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Woodpecker High Crimes in High Places

It seems that powerful religious figures have a long, long habit of ignoring the sexual abuse of children by pedophiles. That doesn’t seem very Christian to me. It’s a common tactic for high-ranking churchmen to simply move “molesting priests” around the church circuit. For example, if a priest is molesting children in Texas, the high churchmen quietly move that pedo priest to California. Problem solved. Not! That’s evil.

What’s the difference between high-ranking churchmen and mobsters? I don’t know. I’m asking you. What’s the difference?

Organized religion is abnormal. It creates gods in human form (like the Pope or an archbishop).

“The homosexualism displayed by Bergoglio during his papacy wasn’t publicly visible in Argentina, however, Quarracino said. “That would have made it impossible for him to be elected Pope.” (You don’t say! How did someone with his track record become Pope? He should be fired).


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Nothing new for me. Same is also inside liberal and leftist communities. We must build a traditional WN power structure. Stop baptizing your children. Our upper class is not as it was in apst when european nobles could die on the battle for their traditional values. Such type of order was crushed by French revolution. Results is weak elite who instead of fight,run across the world by color revolutions.

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