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The Long Riders

Coal Miner's Daughter
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And the pendulum swings...
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Prince Valiant 1997 movie

. . thread about it here
Sex was once a forbidden topic . yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . today race is a forbidden topic . . . .
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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson

'Electra Glide in Blue'.

If you read Robert Blake's book 'Life of a Rascal' he describes how Guercio was useless and did not direct the film. The book is peppered with the kind of thinking and writing that you see throughout the film, so I believe him.

One funny story was that Steve McQueen called him up angry, having used Guercio for a new film they wanted to make because they'd seen Electra Glide and liked it----then McQueen was livid and confused because Guercio was useless. Blake told him to just make the film around Guercio, who to use and whatnot and they did.

If you look at his body of work regarding film it's quite believable since his body of work consists of only a few films, two involving Blake.

"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier
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Alex Him
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Alex Him

I love the Russian film of 1979 most of all.

It has two names.

In Soviet times, it was called "The Adventures of Prince Florizel / Приключения принца Флоризеля."

Now it is called "The Club of suicides, or the adventures of a titled person / Клуб самоубийц, или Приключения титулованной особы."

It there is on the Internet but without English subtitles.

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