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Old July 13th, 2022 #1
James Radov
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James Radov
Cool Alexander "The Experiment" Karelin

The Greatest Olympian of All TIme
[yea Phelps has more Medals, but this man Dominated]

" I Train Hard every day as they have never trained a single day in their life."

the shot @ 1:30 is a Perfect Athlete.
its hilarious when kike media promo a nigger Ali as The Greatest when Aleks could kill him in a matter of seconds in any fight if he so chose..

this is a guy who plays Football on his "rest day"

btw, Karelin would take part in Wrestling clinics, I heard a storyfrom some friends who actually attended and got to train with him [some years ago obviously..this is in Eastern Europe] he would help coach and they said it was like NOTHING in the world.. his body was like a stone statue but alive and liquid fast.. just unreal Size and Power;
and one more example of why no White an should ever look at a nigger baller as a hero..


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