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Old February 22nd, 2011 #1
Mike Parker
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Mike Parker
Default Neocon nigger Herman Cain rallies tea tards

Note the dig against Europe at the end.

NEXT: Cain on what to do about Afghanistan and Iran

Cain said Obama’s economic team was flawed because it was mostly made up of idealist academics.

“I’m sure you have followed the fact that, one by one, they have all left or are leaving,” Cain said. “One school of thought is that his economic advisers were intellectuals, that they were economic purists and that they didn’t have any practical experience and they didn’t. So, they’d come up with these cockamamie ideas based on intellectual thought or economic theory but couldn’t translate it into real, practical things that would truly cause this economy to grow.”

As for what’s going on in the Middle East right now, Cain said the president has to listen to military experts – adding that the situation in Iraq is stable, but Afghanistan is “still a mess” because of internal conflicts within the Afghan government.

“Politics have had too big a part to play in how we handled working in Afghanistan. General [David] Petraeus and the other generals should decide on the rules of engagement, not politicians and that has been part of the problem,” Cain said. “He [President Obama] is not qualified to write a military strategy. That’s not leadership. Listen to the military experts. That’s my approach to handling war and international conflict.”

In Iran, Cain supports pushing a diplomatic approach for nuclear disarmament, but said the United States should be weary of the Iranian regime. Cain said the U.S. and the UN should continue with strict sanctions and follow through on them, but should be ready to react in the case Iran does anything out of line.

“I don’t have enough confidential inside information to know how close they [Iran] are to building a nuclear weapon and, from the information [President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad has put out there in the press, I don’t think they’re that close,” Cain said. “Where they are a threat is in Israel, the fact that they have flat-out threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

Cain said any threat to Israel should be taken seriously and considered as a threat to the United States.

“Israel is an ally and friend of the United States of America,” Cain said. “I whole-heartedly believe in helping Israel defend itself, whatever that takes. I can’t tell you what that would take because I’m not privy to all the things that it would take. Secondly, if they’re going to make such a threat to Israel, what country is going to be next? Probably the United States of America.”
Old February 23rd, 2011 #2
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Thumbs down

Hey fucktards! We are supposed to be declaring our independence from Israel and flushing them the fuck out of our government and media - NOT kissing their asses and agreeing to go to war on their behalf.

Fuck that stupid ape nigger and its jew puppet handlers.
Smash jewish supremacy. Smash globalism. Smash ZOG. Use ad blockers at all times to starve off the (((beast))).
Old February 24th, 2011 #3
Hugo Böse
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Hugo Böse

I don’t have a good impression of the average tea bagger, I get the feeling that a large percentage of them mainly care about low taxes, on social issues they are mostly typical christards who buy into 95% of the jew’s cultural marxist policies regarding race.
Political correctness is an intellectual gulag.

false opposition, herman cain, patriotards, republicunts, tea party


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