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Unmixed persians aren't semitic, but most are muslims and that's the problem, I personally treat muslims as bad as I treat a
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I have posted about this on some other forums on the site, but I think it's a good place to reiterate. The Persians have a very indigenous gene pool, and the pontic steppe invasion theory for the Aryan languages is being questioned severely by scientists and archaelogists, and has been for decades now. It started with Colin Renfrew, and the Anatolian Hypothesis. This demonstrated that the Aryan languages entered Europe through the Neolithic farmers. Although this is still the best theory available, its still off by one country. Iran is actually the origin of Neolithic farming, and as I have discussed before, the origin of domestication of animals and plants especially in the Zagros Mountain chain. And it was demonstrated in genetic studies that the first civilization during the Neolithic in Europe, the LBK, had genetics closest to Modern Iranians. So this is how the Aryan languages entered Europe. It has actual genetic and archaeological evidence, as opposed to the pontic steppe theory, which as it pertains to Asia, has absolutely no evidence at all. India and Iran don't have white Slavic genes, namely R1a1a7, the main gene in the posited proto indo European homeland of the steppes of Russia.

So whites originate from Brown Iranians, and later intermixed with them in Europe during the Neolithic invasion of Aryan farmers.

Secondly Iran is the origin of the Semitic gene pool, with haplogroups like Y chromosome IJ, only found in Iran of any nation. Iran has a very indigenous brown heritage, and now that we know that the Aryans were originally brown, namely with the origin of R1a in Iran, not the steppes of Russia, we can see how this brown heritage was always this way. The same applies for North India. The Vedic Indians were brown.

So Ahmadinejad looks exactly like the ancient Iranians, namely the Persians, who depicted themselves as brown.

So the speciation between whites and browns actually occurred in Iran.

I hope whites respect that, because it is coming to light with modern genetic studies and research. It would be great for whites to respect the brown heritage of the Aryan race, and the brown heritage of the Iranian people, and not simply assume they admixed because some greek source mentioned that they were "white skinned". The greeks were enemies of the Persians, and knew how proud the Persians were of their dark skin. They only depicted themselves as brown people.

It is not fair for Iranians to have their whole history taken away, and thankfully for modern scientists and archaeologists and linguists, the pontic steppe invasion myth of India and Iran is being deleted from the pages of history. It might have occurred in Europe, with the corded ware culture, but it most certainly did not occur in Iran. Iran is the origin of the white people, but the people are majority brown and dark skinned, a completely different race.
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Aryanist Nietzschean
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I stated I wouldn't revisit this topic but there is so much misinformation and speculation on this ridiculous thread, I feel compelled.

The pictures posted here do not prove anything. At ALL. What they prove, is that you found pictures on the internet of Iranians that look (or don't look) like what you think a White person looks like - which is a Nordic phenotype.

What is not established is whether there has been any "corruption" to one of the first people to identify themselves as Aryans.

The answer is absolutely none. People who have lived in a land for 4,000 years that is closer to the equator than any country in Europe - arguably for longer than any Caucasians have lived in Europe - cannot be indicted for how similar of further they look for Norwegians.
These phenotypical arguments are MEANINGLESS enthographically.

Iranians are White.

Whether they act, believe in religions, dress how you think whites should dress is a different story - one that could be said about America if you think about it.

Think about everyone in Hollywood/jewish media that benefits from the racial questioning of Iranians - this is very intentional.
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This is very interesting...
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Some Persians can be classified as White. Depends on the individual. Most Persians I consider to be Middle Eastern but not White by the accepted modern definition of White.


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