men going their
own way’ which means in the vernacular that practice or lifestyle adhered to by men who privilege
themselves and their personal projects over playing the role of a white knight such as thee Dooright!
Yes it means autonomy over matrimony, over slavery – it means freedom!
D: Freedom is the negative, there is no freedom save in chains! Without a woman in a man’s life there
is no refulgent beacon casting its charming glow over her hero and saviour, her provider and defender.
This I would look upon as manliness – to self-sacrificially defend to the death if need be the frail and
weak fairer sex which you sarcastically malign with your vile words. How could freedom exist when
there is nothing to be free for and only ‘free from’, namely a woman. Given that this is the basis of
life, the cradle of civilization, without the tender mother love of a fair maiden there would be no life!
S: Naiveté to the extreme Dooright! There are countless women in the world and countless men also.
However, biologically there need only be a ratio of one man to many women – for within a
polygamous structure there would not be any woman unpaired and those men who wish to play the
sucker’s role could provide for many fair dames. Of course this assumes that society matters and it is
not the individual alone who matters. You say freedom for what and posit woman as the prize! I
denounce your prize and put in its place the goddess of wisdom, of learning and of artistic creation.
The prize you seek can be found in the gutter for a few kopeks, in the dens of iniquity in the red light
district. Life will go on Dooright, just as white knights such as you will continue to trip over yourself
for the lights of your life – false lights I might add for the real light shines within! As to manliness
this dutiful honour concept of yours is simply the manifestation of biological drives urging you to
propagate the species and spread your genes to a posterity that depends upon such a transmission.
Indeed Dooright it is the height of egotism to put yourself on a pedestal as the defacto ruler of the
world without whom the species would cease. Such is the hypocrisy of the ‘self-sacrificial’- as they
envision their ‘self-sacrifice’ as the basis of the world’s existence pivoting upon them as its axis.
D: Snidely what you say goes against all my better instincts…but perhaps you are right – perhaps
these ‘instincts’ are merely biological drives which impel me unconsciously towards my own
destruction, the destruction of all higher purpose that would otherwise be unrealized.
Nevertheless I persist in my devotion to Nell, the love of my life – for her I would die if need be.
S: Dooright you are indeed a sucker who has made yourself a devoted slave to the caprice of a
woman. For her favour you would cast away all wisdom and its fruits; you would dissipate your
creative drive through low-minded puppy love what you laughably call ‘love’. The real meaning of
which is harmony which implies autonomy not subordination. Hence your love amounts to little more
than self-hate as you have sold your autonomy for a pittance and acquired moreover a ball and chain
shackling you to the mundane things of life.
D: Hypocrite! I observed you just yesterday on my rounds with a serving wench – how then can you
affirm that my honourable devotion to Nell is not of a higher more exalted nature than your
philandering with various and sundry base wretches from the lower orders?
S: You fail to distinguish Dooright between Eros and platonic love (sophrosyne). The partaking of
wenching is merely an exercise of the will, a means of transcending the baser drives and thereby
demonstrating mastery over them while simultaneously experiencing and thereby knowing them in
their true nature. In your case you elevate these drives in your lack of illumination to the level of the
goal of existence nullifying your own autonomy and identity in the act – it is a gesture of self-murder
this wilful subordination to another and for no greater purpose than the realization of base drives, their
gratification in animal tryst. In my case this tryst is merely a springboard to the divine, a
consciousness raising and expanding pursuit which enables me to overcome the lower drives.
Through their exercise they are transcended whereas in your case they are perverted and become the
sole object of desire thereby consuming your energies in as you say ‘devotion’ which implies
subordination to an external Other.
D: There is no higher form of consciousness that the recognition of another as receptacle of one’s
love; that one sees himself in the other and completes himself in that other. This is love and nothing
could be more harmonious than self-sacrifice. This is what it means to be dutiful and to have honour –
to have the willingness and the ability to sacrifice oneself for another without expectation of reward.
S: Again laughable Dooright! Extinction of the self is attained through such ‘self-sacrifice’ – it is even
inherent in the very term. Such is the mark of the madman blinded by his biological drives. Have I not
yet proved to you that MGTOW is the way and your conventional brand of white- knighting – what
you call ‘manliness’ – is merely folly and a delusion. MGTOW is the way to the higher consciousness
this ‘manliness’ of yours is the way to perdition.
