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Default hello is there anybody from iran

Hello! I came here by chance. I saw this website by chance. I love iran but they help esed and they do shia nationalism. greetings for every relative people except for these.
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What's wrong with Assad? He maintained an otherwise stable, successful country until your buddies (USA, Israel, Turkey, ISIS) got involved in destabilizing Syria. And the reason I say "your buddies" is because the Kurdish Peshmerga are ZOG loyalists. And you're towing their line by attacking Assad. What gets me the most, and at the same time proves how fucking stupid you Kurdish turds are is you continue supporting the USA, and groveling to them for support when on the other side, the USA is the one responsible for and is also supporting ISIS. You're all a bunch of suckers being played by the USA and its allies.

If your people were smart, they'd be siding with Iran, Assad, Russia. All of which are fighting against ISIS, your enemy, and are opposing Turkey, a long standing enemy of your people. They could supply your people with arms to combat ISIS, and you wouldn't need to suck up to Zionist powers playing both sides to do it. Does it make any sense to side with the USA who also supports your enemies ISIS and Turkey?

And by the way, your people are NOT "Aryan".
Low-IQ bible scholars are legion, the big book o' bullshit is catnip to the underbrained. --ALEX LINDER

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Anthony Perroti
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This jack ass is an iranian jew

iran, meeting, syria


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