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Holorep survivor
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Part One
Chapter One
The nature and control of political power

Chapter Two
Nonviolent action: an active technique of

Part Two
Chapter Three
The methods of nonviolent protest and persuasion

Chapter Four
The methods of social noncooperation

Chapter Five
The methods of economic noncooperation
(1) Economic boycotts

Chapter Six
The methods of economic noncooperation
(2) The strike

Chapter Seven
The methods of political noncooperation

Chapter Eight
The methods of nonviolent intervention

Part Three
Chapter Nine
Laying the groundwork for nonviolent action

Chapter Ten
Challenge brings repression

Chapter Eleven
Solidarity and discipline to fight repression

Chapter Twelve
Political jiu-jitsu

Chapter Thirteen
Four ways success may be achieved

Chapter Fourteen
The redistribution of power
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.
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Holorep survivor
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A Guide to Strategic Planning for Action to End a Dictatorship or Other Oppression

Which way to liberation

Moving beyond past experiences

Pragmatic and strategic

Gaining new knowledge

Baltic and Balkan experiences

Earlier planning

A new model for self-reliant planning?

Three types of knowledge

Knowledge of the conflict situation, the opponents, and the society and its needs.
In-depth knowledge of the nature and operation of the technique of nonviolent action.

(3) The knowledge and ability required to analyze, think, and plan strategically.

Basic strategic considerations: the sources of power of the opponents

Basic strategic considerations: the balance of dependencies

Basic strategic considerations: what is the status of civil society?

Basic strategic considerations: do the campaign objectives and activities aggravate weaknesses of the oppressive system?

Basic strategic considerations: the importance of the initiative in the
Selecting the strategy drafters

Basic strategy decisions

Formulating a grand strategy


Escalating liberation

Steps toward the possible

Blocking a new dictatorship

Liberation not perfection
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.
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Kurt Krug
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Kurt Krug
Default What Attracts Me To This

I'm not necessarily a "hater," so to speak. I'm involved in an interracial, intercultural marriage from an individual from another country. I'm not one to show aggression toward individuals based on their skin color and other protected categories.

However, one thing that does irk me is the fact that something like veteran status doesn't seem to be incorporated into affirmative action/equal opportunity statements these days. I'm doing further research on this in my workplace.

Having been someone who, more recently, engaged in what the original poster Hugh referred to as "nonviolent harassment," I must say that I finally got a response, and quite a positive one. But, it wasn't really harassment in the traditional sense, as I was feeling pressure from my superiors at work and was echoing or mirroring what I was hearing in my workplace as far as how the culture works.

I'm for something like a National Association for the Advancement of White People. I don't believe in "By any means necessary," as Malcolm X did. I'd be more of a MLK Jr. activist when it came to white interests.

I saw one video posted in this thread about the dangers of Marxism. Unfortunately, I have seen links to Marxism in my alma mater university, right on my vice chancellor's webpage. This is unfortunate, because my university does things like recruitment activities for the CIA and what not. I would hate to think that this agency of our beloved Federal Government is recruiting on a campus where the vice chancellor, who was the very individual who handed me my degree, has links to Marxist interest webpages and sites on his webpage via my university's server.

That's my two cents for now. When it comes to President, I do believe that there needs to be a bit more equality. Blacks have been victims of slavery for many years in our beloved United States of America. It's unfortunate, but at the same time, it has to be realized that there were a lot of Arab slave traders who originally sold black slaves from Africa to certain white parties within our beloved country.

I'm not about to leave my country, the USA, as I did in the past, but changes do need to be made. We can't go around fearing some one or more than one colleagues in the workplace because we've been called a derogatory name that alludes to a veteran status, for example, and then turn around and be slapped on the wrist and questioned when we attempt to reverse that statement with some of what Hugh refers to as "nonviolent harassment," which might emanate out of a personal web-based e-mail to a professional workplace e-mail address, for example.

I would like to be quite frank. We can't fear progressing our own race of people as whites because if we don't, we're going to fail in the end and lose much of our resources. It's not so much the discourse of all whites that we're talking about here, but the fundamental sticking together of all WASPs to secure our futures on this planet and especially in our country.

Part of what we fight for in this country is scarce resources. Party clingers don't grasp the true essence of this fact; neither do flirtatious and harassing Federal Government "economists."

My bachelor's degree was related to liberal arts, and for that I'm grateful. However, in my workplace, for different reasons, I have been the victim of underutilization of my skills and educational abilities. Not changing this was and is partly my fault. However, I've received pressure from not one, but two managers (both of whom are or were black)...and from my not quit and move forward.

For the record, it was September 9th that I put in my oral request to quit. That was before the s*** hit the fan with my nonviolent "Hemingway"-style writings to my workplace, something that I did not deny in the face of an interview. I'm not afraid to mirror, and I was chosen for and went through, military training that taught me how to mirror Federal Government (specifically military) personnel.

This training, and other factors, have enabled me to finally make some progress for my cause.
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Tom Metzger asserts that our movement is a state of mind, as an organisation in this day and age it's merely a target for the policing institutions internationally therefore i suggest merely spreading a message of hope and resistance against the lies of multi-racialism.

Ask people who do you think conceived of 99% of science, technology and medicine? who is a minority on a global scale yet their indigenous nations are predominantly racially mixed, who has more recessive genes when mixed with that of other races in the offspring produced?

Natures finest will rise in years to come but it will take disaster, the downfall of society and civil unrest to drive the aforementioned points home as it did with Germany's great depression after world war one, extreme times breed extreme ideas, a saviour must be called upon to restore greatness to the Western world and the Jews and their idiotic believers will perish.


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