D: You contend then that this is extinction and that no higher mind can be cultivated through devotion
to a woman? Why then do I feel so uplifted and full of happiness around Nell – oh Nell, Nell my truest
S: Your feelings and sentiments are merely the operations of the lower mind Dooright; they indicate no
higher but rather a lower consciousness trapped in what the ancients call ‘Maya’ or ‘illusion’. The
higher mind transcends this illusion and the sex magick rituals I undergo with my harem of maids –
which I through my higher will could forgo on the instant – simply serves as a springboard to the
D: Speak not of such vile practices Whiplash! Rather justify your claim that it is not manly to serve in
self-sacrificial devotion a fair maiden. I contend that this is nobility itself.
S: I will refute your contention easily Dooright! And this from the standpoint of etymology: ‘manas’
means mind and its cognate ‘manliness’ simply means the embodiment of the higher mind. It is
conventionally associated with masculinity as only men are able to attain this state hence the
linguistic cognates used to denote and connote that which is ‘manly’ or ‘ma-sculine’, etc. Selfsacrifice
in the sense of self-destruction which implies the sacrifice of the higher mind of which you
are a part is blind folly and the mark of an undeveloped being. Such a being cannot even claim to be a
‘man’ let alone manly as it has no higher principle. Thus it is merely a hybrid at beast of animal-man.
D: Truly Whiplash you are a word twister! When I mean ‘man’ I mean flesh and blood such as I or
you! The higher principles you allude to either exist in all or are mere fictions, the sport of
semanticists such as yourself who refuse to acknowledge the bare bones realities of life, namely that
people cannot develop these metaphysical qualities you ascribe to them – that they are either there or
they are not. To be manly is to be brave and courageous to sacrifice oneself for the greater good and
for a woman especially! It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak and the weak to tend to the
wounds of the strong! This Whiplash is the basis of life and how societies function!
S: Dooright will you never learn! We are not speaking of society but of the higher principles and states
of consciousness. Such women as I partake of are alike to all women! – Mere stable sweeps and
kitchen maids ripe for sport as a springboard to the divine. In order to achieve these states which are
properly spoken of as ‘manly’ one must have a willingness to recognize for what they are these other
alleged virtues of yours: mere chains to be wound around one’s neck and hobbles to transcendence.
Once understood that in the capacity of a white knight it is you who are being ridden by the Red Queen
then you will understand the necessity of dealing with the so- called ‘fairer sex’ in the proper way
namely as a tool for immanent transcendence or nothing.
They obviously serve the function of raising children but this need not concern us Dooright no matter
how wilfully subordinate you wish to be, prostrating yourself at the feet of what you believe to be a
goddess but who is in reality a mere whore!
D: To continue to malign woman in that way Whiplash is to incur my wrath! Only my word keeps me
from shooting you down as the cur you are.
S: Too late now Dooright I see behind you your lovely Nell who wouldn’t want her white knight to
harm another. You must consider her interests Dooright as her interests are your own near and dear to
your heart.
Nell enters into the conversation.
D: Nell! I have long been waiting to see you! Where have you been it has been so long and my
devotion to you only waxes the hotter with absence?
N: Oh…Dooright, I mean Dudley…please forgive me I didn’t notice you. I had come with a message
for Mr. Whiplash.
D: Mr. Whiplash! – A message?
(Nell walks by Dudley Dooright to Snidely Whiplash)
S: Here we are my sweet now let us have that message. (Reads message) - A discount at the tavern
from my old affiliate barman boor. Care to join me my sweet?
N: So long as you’re paying.
They go off leaving Dudley Dooright open-mouthed.
Dialogue between Nell and Dudley Dooright
N: Oh Dudley I didn’t notice you were there. How are you today – is everything going well with your
D: I am about to be promoted Nell and was eager to inform you of this fact as I also have a question to
ask of thee.
N: Question? What question?
D: I have long favoured thee Nell but have long held back. Now I know that our love is genuine and
that now is the proper time to propose to you a marriage between I and thee.
N: Love? You must have me mistaken for someone else…
D: Nay Nell that is mere coyness on your part. For you have always favoured me I can observe that
from your general speech and demeanour – your sidelong glances and demur coquettishness that you
were simply trying to intimate to me your true opinion of me and entice me to reciprocate your regard
that I might make such an advance as this toward you.
N: Surely you jest Dooright!
D: Such a thing as love is no matter for jesting dearest Nell; nay it is for great jubilation such an
occasion as this! To be wed! Surely such a thing comes but once in a lifetime – if the groom be lucky –
else he will be nothing but a bridegroom or rather a bridesmaid – hahaha!
