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Old December 7th, 2021 #1
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Talking Virus hoaxer and fake news editor (((Fred Hiatt))) gets Shoahed by 'sudden cardiac arrest'

"Get your clot shot Goy, or you will never work or eat in this town again."

Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, a bloodthirsty neocon who used his position to shill America into the war in Iraq and push forced vaccines, died on Monday after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.


Though Hiatt was a rabid neocon when it came to American foreign policy, he was a radical leftist on domestic policy. He published endless editorials advocating for Big Tech censorship, hate speech laws, mass immigration, gun control, forced vaccines, covid tyranny, transgenderism, anti-white critical race theory, fake meat and so on.

Many relatives of his paternal grandfather were killed during the Holocaust.
Smash jewish supremacy. Smash globalism. Smash ZOG. Use ad blockers at all times to starve off the (((beast))).

clot shot, coronahoax, fake news, fred hiatt, heart attack


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