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Old January 8th, 2022 #1
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jewsign Medical "ethics" vampire wants to "penalize" those who resist the jewish clot shot and the cuck muzzle ...

Every. Single. Time.

An NYU “ethics” professor is advocating punishing unvaccinated Americans by making them pay more for hospital bills and insurance.

Appearing with CNN host (((John Berman))), NYU bioethics professor (((Arthur Caplan))) said the unvaxxed should be “shamed,” “blamed,” and “penalized” for refusing to go along with mask and vaccine mandates.


They’ve got to come around. We’re not going to win this war — we’re going to be talking about COVID this time next year if we don’t get more people to do the right thing. So we can’t write them off. We can penalize them more. We can say you will have to pay more on your hospital bill. You can’t get life insurance or disability insurance at affordable rates if you aren’t vaccinated. Those companies should not treat us as equals in terms of what the financial burdens are that that disease imposes.
Smash jewish supremacy. Smash globalism. Smash ZOG. Use ad blockers at all times to starve off the (((beast))).

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clot shot, covid, jews, mandates, white genocide


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