N: So it’s settled then is it?
D: Truly! I knew you would consent! And my promotion is near also which means we will be so much
better off in our budding nuptials.
N: Promotion – oh yes you mentioned that. How much would that be Dudley?
D: More than enough my dearest Nell!
N: I love you money – I mean honey!
Post-divorce court: Snidely Whiplash encounters Dudley
D: Alas even a blackguard like you, Snidely, must concede that women are a cruel breed! It is not
so…even though years of one’s life are spent in devotion to a woman they are as not once that dove
has transformed herself into a cruel hawk and wrenched one’s heart from his chest carrying it away
whiter he knows not for what again he knows not. Tell me Snidely how can women be made loyal and
never stray from their doting manservant?
S: Dooright I see now you have finally learned your lesson and come to understand that she who you
have heretofore regarded as unapproachable, immune to criticism is now the target of your bitterest
gall making of her a veritable spittoon for your rancour. As to an answer to your question that would
be an impossibility, an absurdity, as it is in the nature of woman – who is all one, all of a piece so-tospeak
with only subtle variations as that of a chord plucked delicately it still remains within its range
of octave – it is in their nature to stray. - For they are always seeking that which accumulates the most
benefit to themselves and that comes in the form of status, money, and pleasures of the flesh. But pray
when did this separation come about? What do you think precipitated her leave-taking? I see that now
you are accoutred in the vestments of a lowly private whereas you had attained the position of a
D: Alas it is true I, through my devotion to Nell and her endless wants, had at one point committed a
dereliction of duty – a minor infraction though blinded as I was with love for her and a desire to cater
to her whims I forsook my greater duty and was thereby demoted to my current lowly station as a
mere private. From thence Nell couldn’t stand the disgrace she said of associating with lowly rabble
such as myself and found another man I know not whom, who she said could afford her and would
cater to her whimsy. I say good riddance and may he be cursed by her as she cursed me!
S: Now, now, Dooright – you are trying to make a housewife out of a whore. They must be treated as
such and discarded when the sport has become wearisome; to be picked up again once the inclination
arises. Like feathers in the wind they go where they want and seek what they will to the extent they
can. Though never content they are forever in pursuit of satisfaction. They are a walking contradiction,
an absurdity Dooright! Pay them no heed or simply heed them for who they are: an exploiter, a usurer.
Make good sport of them Dooright or avoid them. No whore can be made into a housewife save with
the purchase price of money and status – even then they are as wayward as a weather cock.
D: The question again plagues my mind – what base-born churl had absconded with my Nell?!
S: Hold Dooright! You do the gentleman wrong – it is not he who was the cause of your Nell’s
absence but her own inner nature. You have clearly not yet learned your lesson: that woman is merely
an exploiter, a black widow spider who drains the blood from those flies she catches in her web. It is
not the gentleman philanderer or white knight sucker who is to blame but she herself. The loyalty of a
woman as I stated previously is to herself exclusively and at best can be hired out to the highest bidder
whose claim upon her is merely ephemeral and like a wisp of perfume fades away in the wind
directing itself along whichever current blows the strongest. He who creates the strongest current
directs the course of woman. Or if you like another analogy he who has the greatest magnetic force
impels women towards him as flies to jam even if he be the greatest shit the world has ever seen. They
see, you see Dooright, the twinkle of jewels and other baubles – signals of wealth – flashing from
under the reek and, holding their nose, seek that which they desire though they must get their hands
D: Nevertheless Whiplash I can’t help but feeling vengeful that my former possession should have
been absconded with – or rather absconded herself with – I…
S: Dooright do you not yet understand that these feelings of yours are simply your innate biological
drives that impel you to fulfill nature’s imperative: the perpetuation of the species. Know that and you
can thereby transcend the anchor which pulls you down to the depths into a world of cyclical decay 9
-5 Monday to Friday – only to be let off from your drudgery to drown your sorrows. Why not live a life
of creation, of productivity and joyous revelry – and women be damned as they have already damned
D: You’re right Whiplash! Good on the fellow that beguiled Nell or rather benefitted through his usage
of her – and pity the fool if he played the white knight role; but perhaps mock him as he will have to
learn the hard way and this will be a tough learning experience for him. Still I would like to know who
that man was…
S: Dooright do you really wish to know? Yes? Well it is I who have put her into service, only the
service that you yourself could have if you had only the knowledge you have now. Better luck next
time Dooright!

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