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Woodpecker Free Talk Live 03-17-09 With Mark Faust and Guests

This Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, grab a cold beer and join us as we continue with our discussion on being prepared for the final collapse of the already shattered remains of White civilization here in North America.

Topics will include:

1. Best ways to store your surplus of food and water.

2. A detailed description of what you should have in your “Bug Out” Bag.

3. Talk of what should be done to draw attention to the Cincinati negro serial killer who raped, strangled, killed and set ablaze a promising 13 year old white girl in Ohio.

4. Of course we will talk about what the enemy of all humanity AKA the Jew is up to with everyone’s’ favorite anti-semite and TJB expert the infamous BUD WHITE!

Hopefully we will have more guests as the show goes on…..

Music starts at 8pm est the Exposing Jewish evil starts at 9:30pm.



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