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Old September 27th, 2018 #1
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Default Eric Boyd saved from death penalty no matter what.

Prosecutors announced Wednesday they will not seek the death penalty, or a life-without-parole prison sentence, for Eric Boyd, the long-suspected fifth conspirator in the 2007 Christian-Newsom torture slayings.
Your god died nailed to a tree.

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Thanks for the updates Stronza.

This coming January will be the 12th anniversary of this horrendous crime. The trial for this sack of shit nigger is set to begin Jan. 3rd 2019, just a few days before the official date of the murders.

I think I'll plan to drive to Knoxville for the start of the trial...if the weather and my health cooperate.

It would be nice if we could hold a silent vigil outside the courthouse lining the sidewalk. Maybe we could work toward this.
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Nate Higgers
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Nate Higgers

The whole bunch of them should have been strung up for this heinous crime, which would have been as well known as the Manson murders if not for the silence of the (((media))).


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